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Just like I did with S.P.D. last year.

Well, Mystic Fate has been aired in U.K. So now, what's your final of Mystic Force?

I will post my final thought after Mystic Fate airs on November 13.

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Much like SPD, there was potential, the opening story, an hour long, was a bold move for the series as usual, giving it the appeal it needed, the episodes following it ranged from mediocre to good to excellent, and the quality seemed to really get better, could this beat SPD's record of crap?

No, following "The Gatekeeper", MF managed to succeed and accomplish the impossible, it made SPD look like Lost Galaxy. It was actually WORSE than the last season.

Bad acting, and a large amount of both minimal, and poor characterisation with the main cast. The background characters got most of the attention, maybe because there much easier and original to work on than translating a Sentai series and robbing PR of it's real appeal.

Unlike SPD, this time there was no star among the main Rangers other than Nick, as his mystery took center fold, heck, by the time the season was ending, it seemed Leanbow's arc was the writing team's favourate and he got everything the Rangers did'nt, character, a reason to care, a tragic history, and a very good actor. John Tui, who had done a marvelous performance as Commander Kruger, became "Daggeron, useless Dragon feeder" with an annoying Genie character and such a phoned-in portrayal, you could tell he knew they were'nt doing anything with him.

Bruce can write and produce a great first chapter, as demonstrated by the earlier episodes of SPD and MF, and his dialouge is really good for any character, but when it comes to a long term route for the season, he runs dry around the thirteeeth episode and can't follow it up, all he does is rely on the characters he's made to interact with the Rangers and those who oppose them. Not that every episode after "The Gatekeeper" was bad, we had gems such as "Heir Apparent" and the originality of "Mystic Fate Part One" [hide]featuring a battle scene that could have redeemed MF if it had been the centerpeice of the whole story and not just an excuse to destroy Rootcore[/hide] showing the season could of been as good a PR season as anything else.

So here's to Mystic Force...a second strike against the Vince Russo of the franchise, and much like Russo, he can produce a lot of good, but much more ****.


The season could have done better.

If there were to be a poll to rate the season from 1-10, I'd give it a honest EDIT: I GIVE IT A 2 .

Atleast it did better then SPD.
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Well I got bored with the beginning of the series, and I didn't bother watching the rest, was gonna watch the finale but couldn't be arsed, so.. I'll stick with my statement of "Lame".


Well I got bored with the beginning of the series, and I didn't bother watching the rest, was gonna watch the finale but couldn't be arsed, so.. I'll stick with my statement of "Lame".

If you want everything that was lacking in MF, please watch "Mystic Fate"

[hide]For god's sake, Rita Repulsa returns for real for the first time since "Countdown to Destruction" and there's an original fight scene for once[/hide]


Mystic Force is just bad as SPD. I'm not going to vote until I see the Finale encode, but right from the beginning, the STORY was as slow as snails, 80% of the season is nothing but hackyned Magi plots and of course, the overuse of explosions/wire-fu.

Another nail in the coffin is the cast (Xander/Richard Bracastisano is plausible) along with the LACK of continuity. Madison ONLY remembers getting STONED, despite tagging along with the group for like the majority of the season and it only takes Nick to bang her ass and say, "god dammit, where were you when we fought t3h evil!"

She, Vida, Chip and Xander have been nothing but cameos, they speak, but have no character. We really don't know much about them, hence another minus to the season. On the otherhand, Phineas was the decent part of the season. Tui as Daggeron is getting really old and typecasted. I pray he ain't back for next season, or we're doomed. I could've said the same for Kelson, but with reports of him coming back as a yeti next season, god knows.

In short: The season is a lackluster like last year's so my rating ranges from a 2-5.

Black Ranger RX

I don't have low self esteem.
I remember rumours about Rita making a comeback appearance, but that's all I can remember. I doubt it would've turned out to be true.


It's Judgement Time!
They were limited, but did their best to do a good job.

So true. I voted 8. This season started off strong. With a good mystery of a back story, good cast, interesting villains with a standard plot that kept the ball rolling. I was dissapointed that most of the season turned out to be a clone of Magiranger. That's not usually a problem with me though, but it became a problem in certain aspects.

