Power Rangers S.P.D - Full Series Talkback "Fighting Crime... in a Future Time."


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Do you guys know how long it's been since I could actually say PR is getting better every week?. We'll not since Disney has been incharge that's forsure.

I just finished ep 4 and yet again I FUCKING LOVE IT. S.P.D. is the ****.
The humour & drama is levelled perfectley and the few jokes are halarious.

I figured they'd use Dekaranger ep 3 footage for this.

As for the Red Time Force SPD Ranger, I'm gonna stick with Riser Glen and say that is Wes. For the picture just think of it as Wes much older then when he was in the TF series and that's what he looks like now. The fact is the only 2 people I know of who wore that suit is Alex Drake & Wes Collins so I'm gonna go with Wes until they confirm that is isn't.

Once again, awesome episode. I hope Doug Sloan is eating a bag of **** and realising how much he fucked **** up with PR the last 2 years. Kalish owns his ass.

This is by far one of my favourite PR teams. Sky had the right idea when he put the water on Syd. Rarrrrrr. Sexiest Pink EVER.


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I see they've added a small SPD badge on the side. Pretty cool.

Having the Space & Time Force in SPD is cool

The hologram of the A-Squad getting f-ed up was awesome.

I also like the continuity from episode to episode. It's kinda like a Kamen Rider soap opera where it continues from ep to ep.

The only thing I dislike is Jack's Delta Blasters. It would be so much cool if they shot bullets like Ban's and not lasers.

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I think that was there for the fans to say that was Wes if you want. Yeah, that's defiantely a different actor, but what we're allowed to believe is that that is Wes several years hence from the Time Force series.

The Silver Guardians do go on to develope a monster fighting police force in the future and who's to say that it didn't develope into SPD and SPD won't develope into Time Force?

And oh my motherfuckin' GOD is THIS what a Power Ranger series looks like under professional direction and production??!?!?!?! :eek:

There was more action in that one episode then 10 episodes of DinoThunder. I cannot believe how insanely good this series is and how well they use what they have at their disposal. I mean.... WOW!

Yeah, I've never been a Doug Sloan fan and I hope Bruce Kalish stays around for a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng time to come.

I do believe we've found the Beast Wars of the Power Ranger franchise.

There was so much off the hook, insane, buckwild goodness in this episode I have absolutely no idea where to begin.

I mean, even after we got an opening action sequence that was just explosive and just... wow... we even got ourselves an unmorphed fighting sequence to boot and an innovative Zord battle that didn't require all the Rangers to link to finish off the monster.

Sentai footage has been so perfectly integrated, I have no idea how to distinguish the two.

Hats off to SPD... once again without any kind of regret I am proud to be a Power Rangers fan.

GO, GO, SPD, GO! :jam: :buttrock:

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Here's what I said over at ToonZone:

I'm going to be happy just using my imagination and pretending that was Wes, but older, now with a son.

He, along with Eric laid the ground work with the Silver Guardians (with the help of Andros, GREAT idea!) to create SPD, which will eventually develope into Time Force.

Why, I do believe that we finally have what we can honestly call The Beast Wars of the Power Ranger franchise.

Bruce Kalish is now a PR god for life, as he's blasted more life and action into a PR series than I ever though possible. The sheer amount of action jam packed into every minute was un-motherlovin'-believable and it was incredible.

I started getting shades of Cleopatra 2525, actually, with all the high flying action and sound effects used.

I am utterly blown away by this show.... this along with 24, Gundam SEED, and Scrubs makes watching television a sheer and utter delight.

First time since Power Ranger Time Force I was completely and utterly proud to be a PR Fan and if they keep this up, and can do some killer multi-parter stories and can have a world shattering finale.............. this might be the greatest PR Series of all time, and a strong contender against the galaxy spanning PRLG.

