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I liked him when he wasn't a god
So should we assume Megamax takes place between here and 15?

Megamax reportedly features a guest appearance from Meteor (out of suit), and it's now confirmed that Meteor will make his debut in ep17. So probably would take place between episodes 16 and 17, it appears that 15-16 are a Christmas filler arc and nothing too plot-heavy will happen in them
Virgo and Leo definitely should appear immediately when Meteor appears. Those two Zodiarts have got to be new teachers and one of the new Horoscopes if its Gemini... maybe a janitor. And Taurus a sports coach.

Since he's (likely) an alien, he could pull a Martian Manhunter.

That'd be a good point. He can even appear out of nowhere at the Rabbit Hutch surprising the club and confused on how he did those things.

Watch out Horoscopes, you too Mitsuaki! Meteor's keepin' an eye on you guys!

Is there also more Meteor in Ganbaride?
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Sonoda was giving the power that only the 12 Horoscopes can use - Supernova. But it was easily defeated by the Double Limit Break.:sweat: Let's just say Zodiarts are vulnerable in space.

Scorpion should still be in action, there was a scan of Meteor VS Scorpion. If there really was another person becoming Scorpion, I would imagine Sonoda watching the fight between the two, then she would try to find the user.

EDIT: TV Asahi website has updated the Horoscopes information. Apparently Scorpion berserk mode is called Scorpion. Nova.
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Friendship and the Cosmos.
This is just my prediction, but it's probably gonna be true:

Libra should be handled in the opposite way they handled Scorpio. His identity should be revealed to KRC soon, and he should be defeated by the end of January. I remember nerefir saying Tachibana's gonna be in 6 episodes of Fourze.

I've got this horrible gut feeling that the Scorpio switch will become the new Thebee, and Sonoda will become the next Yagaruma. The altered voice of Scorpio makes it all easy for another person to use it.
That interesting to hear! I liked Amano returning to Kamen Rider. But at least it will be quick resolution to the Libra Horoscope, and allows us to get to Leo and Virgo and possibly a new Scorpio user, which would be pretty fascinating to see how Sonoda reclaims her rightful position.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
If Tachibana's actor is going to be in 6 episodes of Fourze, that would be:

13-14: Scorpion/Miura arc
15-16: Filler arc about Yuki performing for kids at Christmas
17-18: Meteor's introduction

So it looks like Meteor's debut will see him taking down Libra ...

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
So... What was in this episode that got people claiming Megamax is canon? I must have missed it... :disappoin

Around the end, Miu(?) said something around the lines of "Just because your love experience ended early, doesn't mean you have to distract people from theirs"


Who you gonna call?
Power Dizer totally pulled off a move from Bumbleebee in TF3 and grabbed Gentaro and JK :buttrock:
It even has more lines than Bumblebee in the combined three movies. :laugh:

I'm really liking how Shun is making good use of the Power Dizer, he might not get to be a Rider but damn he's been really helpful so far.

Is Tachibana really going to appear in six episodes only? What a pity. Makes me wonder if they will take the chance to show us the worst effects of the Zodiart switches on people when Libra is defeated.


Is anyone else getting Saeko vibes from Sonoda at the end of this episode, especially given her swearing vengeance on Gentaro?

Also, IIRC, from O-T's subs it seems they're foreshadowing Megamax given the gang's lines at the end about Gen in love.


'Kay, it changed!

Oh cool, Sonoda in an AGHS uniform. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of why she became a Horoscopes, next episode.
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