I feel as though the series began a decline starting after Heir Apparent. We found out the entire back story, and almost every little mystery was resolved. Face it the Terrors mostly sounded alike and just weren't that interesting. Can we please have villains with diversity in their voices? If one of them is holding a conversation off camera, I want to be able to know which one is talking without having to look at them. But since a lot of them have the same voice, it was damn near impossible.

The grunts were all too non existant in the finale. There should have been a massive grunt battle or something. How about bringing back in the Mystic Motorcycle for a last hurrah.

So, anyway. Mystic Force was an ok season. Im really too lazy at the moment to make a detailed thesis on exactly everything I liked and disliked. It was a good effort and I'm sure the entire production crew were happy with what they were making or else they wouldnt have done it.

I'm also sure they tried their best and did what they could with their budget and limited time. Their story planning was much better and there was some good consistency through out some of the episodes.

I just hope they continue to improve for PR:OO. For the love of god dont let us down. I know it's impossible to please everyone but all you gotta do is give us original villains and a balanced set of focus eps for each character

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I was pretty dissapointed by this season. I REALLY wanted to like it. From the first promos to watching Magiranger, I was really hyped up for it (especially after SPD). At first it was okay, not particularly good or bad either way. Then it started to get a bit better around "Petrified Xander," only to have one of the worst extra ranger debuts in "Long Ago." After that, it was kinda meh up until "Dark Wish" to "Heir Apparent" (which I guess I would consider to be the peak of the season), but then it became mediocre to downright awful for the rest of the season.

It could have been great, I liked the idea (although, I said the same about SPD), but in the end, it was just... blah. So I guess I'd give it somewhere around a 4 and a 6, so... 5/10. Come on, Bruce and Co., PLEASE don't screw up Overdrive like Mystic Force.


in all honesty it could have and should have been better, but there were way too many things taken off of magiranger, and it seemed rushed at times, but frankly i blame the episode count. the pluses, the characters were very interesting and drew me in. chip was annoying at first, but i let that go, there was some pretty good acting too, can't say much about the voice acting though John Tui is still the best PR voice actor ever :laugh:

really wish something came out of the romance between nick and madison, damn you disney!! damn you~~~~~!!!!!!!! the two had great chemistry

the villians were ok, leelee being necrolai's daughter was a great twist, while i liked the theme of honor held by koragg, but the rest was a bunch of meh.

wire fu really made this season something didn't it? :laugh:


My Negitive on MF:
The problems I had with MF is that it revoled to much on Nick, While the other characters weren't all that special. Expectually the girls, but atleast they got more episodes than Sydney and Z. I also hated the 32 episode count having us wait like, 3 weeks for a few episodes. The Slow mo fights made the action scenes annoying.

I'll post a full reveiw.....some day.
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Yeah, I agree with you guys, Mystic Force started off strong but somewhere along the line it began to lose steam, resulting in crap like "The Snow Prince". God that was a dumb episode. Fortunately it saved whatever it had left for its finale which should rank right up there with "Broken Spell".

Wire-fu is overrated and overused. Limit it.

I felt that the problem with character development was that every time it was Nick-focused episode, the other four were relegated to wallflower-status. This is most notable in Heir Apparent. Also, it seemed as if the producers did not put in as much effort on other character-focused episodes as Nick-focused ones, which probably helps explain why people feel that the other four were sometimes a bit bland. Let's face it, "Ranger Down" was quite a 'blah' episode.

MF had a few good twists though, like having Necrolai as LeeLee's mom and having the Master take over Nick.

On the comedy side, I don't mind having Kelson Henderson and Barnie Duncan for PROO. I felt they played their parts as comedic elements well enough. I think they were only hampered by inconsistent dialogue because they were pretty good at the start of the series.

On the whole, Mystic Force is a 7 when it could have been an 8-8.5, if not a 9. Inconsistent episodes, a way too short season coupled with vague airing schedules and !@#$%^&!! wire-fu ruined it.

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