Power Rangers S.P.D - Full Series Talkback "Fighting Crime... in a Future Time."

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*whistles while I work*

I think actual traffic'll be a while in coming, but at least there's a spot for this now.

-That was pretty impressive. I didn't know if Bruce Kalish had the chops or no how of what would make a good Power Ranger series, but he came in correct and hard with a damn tight and fantastic new Power Ranger world for us to get into.

-I hope we get the DT Rangers to some how travel to this time and I hope for a Time Force reference when they do.

-LOVE their morphing sequence. Much better than the DekaRanger one, which is about the only part of the show I didn't like in its production.

-Grumm... not so keen on that thing as the bad guy. He's pretty uncharismatically ugly. Like some "scarey" doll figure in the background of some State Fair house of horrors. They really could've done a lot better with him, especially after a cool and well designed villian that Mesagog was.

-I hate Sky, but I'm not sure if that's intentional. He comes off as kind of a punk that I'd avoid at parties and end up getting into a fight with if we were in the same high school. A jerk hart throb that you hate that girls probably like.

-Z, she ain't half bad. I like her.

-Syd, I like. Very hot, innoncent and firey.

-Kat, rrrooowl! She's quite hot, but could use a sexier unmorphed costume.

-Have to say I dig my Doggie Krueger more than Crueger here. I just can't get into that new scaley head.

-Jack Landors, LOVE that name and is what I would've picked where I choosing a new handle for the first time at ToonZone. Good character.

-Bridge, he's a good guy. He acts like someone I'd be friends with.... or be.

-Boom, I kinda like him and find his "cuteness" sometimes wince worthy and sometimes funny. I wonder if he is who they'll make into DekaBreak? While I hope achieves his dream of being a Ranger... I don't want him being DekaBreak. It'd be cool if by the end he became A-Squad tho.

-A-Squad Power Rangers.... damn fine addition to this new mythos! American made and the top guns in the monster fighting areana. That was a really good move there. Watching this show feels absolutely nothing like my DekaRanger experience which as a fan, just doubles my fun!

-Excellent premiere and I'm looking forward to an awesome season ahead.

-Long Live the Power Rangers. ;)
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Well, I've never been good with any type of review, so I'll just say.. I've watched the premiere about 8 times now, and absolutly love it.

When the promos aired, with that crappy ADR, I was terribly worried. But I'm glad they proved to just be early rush jobs, as everything was very polished in the episodes.

Pretty good cast, although Bridge reminds me of Dustin in more then a few ways.. and that isnt good. I really like Cruger, but in actuality I would have prefered Kruger.

I really thought I would hate Boom, but I came to enjoy his acting style alot. He pulls off what the NS cast tryed, and failed.

Villains are nice, I really enjoy the fact we actually have a villain, I dont know.. thats one thing I could never get over with Deka, the part time main villain. Piggy is.. err, interesting, And I already know its going to be an interesting year with Mora -__-; .. but thats more a personal thing for me, and my idiot friends.

As for the character herself, who are we kidding? Its the girl from Aba, plain and simple.. you know thats where the storyline came from, but thats cool. I am interested in what capacity her character will fill, and how she will grow.

The sets are really nice, and all around I know I'll enjoy this season much more then ns and dt.

And of course.. saving the best for last, Kat. One word.. "wow!". I will be watching her character with great interest,.. ::cough:: .. for the gripping storylines of course. damn weakness for catgirls.

All in all, I cant wait to watch this every week.

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PR officially has Catgirls now...dear god, here come the Otaku Converts. WHOOHOO!
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-You know, this just may very well be the greatest produced Power Ranger seaon of all time. All Sentai footage perfectly intergrated, great acting, well assembled cast, jokes are actually funny, DekaRanger Zord footage is incredibly action packed, and as always the martial arts choreography is far and above better than a show like this has a right to have. I don't see a place on television that meets its match.

-I was waiting to not like Jack as he was acting all pompous, but he pulled it off well enough that I didn't approve without getting disgusted with him and for the first time I really didn't mind Sky all that much.

-Character interaction is fantastic. Well balanced, everyone gets a good amount of screentime without being complete background to the Red Ranger.

