The Saints are Back! BOONDOCK SAINTS III Confirmed in Production

Jun 21, 2021
The legendary vigilante justice film franchise is finally back! Deadline announced today that director Troy Duffy, and stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery have reunited to continue the story of the Saints. Boondock Saints III is official!
The Boondock Saints is the story of fraternal twin brothers Connor and Murphy MacManus. After a rough encounter which ends in their dispatching two Russian mobsters in self defense, the boys have a vision that calls them to rid Boston of criminals. However, their crusade does not go unchallenged; a clever FBI agent is on their trail, but where do his loyalties truly lie? Ending in a spectacular scene of a courthouse execution, the first and second films are exciting, roller coaster rides through the criminal underworld.
Impossible Dream entertainment is producing the film, along side Don Carmody and director Duffy. The script was developed with input from Flanery and Reedus, and will shoot in May when Flanery and Reedus are free from...

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