Looking for items from Shinkenger/Faiz and custom Revolcane hilt

Hi Everyone!

Just a few things I'm looking for and not having any luck online as of yet, so I thought I'd try here!

Looking for:

1) Sushi Changer from Shinkenger used loose/complete is fine. I don't really need the box.

2) I'm late to the KR universe but I really have come to love Faiz's henshin and his belt design. If anyone has his DX belt for sale used please let me know (not sure if I want the pointer or camera as of yet: depending on price I guess). I might be interested in the other Designs from Faiz that use the same mold as well. I've been told to stay clear from the Legends Faiz Belt due to the cheap stickers and the fact the buttons don't work and there's no gun mode at all.

3) Thanks to Vangelus at YT, I've come to fall in love with the SH Figuarts Black RX figure. I was wondering if anyone seen a revolcane hilt w/o the blade available either as a independent custom accessory or if it can be created from other pieces/parts by a novice customizer.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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