Power Rangers: Operation Armageddon

After much thought. I suppose some of you are right, so in order to avoid unnecessary flames from users of this forum. I'm making a LOT of changes to my Goseiger adaptation. Hopefully it will win over some readers.

Plot: In 1993, five angels fought along side Lucifer and his armies, in the Second Heaven Rebellion. As punishment they were banished to Earth, and were reincarnated as humans. Now eighteen years later, they are given a second chance by Michael the Archangel. To prevent Lucifer's army, the Four Horsemen Company, the five are made Power Rangers.


Ted Chaplin
Age: 18
Ranger: Red Ranger
Zord: Dragon Fighter- Forms the torso and main weapon of the Heaven Strike Megazord
Weapon: Heaven Sword
Angel: Fire

Elijah Morning
Age: 18
Ranger: Blue Ranger
Zord: Shark Marine- Forms the right arm of the Heaven Strike Megazord
Weapon: Heaven Bowgun
Angel: Water

Collette Manning
Age: 17
Ranger: Yellow Ranger
Zord: Tiger Stryker- Forms the left leg of Heaven Strike Megazord
Weapon: Heaven Claw
Angel: Life

Richard Millers
Age: 18
Ranger: Black Ranger
Zord: Serpent Train- Forms the right leg of Heaven Strike Megazord
Weapon: Heaven Axe
Angel: Ground

Kayla Sparks
Age: 17
Ranger: Pink Ranger
Zord: Phoenix Jet- Forms the left arm of Heaven Strike Megazord
Weapon: Heaven Shooter
Angel: Aether

Frank Chaplin: Ted's father and current police chief of the New Brighton Police Department. He realizes that his son was a fallen angel, reincarnated as a human being.

Michael the Archangel: Is the Rangers' mentor. He gives them a second chance to return to Heaven. He returns the Rangers' memories of being angels in order to recruit them to his cause.

Philip Oliver: The Rangers communitcations officer. He monitors the city of New Brighton for demonic attacks. He was once Gabriel's apprentice. Until he was sent to Earth.

Maria Lupo: The weapons builder for the Rangers. She makes all of the Zords and weapons for the Rangers. In Heaven, she was in charge of all of the angels equipment.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: After the Heaven Rangers are sent through a time warp. They appear when they were all banished from Heaven, and reincarnated. They must help the MMPR from a joint operation between the Anti-Christ and Rita Repulsa.

Kamen Riders Brimstone, Crusader and Halo: When the Nephilim works with the Hades Warrior Company. These three Kamen Riders join forces with the Power Rangers to defeat this powerful menace.

The Four Horsemen Company is a group of demons in human disguise. They're human disguises place them into various religious organizations of New Brighton. Including the Catholic Church.

Anti-Christ: A bishop in the Catholic Church. He is trying to destroy the church from the inside. He resents the Catholic Church for their strict doctrines, and believes they are trying to take away a humanity's free will.

Clawers: Yellow demon like grunts for the Four Horsemen Company. They wield curved daggers as their weapons.


Heaven Morphers: Morphers used by the Rangers to morph.

Card Holders: Belts that hold their card decks and Heaven Blasters.

Morph Cards: Cards inserted into the morphers to morph the Rangers.

Power Cards: Cards that the Rangers can use during their battles.

Weapon Cards: Cards used by the Rangers to summon their arsenal.

Zord Cards: Cards used by the Rangers to summon their Zords.

Heaven Blasters: Standard side arms of the Rangers.

Personal Weapons
Heaven Sword: A sword
Heaven Crossbow: A crossbow
Heaven Axe: A axe
Heaven Claw: A hand held claw
Heaven Shooter: A firearm

Sky Enforcer: Combination of the Heaven Shooter and Heaven Sword.

Gaia Cannon: Combination of the Heaven Axe, Crossbow, and Claw.

Five Star Enforcer: Combination of the Sky Enforcer and Gaia Cannon.

Heaven Strike Megazord: Combination of the core mecha.

Sea Tribe Zords
Manta Ray
Hammer Head

Land Tribe Zords

Sky Tribe Zords

The Seven Seals are what is keeping Lucifer sealed away. If all seven are found and broken, then Armageddon will truely begin. During their war, the Rangers must find the seven seals scattered throughout New Brighton. Then protect them from the Four Horsemen Company.

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