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  • LOL sorta...it's just...mostly every dopant I got so far was either over powered or had some kind of psychological attack that turned their opponents into vegetables.
    Kry, I know it's your Gaia Memory and all...but tell me what you think of this ability I came up for it:

    My idea is that the Gaia Memory literally turns the user into an animal...basically, he'll act, think, and behave like a predator would
    Got the Magnet Dopant stuff up. Check it out on the planning thread. Hope you like it.
    I know Deme probably already mentioned this, but for our villians...are we doing one vs one battles in order to showcase their individual abilities?
    So for things like the individual character development of characters, do you do that? Or the creators?
    Yes Drake the Second is 'born' from the fragment of the defeated fangires (which was merged with a fragment of Drake the First)
    You lost my interest at "no official riders". I'm rather adverse to unofficial characters as-is, so I personally have no reason to follow or join this, especially since despite the riders being made-up, the villains are an expansion of Shocker, an official group. to me, that kind of contradiction isn't a good thing by much of any stretch
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