Mill Creek has licensed the ENTIRE Ultraman library !!!!!!


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Having watched Ginga, I can easily say going with Orb and Geed was the safer bet in getting people unfamiliar with the newer series into them. Hell if it was up to me I'd see if I could release Ginga S before Ginga

I see no reason why both seasons should not be together.
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Sep 26, 2019
That helps me out. I need to fill in Shout Factory's Super Task Force line first of which I need 5 of them before I start Ultra Man.

Dr Kain

Yep, I posted about that last night. It seemed like this news snuck up on everyone.
Jun 19, 2014

Well, look what we have here.
No wonder why Mill Creek are selling Ultra Q so cheap!
That explains everything. :D

Still, I'm getting Mill Creek Blu-ray though, since Japanese release are expensive and I want to support for more series.

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I never even heard of it before, so I'm not super excited for it as I would have rathered finally been able to watch R/B.

Dr Kain

Well this was an interesting find in my mailbox today courtesy of Mill Creek.

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Mar 20, 2012
Keith Aiken (who as I understand is one of the guys who's been working behind the scenes on bringing Ultraman over to America?) was apparently answering questions about Mill Creek's releases on the Sci-Fi Japan Facebook group last night.

There's no way of confirming how accurate this information is, but it's all very interesting so I have summarized it below. It certainly suggests that Mill Creek are in it for the long haul. GIFs have been added by me to break up this massive block of text into more manageable sections.



Tsuburaya are doing HD remasters of all the seasons and these are the versions that Mill Creek have access to.

Mill Creek are aiming to release Ultraman Taro in January 2021. This means there will not be any releases in either November or December of this year.

Mill Creek intend to work forward with the early releases and backwards with the recent series (so Tiga - which is fairly close to the middle - will likely be one of the later releases).

Mill Creek are considering experimenting with releasing some (but not all) shows digitally months before their physical releases come out.

EDIT: According to Dr Kain, the series 'Ultra Seven X' will be released "sooner rather than later."



Mill Creek currently have access to the movies from Zearth up to (Keith thinks) R/B. They may try to license movies older than Zearth in the future, but probably only if/when they have released almost everything that they currently have.

Mill Creek intends to include the 'Ultraman: The Next' movie in their Ultraman Nexus set.

Mill Creek intends to include the Mebius movie and all three side stories along with the series' set.

Ultraman Zero The Movie will likely be a stand-alone release, with some unspecified bonus content.

Ultraman Saga will also be a stand-alone release. The English dub will be included.

The series 'Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle' will come with the 'Killer The Beatstar' side story.

Mill Creek's deal does include both seasons of the 'Ultra Galaxy' series, plus it's movie and side story.

Mill Creek only currently have access to the standard version of the second Cosmos movie. Apparently Tsuburaya didn't offer them the alternate cut.



Mill Creek do have the rights to use the 4Kids English dub of Tiga but atm they do not intend to include it. 4Kids didn't dub every episode, and the episodes they did do were edited to be shorter, so the dub audio tracks won't sync with the new HD masters.

Mill Creek would like to release the English dubbed version of Ultraman, but apparently some of the uncut dub audio tapes have been misplaced. Tsuburaya are trying to find them, and if they do then Mill Creek will release it. Tsuburaya have supposedly never possessed the French dub tapes, but Mill Creek have been trying to chase down who has them.

As they have confirmed that Ultraman Saga will be released with the English dub, it seems safe to assume that the other English dubs created by Winckler Productions for the Zero movies will also be included.

They also have the English dub of Ultraman Zearth, which will probably be included but has not been locked in just yet as it's so far down the line.

Mill Creek got the same special episodes for Ultraman Ginga that were previously released on Crunchyroll (i.e. not all of them).

There are unlikely to be many of the 'behind the scenes' specials or similar bonus materials, as apparently Tsuburaya rarely bothered to get the cast & crew that appeared in them to grant international likeness rights. Tsuburaya's legal department are working to get clearance for as much as they can.



Ultraman Taiga is not included in Mill Creek's deal, as the rights are not yet available. Clearly the same applies to Ultraman Z.

The 2019 Ultraman anime is not included either, as the home video rights aren't available yet (and the digital rights are obviously taken). Mill Creek does intend to bid for them when they can.

The rights to Ultraman Towards The Future (a.k.a. Ultraman Great a.k.a. the Australian Ultraman show) are "still tied up elsewhere" so Mill Creek couldn't have them.

Apparently Tsuburaya doesn't own the international distribution rights to the 1990 Ultra Q movie so they couldn't offer it to Mill Creek.

Tsuburaya and Toei co-own 'Ultraman Vs Kamen Rider' so if Mill Creek want it then they will have to negotiate with both companies. Tsuburaya can't just include it in a big package deal like this.

Tsuburaya are "having trouble locating the masters" for Andro Melos so it ended up being removed from the deal.

Ultraman Story and the 'Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend' OVA were not included for unspecified reasons.

EDIT: According to Dr Kain, the Mill Creek deal also does not include the American co-production "Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero" (a.k.a. Ultraman Powered), the Hanna-Barbera co-produced animated film "Ultraman: The Adventure Begins" (a.k.a. Ultraman U.S.A.), or the direct-to-video series 'Heisei Ultra Seven.'



According to Keith, Gridman is the only non-Ultra series included in the deal, but it "isn't coming soon." It is, however, possible that Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad will receive a DVD re-issue to coincide with the eventual Gridman release.
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