Keep up the good work, Bruce!!!! :jam:

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"He, along with Eric laid the ground work with the Silver Guardians (with the help of Andros, GREAT idea!) to create SPD, which will eventually develope into Time Force."

and you know the sick part. How did these guys meet?... "Forever Red".... and thanks to whom?.... Tommy Oliver. Jesus Christ man, Tommy still finds a way into future PR series even after he is gone. He is a Power Ranger God.

That theory you have is the only logical one right now because of the Space & Time Force suits, so until it's said differentley in the show I'm going to go with this.

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My theory of PR Evolution:

Astronema's Ship lands on earth in PRiS finale ---> turned into city dome of Terra Venture (Lost Galaxy) = Evolution of Intergalatic Power Rangers.

Lightspeed Rescue ---> (Mr. Collins finds out about LR and this adds to his creation of the Raimei Tank & Guardians) Silver Guardians ---> Space Patrol Delta ---> Time Force.


Ah walls, and yet again, another awesome episode from VRSP/Disney. Keep this up and fans will be saying Saban what? Hehe, the story here didn't dissapoint, Mora, even though she is a kid and acts like one, she can be devilish at times and this episode proves it. Loved how Jack and Sky settled things in the end. Speaking of Jack, who ever said that Sky was the perfect man for the leader the were way off on that. jack proved to be a leader more then Sky will ever be. As for Sky's father, at least we know who he is, well how he looks actually. Making his father wear the Time Force suit actually fits in with the continuation and all. Over all, I give this episode a 9/10 :jam: :buttrock:
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Been reading around the 'net about theories of Sky's dad... there's enough evidence to say it's not, but still... I'm going to belive it is and just use my imagination.

A lot more fun that way.


M'kay, I guess I'll post this here then.


Four eps in and I'm still digging this show.

SPD has a feel to it that's unique to PR, imo. One difference is the positioning of the zord battles. Instead of that being the final showdown, it's usually the prelude to the final battle that takes place "on the ground" before Judgement Mode goes into effect. Aside from that, there's also the odd one-word episode titles. I may not be in love with the titles, but it at least helps separate it from the other billion eps. The tone of the show is also different to me. While we get some of that cute humor inherited by NS/DT, we still have solid character interaction and serious drama. It's not exactly Time Force, but it's something.

I've made peace with the SPD music now. Thankfully, they haven't played that awful fight music since the premiere, and I can tolerate the "evil lair" music. The BGM is definitely a step up from the last couple years.

Storywise, "Walls" is probably the most solid of the first four eps. When I watched the ABCFamily commercial, I got the impression the ep was gonna be just all over the place, with random events happening all over the place, but they somehow managed to pull everything together into a cohesive story.

Sky is still my favorite Ranger- without him, the show would be boring. Bridge is still awesome, of course. I loved the line he had about him being Jewish and saying "I guess you could say it's like Channukah come early." As I thought might happen, Syd is a lot easier to take now. I don't dislike her. I still say Z is the least-defined out of the group, but Monica May is able to give the character some added personality all by herself, despite not getting much (yet) to work with.

No Boom this week... :(

There were 2 "holy ****" moments this week. The first came when Sky and Jack walked into the lab arguing and I saw the look on Kat's face when she was telling them to stop. She looked like she was about to pounce on Sky's head. :lol: The second was the scene when we briefly see a photograph of Young Sky and his dad, wearing a Red Ranger suit. And it's not just any suit. It's the freakin Red Time Force Ranger suit! The moment I saw it, I said to myself "Oh man, the fanboys are gonna explode." I haven't looked around yet, but I can already guess about all the theories people are making up right now. Of course, this just furthers my hopes that we explore more about Sky's dad, and all that happened (or is happening) to him.

So far, every episode has had good continuity, and I'm liking it. The A Squad story is pretty cool, though it only gets a little bit of development each week. It's starting to remind me of the Caprica scenes in "Battlestar Galactica," but... that's another subject entirely. We also have the conflict between Jack and Sky, and Sky's issue with his father, which I don't think are fully resolved. Kalish & Co. really do seem like they have plans for this show, in a major way. I just hope they plan to keep this level of continuity between eps throughout the series, unlike DT, which flopped back and forth and flew off in the wrong directions at times- it drove me crazy.

