It's Sith Lord Dai Shi Vs. Star Wars "Path Of The Righteous"


Watch as a year's worth of work finally comes down to my biggest video ever.
Using the music "Duel Of The Fates" watch Dai Shi take on everyone in the series!
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It's Judgement Time!
What I like is you have the idea of Music/Video syngery down to a T. You're matching the feeling of the music with the clips and not just randomly mashing things together. You have a clear idea in your mind.

The beginning was certainly different and it's not much thing but it goes with the flowing theme of the music video you set up here. However it does sort of lower your expectations for anything dramatic.

I love how when the music slows down at 2:07-2:08 and we see his childhood. Then as the music builds up, we see the build up of Jarrod as he becomes DaiShi or releases DaiShi. Essentially becoming the feared villain he is today.

The part where you have DaiShi face Grizzaka and then the Rinshi was fantastic. I really got the feeling that DaiShi was losing his kingdom or fighting a greater darkness. Although you and I know the Rinshi clips are just a training bit with DaiShi trying to obtain Zokado, the music video really implied the idea that DaiShi was under attack.

Around 3:45-3:55, you have a really nice mashup of clips. But they didnt feel right for the music. I could almost sense myself getting inspiration from it, the way you set up the clips of DaiShi yelling and peaking at his emotional anger. But it just didnt sit with the music.

Also, towards the very end, it definitely feels as though it could have been better. It seems like the ending was rushed. I'm speaking of course, in simply clips that were chosen.

An idea: I would have liked to have seen a build up starting with 3:37 where the music gets quiet again. A build up showing DaiShi slowly turning good but also fighting the anger inside him.

You have the right clips they just need to be rearranged. Like what I was saying before about 3:45 with the quick shots of DaiShi getting angry, just imagine those shots spliced in differently with a build that that shows good DaiShi and the the bad DaiShi trying to overcome it.

I think Im a bit biased to the video because the music choice isnt my favorite. But it fits the theme you were going for.

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Pretty epic video. A lot of people hated on Dai Shi/Jarrod because they didn't seem to understand their relationship, but I always assumed... well, my assumptions were proved correct in the final episodes.

I think you captured the duality and struggles of the characters and that was cool.

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