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Hello everyone! I'm a college student and I love games! TV and movies are good too! Books... not so much. Unless they're picture books.


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I am Haru and I like movies, videogames, anime, and music! Currently I am attending a small university to complete my computer science degree.


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Hey all! I'm a grad student living in New York, and am proud to be an all-round geek. I play some video games (mostly 3DS or PC), read lots of books (speculative fiction, sci-fi and fantasy), and generally listen to tons of music (although I have no discerning taste, please don't judge).

I'm normally really awkward at this sort of thing (if I get up the nerve to post a comment somewhere on the internet, I usually can't bring myself to read the response) but I thought, it's a new year! Time to try something new. Wish me luck, and it's nice to meet all of you!
Greetings everyone, my name is Jeffrey Harris. I am a new editor and writer for the site. Happy to be here and talk shop with everyone.
Avid gamer and fan of comics, animation, and films.


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Hey there!
My name is Vanessa, I'm 24 years old and currently live in Portugal. I love reading, gaming, watching movies of all sorts. Also a great fan of anime, manga and comics. This forum is perfect for me! :p
Looking forward to reading your opinions and sharing mine! ;)


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Hello. I am from Dominican Republic. I am new to the site and I love video games. So far so good. I hope to see you all around.


My name is Djordje, I live in Italy, and I like playing video games, like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield Series, Call Of duty Series, and more...
I got Steam and PSN, so if you want to add me, just message me!

Joan Of Park

Blondes have more Puns
My name is Joan and I am an absolute Tv addict. I watch tv while I am running miles with my thread mill and stationary bike. That's why I am not a fat couch potato.


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Hey there. My name is Dave. I play video games, watch a lot of movies and TV shows, and work on my horror website when I'm not working.

I like to read, write, and post stupid things to social media. And my beard is awesome. Should I ever become homeless, I already have the look down pat so the learning curve won't be that bad lol


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Hello everyone, new guy here! In my free time I like playing video games and watching TV shows, usually both at once. I'm a fan of Sci Fi books, mainly anything by Asimov.


Anime Reviewer
Yo. Shimus Darkraven here. Howdy. New to these parts, my real name is Shane. I live in the Northwest PA region, Erie Namely. I've been into anime now since 1996, Escaflowne the movie "They were Eleven" being the first animes I really liked. Then, growing up in the late 90's came around toonami on cartoon network with such shows as "Rurouni Kenshin" and "Dragonball Z" "Yu Yu Hakusho" and others. Then I left anime until 2004/5 region when Death Note started airing. My friend brought over a dvd with the first couple episodes and I was rehooked. Since then I must have watched nearly every anime inside the genres that I prefer.

That being said, the genres I prefer: Dark, Psychological, Supernatural, Suspense, Horror, Mystery, Murder & Gore, Thriller, and High Stakes Games (and numerous other tags I could quote) but I tend to stay away from Cutesy slice-of-life romance shows and comedies, as they aren't my cup of tea. I'd rather see those magical girls dueling to the death with eyeballs and gore flying around.

I also enjoy 90's music (Namely the Grunge Scene and Alternative) being Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Tool, Staind, and the list can go on and on so I'll stop there. I hope to make some friends around here while I chillax and shoot the **** about different shows and manga that are coming out/already out.

Other than that, I like to just shoot the breeze over everything and nothing at all.

efrain silva

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Hello there, everyone! My name is Efrain and I am a HUGE gamer to all things Nintendo, always have been, and always will be. That's while I'm on this earth in this life time, at least....(;


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The thread is old enought, but hope I am not too late.
My name is Vincent and I am also new here. I am fan of gaming, music, travels and new technologies. Hope to find new friends and interesting discussions here. Have a nice day!


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Heya, new guy here! Always been a gamer since the prime days of the SNES. Now, upgraded to my gaming rig, and I'm lovin' every second of it. Cheers!


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Hey, Guys, I am Jessie new to the community and very much in love with the forum Hoping to make some new friends here.


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I like video games, tabletop (particularly D&D), animation and drawing. My first console was the NES. I think we had Zelda, Tag Team Wrestling and Super Mario for it.


Hi I am Marki I am a Physics teacher from Croatia and I love movies and tv. I joined because a friend invited me.

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