The NZ action this week was probably the most solid as well. For the most part, it all seemed to flow rather nicely. As soon as the new bikes came out, I knew we were gonna have yet another "Woohoo, look at the new bikes" battle scene, but it was actually pretty impressive. The stunts these guys end up pulling off is still shocking. The best move, of course, when Jack flew off the bike, blasted the crap outta the Krybots, then landed back on it. Cool...

So, I guess people can stop complaining about Jack not being much of a leader. He was right all along, posting Sky at the site of the diamons to protect it from the Krybots, and as a result of Sky's arrogance, they pretty much lost the mission. Can you believe that? These are characters that actually LOSE MISSIONS! Hooray for human error! The separation of the team also made way for Jack having to be a quick thinker and get creative during the zord fight, attaching... the sword to Delta Runner 1. While I'm anxious to see the megazord in action again, this was a pretty cool way to get more use out of individual zord footage. Hopefully, there won't be an ep later on where there's a missing team member, but SOMEHOW they're still able to form the megazord without him, and without any further explanation.

Oh cool! So, Jack's not the only one who can defeat a monster with just his own weapon. And I noticed we hear the same BGM we heard the last time they performed their finisher. So I guess that's the finisher theme. Not only that, but we see the other Rangers saluting in the background as the center Ranger carries out the final blow. I just have to say that I'm happy to see battle-rituals return to PR. I dunno, I've just always liked the idea of having the Rangers strike wierd poses and call out their titles, and do crazy maneuvers before finishing the fight. Love those sirens too!

In closing, I'm happier than I was last week. The story was better, and it was full of good action. Mora was still off, but... can't win em all. I give "Walls" a straight A.

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Top gun, PR Episodic Reviewer, Dreamseer joins the League. Welcome, man! :dance:

Look forward to seeing frontpage reviews from this cat in the future.

Post up your past reviews too, if you would. We'd like to see your thoughts and insights into the other episodes as well.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


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Keith "JC" Hayward said:
Yeah, I've never been a Doug Sloan fan and I hope Bruce Kalish stays around for a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng time to come.

Oh gosh, I hope he stays around for a long time. Doug Sloan sucked ass and he ruined Ninja Storm and he used James Napier to ruin Dino Thunder. Well, you know what I mean... Conner is a blabble alot, such a retarded, and wimpy. Conner is the worst Red Ranger and his fate is along with retarded named Cole, The Red Wild Force Ranger. I hope Doug better not come back and do another PR season.


Glad to be here, Keith. The other reviews:


Woohoo! New Power Rangers has finally arrived! Let's jump right in, shall we?

Premieres are always a tricky thing for PR. You've got 8-million characters to deal with and only so much time to get things rolling with the plot before things slow down too much. I really don't know how anyone could even think of doing a one-part premiere, unless they really don't have anything up their sleeve, storywise. So it's a good thing SPD started off with a two-parter. I'd hate to think how this would have been curtailed with just 20-some minutes.

From the looks of things, I can see that SPD is easily the most ambitious PR series to come out since Time Force. It's already presented a wide scope, with the concept of the A Squad (which is curiously dressed in souped-up Space suits) and the B Squad of the less-than-perfect students of the Ranger Academy, and the integration of aliens into Earth society. For the first time, we actually have lots of people in alien makeup. Granted, most of it is just masks with holes for the eyes, but it's still a good step up. We usually only see this stuff in special eps when visiting Onyx or something. Seems we'll be seeing quite a few aliens, just as background pieces, as well as a few recurring characters. Just the very idea lends itself to all sorts of possible stories, but I'll save that for another day.

The characters.

So far, Grumm isn't really that big of a deal to me. I wasn't expecting him to beat out Mesogog in the creepiness department, so that's no surprise. Though I really don't know what to think of him at this point. It was nice to see what he did to the guy that failed him though. Shows he means business. The voice... Honestly, I barely even remember it.

