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I read about this at IGN. Seems Tobey Maguire himself is pushing to produce this so I guess it would be kind of a foregone conclusion to having him play Rick Hunter. He does seem a plausible choice. IGN also came up with a casting call of their own. Some of the roles made sense to me and others didn't, like having Keira Knightley as Lisa Hayes or Amanda Bynes as Lynn-Minmei.

Personally, I'm hoping this will be a success. While I didn't watch the anime, I got the whole story form the books published (by Del Rey) I think and loved the **** out of them. Something as epic as this...yeah I hope it rocks.

Keith Justice

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This isn't the angry zen master's forum? I got linked from his webpage... OMG where am I? (^_^;)

Oooooooh! Indeed it is! Sorry... the Zen Master does infact use our Power Chamber as his official forum. :sweat:

Glad to have ya in. :thumbs:

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