-I saw the fight on DekaRanger, but I still cheered with the Delta MegaZord dived out fo the way. It was better in Deka, but well used here.

-Great voice acting. These kids got some good, "Hii-yaaaa!!!"

-"Close quarters hand to hand practice!" Bwahahaahahahaha, GO JACK! :D

-Again, I love that name, Jack Landors. If there ever comes a time when I need an alias, that will be it.

-I like killing monsters dead. I like seeing them blown away and destroyed. This card capture thing..... meh. I could really have done with out it. I really liked the Universal Tribunal.. some cosmic panel of Judges that cast judgement from the Universe. What would've been a really cool idea is if they'd had these SP Morphers tied to the Morphing Grid. THAT would've made every fan in the world sit up and smile.

-Syd and Z get hotter by the episode.

-Again, I'm surprised how much I don't hate Boom. He pulls off his wide eyed dorkness very well.

-Bruce Kalish is the motherlovin' man. I thought his newbie to the Ranger Universe would trip and fall, collect his cash and bolt.... like Dough Sloan did. >_>

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I just downloaded episode 1 and episode 3 of Power Rangers SPD off Bit Torrent. I'm missing Episode 2 but that's because Episode 2 wasn't available at the time. I might want to check WillPowered to see if the episode is available yet!!

SPD was better than I thought it was. Not better than DekaRanger (in my own opinion) but still fun to watch!! :thumbs: I liked the SPD Red (what was his name again? sorry), I liked how he started off as a rookie and later on became a Ranger. Very cool!!

Ninja Storm was the worst PR series I've ever seen, Dino Thunder was an improvement, SPD was better than I thought it was!! ^__^

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You know, considering I've held the name of "Delta Red" for almost five years now, it's really odd having the words "Delta Rangers" and such in the canon.

Personally, I think Jack was pulled off a bit wrong. Robin Hood he was, but still a thief, and they just let him be Red Ranger, with no assurences and know that he had no experience whatsoever? Proving yourself is one thing, but they then said "since you're Red, you are the leader."

No wonder the actual cadets were pissed off...he just waltzed in from a jail cell and was handed command of the team.

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Well, he's not made a Ranger as a reward, but in doing a service and paying back his debt to society. He's proven himself a fighter and a good heart on the streets.

Besides, this choice is more fun. ^_^


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Bruce Kalish OWNS Doug Sloan. I've always want to say that. :D

I love SPD so much. They are awesome. And I get to see my dearest Sydney. :D Woohoo! She's hot!


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Sydney is already my favorite :D And also Z. I might even have a favorite male ranger or 2 in SPD...maybe Sky and Bridge. Not sure about Jack, I'll wait on that though. I haven't had a favorite male ranger since Time Force (the last male rangers that were my favorite was Wes, Lucas and Eric)

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I bet a bunch of Uber Sentities out there think I'm biased toward Power Rangers.

Well, here's some proof.... I actually have to say I like Doggie Krueger much more than Anubis Crueger. I found the furry costume more endearing and the voice over all stronger and more commanding.

Anubis is still cool, and I'm glad they have a dogheaded leader in any case.


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I am not anti-sentites. I am glad that I'm not. I like them BOTH but Doggie Kruger is still the best mentor and Ranger ever.

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I'm quite partial to the DaiRanger's mentor when it comes to the greatest Sentai mentor of all time. That guy just oozes, rule. :cool:


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Alright. Here I go....

That was awesome. I like Sky's episode. He always pissed off at Jack all the time until the end. Those actions was awesome. Amazing. That was MASSIVE violence and alot of firework blast whatever. It was awesome. Again, Dekaranger's Poses!!! :buttrock:

In the end part, there was a picture of Sky's father and his kid. Sky's father wore TIME FORCE SUIT!!!!! :buttrock: YEAH!

Next week, YEAH!!!!!!!! Sydney's ep focus! I gotta love it next week.

Overall good episode. A+

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I'm downloading the episode right now.

Looks like I was somewhat correct in my speculation @ Japan Access when I said SPD might be an evolution of Time Force.