Commander Krooger looks goofy as all hell, and doesn't exactly exude an alien quality. The voice they chose is too human for my tastes. However, by the time we got to the end, he already started to grow on me. It's not the first time I've had to deal with a mentor I thought had a goofy appearance. (of course, I'm talking about Tommy)

The Ranger team is a lot cooler than I thought, and they look pretty good together, I'd say. I LOVE Bridge. He's cute, both in appearance and in personality, and even though you could say there are past Rangers with similar traits, the actor that plays him gives him his own feel. I also really love his power, to see things that others can't, like things that had previously happened. Awesome. Next in line is definitely Sky. He has the perfect look for how the character's written. I'm sure future episodes will have lots of great moments of him interacting with his teammates. I see more development potential with him than anyone else. Jack is cool. Again, good development potential. Z is cool too, though she seems the least-defined as a character so far. The one Ranger I don't like that much is Syd. Actually, if I'm being honest, it's the actress. From my limited exposure to these guys, she's the weakest actor there, and it shows. But it's still early. Maybe she'll surprise me. It wouldn't be the first time.

I love the secondary characters of Kat and Boom as well. When Boom explained that he flunked out of the academy, I actually fell sorry for the poor guy. Both characters are played by competant actors. Piggy is definitely a character the likes of which we've never seen to any great degree on PR. He'll presumably be back to interact with the B Squad as an acquaintance, but is also apparently working for Grumm. Sweet!

The thing that I find odd about the Ranger-characters is that they all have special abilities, but no one ever bothered to explain why. They just simply have them. I'm not so fond of that. I mean, we can speculate all day, but I'd rather have the answer. Maybe later... Hopefully...

Costumes. The unmorphed uniforms are really well-designed. I especially like the black gloves they wear- a nice touch I never would have thought of. Their blasters look nice. Beats the heck out of the Time Blasters (which are also mainly unmorphed weapons which didn't come from sentai). The morphed suits. Well, they're okay, now that I see them in action. The red helmet is the coolest-looking. Overall, I can't say I'm loving them.

I can't say I'm loving the battle music either. It interferes with what's happening on the screen. But I already expected that, since hearing about who's doing the music...

Now on to the more important stuff (at least to me)- the story. Already, I can tell that the writers have a plan for this show. There are several little story-threads that have already formed, and now we just sit back and watch it happen. I like the fact that none of the main villains are ever in contact with the heroes, which I'm not sure has ever happened before. Grumm isn't even in our galaxy yet. So that part of the story isn't done yet. They're taking their time, which is nice.

As I mentioned before, I like almost all of the characters, and their backstories so far (those we know of anyway) all sound really interesting. I do kind of wonder where exactly Z and Jack come from and what their big motivations for being modern-day Robin Hoods are, and I hope we'll get that info eventually. I'm also wondering where Sky's father is now. Is he even alive? I seriously doubt he's the Red A Squad Ranger, like many had speculated.

Speaking of which, the scene where Bridge scans the A Squad has got me REALLY interested. He said their energy was wierd or something. This could be the beginning of yet another cool piece of story.

So, basically, I'm really excited about what's in store for PR this year. I'd say that, the way things are looking, SPD will be one awesome series. If the story threads have proper build-up and things don't start to fall apart, then SPD will easily beat DT, that's for sure. I'm not ready to say it will take out my personal favorites, TF and LG, but if things keep on this path, it could definitely come close. Of course, time will tell. I've been fooled before.

Right now I'm content in saying that the premiere episode of SPD was awesome, and lends itself to many more. I give it an A+.

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The badass Dreamseer arrives! Sick.

You know the retarded part, I've been more sold of Mora being evil in the last 2 episodes then I have of that bumbling idiot Lothor his entire run of the Ninja Crap series and I'm sure it'll get even better when she transforms into Morgana.

What was Sloan & Co smoking when they came up with the Lothor character?. Honestley can someone tell me?. :shakefist

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