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  • Hey, there.
    Sorry about getting this to you so late, but I thought you might be interested to hear that Sir Stack recently unearthed a very early promo for Saban's Masked Rider, that obviously was never aired. It comes from a 1995 Fox Affiliate conference, and was "released" prior to "A Friend in Need" from MMPR Season 3 debuted on TV. Apparently "Escape from Edenoi", was originally filmed very differently, not to mention the intended direction of the series itself (no Ferbus, for one), and might have actually had some potential. Here's the thread on it: And the promo itself:
    Here's the cover for the aforementioned novel (simple, lacking the official logo, and a bit covered by the text at the bottom, but fitting).
    The contents include the sequel story which involves all 13 riders (Earth to Ventaran ratio isn't specified but all the decks/powers will be used), papercraft Advent Decks and Cards, various interviews (discussion about the remake, quality of the show, the 2009 "Rider Boom," praise from Japan audiences, the emmy, etc. Also apparently they regard the show as "four seasons long.")
    The novel itself is written by Mano Katsunari, who recently wrote the Drama, Shinzanmono.
    Dude this is pretty big news. Check this out: Dragon Knight is getting an official novel! It's titled "KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT- 2WORLD 1HEARTS" and will be a "sequel" to the series. Check dukemon's rough translation and summation of the details here, but notably, while it's the author's first novel, it seems he's a big Ishinomori fan. It will be released September 16th!
    If you mean the NPS versions, it'll probably be a while. You'll forget half this stuff by the time it shows up again. lol
    Just heard from Hayden that was a reference regarding her relationship with JYB.... wow. Ouch... :(

    Man, when do these panels go online??
    DAMN! It... sounds like it would've been funny and something she could have easily turned into a joke. The line just feel like a brick in a Church?
    What comment are you talking about that was made to Tracy Lynn Cruz??
    Here's the last one: <>

    Though spoilery (from the perspective of audiences for TV-Asahi) that is a very well put together "preview/promo" for their next bunch of DVD releases (or set of TV broadcasts, whichever comes first), spanning essentially everything from Episode 15 on. They even use the original soundtrack to brilliant effect (teetering on even better than the original show). There's even some Official Review excerpts.

    If they had promos this well put together back when 4Kids was airing Dragon Knight, I wonder how well it might have done?
    Well I still can't find anymore information about the "DRAGON KNIGHTS" album that was supposed to have the Japanese voice acting cast involved. However the "KAMEN RIDER Dragon Knight ED" seems to be coming along.

    The album's cover has been released and looks pretty nice. The name of the album itself is "ANOTHER WORLD-Kit x Len", and thus Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Matsuda Satoshi will be lending their voices to the release. The album will be out on June 23.
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