Saints Row is back with a reboot this 2022

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Jan 14, 2018
Saints Row is back from the dead! To the zoomers who don’t remember this franchise, This game inspired whatever silliness have Fornite has. The game is an action open-world sandbox adventure like GTA. The only difference is that you make your character. It is more inclusive because there is an option to make a female character. This is the 5th game in the franchise but it is a reboot instead of a sequel. In this game, you can make your original character found a new Gang. Your mission is to be the boss of the most dominant gang in Santo Also. Saints Row 4 went overboard with silliness and wackiness. That game is probably influential to Fortnite. This game will town down the silliness a bit but the humor will still be there.
The game has a single-player campaign but it is going to have a co-op mode as well. These are the key features of Saints Row:
Saints Row has a player story campaign...

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