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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STHwc4AaFyU"]PR Super Samurai - Super Samurai - Final Scene - YouTube[/ame]

Sooooooooooooo................... this was the final fight?
It was ****, only marginally better than the first season.
It started out decent, but then slipped into the same trap samurai had of just copying Shinkenger plots wholesale with almost no original touches save for how they changed Dayu and Decker to have a intertwining history, as well as small bit's here or there (like how Jayden actively encouraged Lauren to take over as red ranger, Decker's final fight or with Emily and Mike ending up together).

The Bulk and Spike bit's where the best part of the shows, and the return of Skull in the last episode was a great thing to see, but it doesn't save the show in my eyes.

Saban (once again) played it safe, but now that the brand is restablished, is free to take more creative risks. Megaforce looks to do just that what with jettisoning Goseiger's major theme as well as it's Mentor and robot buddy. Time will tell.

I'm tempted to break out a letter grade like i love to, but this isn't the place. :sweat:


It was a clear downgrade from RPM in terms of writing and acting, but everything else was a great upgrade from previous Disney seasons, especially in terms of content (full HD, decent production values, 40 episodes per season + movies and specials).

Although saying it's better than MMPR is not a good standard by any means, it is better than being MMPR, despite the show trying it's hardest of being as bad as MMPR.

However, as a show by itself, it's a watered down and gimped Shinkenger; they copied the scenes line by line, but removed everything that gave them reason, context, gravitas, and drama. The characters started with all the character development they were ever going to get.

Still, it showed signs of a promising future.


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Hated the show for three reasons:

-It felt like rewatching Shinkenger, but that there was no creativity period.
-Bulk and Spike scenes are a huge waste. It worked in MMPR because Bulk and Skull were a huge part of the dynamics in the series and here, not so much.
-Characters were flat and never developed. This show makes The Last Airbender the next Titanic in terms of character development and it hardly had any.
-It being noticeably inferior to the fanfic adaptation I read. It was called Power Rangers Galaxy Striders and it was much better than the real thing for two reasons:
-It used the "footage" and told the story around the fights.
-It was a sequel to LG and was written as such, but the key was it had more creativity than this.

Production values, HD footage and 40 episodes was good, but as KingWilly stated, the rest of it stank. Only watch it for MegaForce, but you might as well just watch Shinkenger and be done with it and see a good series.


9 year old sister really enjoyed it overall. I know the show wasn't aimed at me but I did like it's production value, the fact that it got 40 episodes and then some, along with some of the small bits like MetalSymphony was saying.

Overall not the greatest season for older fans but it's a start to something bigger.


I'm only like 6 episodes in on netflix and the puns are becoming unbearable, was any other series this bad?


Although saying it's better than MMPR is not a good standard by any means, it is better than being MMPR, despite the show trying it's hardest of being as bad as MMPR.

Actually, I just re-watched MMPR. I find MMPR superior to Samurai/Super Samurai.


Actually, I just re-watched MMPR. I find MMPR superior to Samurai/Super Samurai.

Everything that MMPR had PRS and SS emulated (paper-thin stock characters, fights full of puns, mockingly voiced villains, even the same opening music and villains music), except the latter did it with better production values and an actual story with a beginning, middle, and end.

I was hoping Saban would try to improve where they left off, instead of going back to 1993.


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Actually, I just re-watched MMPR. I find MMPR superior to Samurai/Super Samurai.

I seen episodes of comparison to Samurai and I must say, I agree.

MMPR, nostalgia aside, is a decent series in its own right ,taking some of the source sentai's stories but taking the premise into another direction. Although the sudden addition of Tommy losing his powers was a crapshoot that should have been in the story initially, the majority of it was pretty good despite the first 50 not having much of an arc or connection.

In its own right, its not a weakness because the show was getting onto its first legs, while Samurai was just rushed. MMPR was in production from 1987, under the Bioman pilot, where it would then be reattempted with Jetman and finally, Zyuranger, which had the latter easter egg edited from
the Bioman pitch.

The point is that MMPR in its initial stages wasn't rushed like Samurai, with the latter starting production right away from the rights being bought back. Clearly, they should have waited to get the scripts written to take their own spin on the concept and to create their own characters , but everything else in Samurai was standard setting.

It was the first season to have HD, though they could have HD widescreen masters of the Disney Rangers to play with OO on to fix it [and they got plenty of time to do so], the editing ,choreo and suits were so well done that I could not really tell the difference if the Octaroo suit wasn't weird as it was.

Samurai got a little better, but the improvements were jolted by the lifting of plots and the writing. The acting could have been better, but for what they had, they did fine.

MegaForce hopefully will have a better footing to do what it needs, though I wish the Pink Ranger was yellow and vice versa alongside the Black Ranger and the Blue Ranger. PC casting aside, they look like they could fit their parts.


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One of my biggest issues was the terrible acting and scripts, it was even worse than normal. Seriously, i've watched porn that was more creative


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Samurai wasn't that great, definitely. At least when I did my spin on Shinkenger, I TRIED to have my own story, a diverse cast & a continuous plot, even if it ended up coming out occasionally rushed, written confusingly & a bit convoluted.

But, honestly, I just think that Saban is just a fish out of water right now. Power Rangers only bacame popular by the internet meme effect, except before the internet was big. It was just something new, weired & silly to watch that you couldn't look away from until people saw enough to get it out of their systems & move on. The only reason it seemed to evolve was based on what seems to be the writers' collective belief that they had to continuously keep 1 up-ing themselves until it got to in Space-Lost Galaxy where it kind of leveled out. I don't think they'd originally intended to do this, it just sort of happened as a response to their inferiority complex based on the show. It was their way of "hanging a lantern on it."

At this point , after having finally seen MMPR for the first time, I can at least somewhat respect them on a few levels, but the things they did right via MMPR & on were probably happy accidents- the original casting included.

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