Saints Row: The Third


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Surprised this hasn't been bumped already, how many of you have got their hands on this, I got the pre-order pack but in all honesty I don't even use the octopus launcher or catapult car.

This games has been tons of fun sofar and I haven't gotten deep into the story, mostly just causing chaos, doing activities and all the other diversions.


I've picked this up. It's fun, but it seems a bit scaled down from Saints Row 2. I do like the option of being able to upload and download character designs, even if it does require downloading the separate character builder and visiting the terribly designed website.


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It does feel smaller, but there's gonna be dlc to pad it out, and maybe number 4 will be bigger, I can't really see how far they can push the story except for Gat's "resurrection (he wasn't really dead :loltongue:)" plot.

Do you think they should jump to a new Saint's timeline after the story has been fully completed?

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