Power Rangers Operation Overdrive comes in the Netherlands next Monday

I have no idea how many dutch people are on this forum are but i like to inform you in case you didnt knew that Power rangers Operation Overdrive will be airing Next monday morning at 7.05am On Jetix Netherlands with probably dubbed in dutch.

I hope it's okay to post it here...
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IM dutch but i gues i dont have to tell you that cuz im your little Brother...

Dutch dub :hmm: I dunno probably its gonna suck like hell... and when you start to think its going to be problem in about 10 years, it is already...

Al these dubs just makes hard for little kids to learn english... I know my english is not that good but atleast i understand the language thanks to the old Power rangers...


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Good luck with people of the Netherlands. Opreation Overdrive was so painful to watch. :shakefist

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