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Narco-Saints continues the legacy of Narcos. The Crime  Thriller that brought back Pablo Escobar to psyche of the new generation.
The Original Narcos lasted three Seasons and it made a star out of Pedro Pascal and Wagner Moura too. Besides that show, there is Narcos: Mexico. That spin off tackles the story about the Drug Cartel of Mexico and that show concluded in 2021. Unlike the previous serials,Narco-Saints is here to will be mostly in Korean instead of Spanish. Let’s see if it will be successful enough to have a trilogy of Seasons too.
Jo Bong-haeng, who was renamed Jeon Yo-hwan on the show, was the mastermind behind the many drug cartels that operated in Suriname. These cartels were led by Jo Bong-haeng. This man wields considerable power in Suriname as a result of his influence. Some of the characters in the story had their names changed.
He gets to have a member of the National Intelligence Service falsely accused of committing a crime.
It was filmed during the Covid 19...

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Why did they change the names of the people this new show is based from? the first 2 Narcos series used the real names of historical people?


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Park Hae-soo is Everywhere, first the remake of Money Heist and now a New Season of Narcos. Netflix really loves him.


If this succeeds, I wonder what countries they will explore next. I know there are some other countries with war on drugs too.
Wow! This series looks impressive, so I hope Netflix doesn't cancel it! I can't wait for the premiere of this show, and dang, Park Hae Soo has already made appearances in Money Heist Korea, Squid Game, and Narco Saints. SO MANY well-known Korean actors in a production with such a large budget!
How did they all manage to land roles in the same production? I'm beyond thrilled!


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Netflix Korean content is getting better than Hollywood! A Korean TV show with A-list actors? Box office rulers! fantastic acting? Oh, this is going to be incredible. Oh my god, Ha Jungwoo and Hwang Jungmin are in the same project. Also, with Park Haesoo? Yoo Yeon Seok and other brilliant performers? I am for this.


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The Korean film industry is now receiving the recognition it deserves. By promoting Korean talent, Netflix is helping the entire world. I am looking forward to seeing this one, along with Money Heist Korean version.


Park Hae Soo is the Korean Noah Centineo because he is like everywhere in Netflix but with more talent.


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I'm always up for some Narcos, but the first season of Narcos will remain the definitive version in my book. The stories surrounding Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug gang will never cease to be fascinating. This looks to be excellent. I've been looking for something to help me get over the emotional toll that "Narcos" took on me.


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Compared to the other Narcos series, this one doesn't appear quite as gritty. I guess the only connection this has with the other Narcos series is that they share the same name. They need to have referred to this as the Yakuza or something. It does not deserve the term "Narcos" since whomever these individuals are, and they could never compete with Pablo, Chapo, Miguel, or Amado. Therefore, it is not worthy of having the name "Narcos."