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New Member
I registered just yesterday but could not find a place to introduce myself until now :)

I am Nikki. I am 27 years old and I currently live in England, UK. I enjoy gaming, posting on forums, meeting news friends and listening to music. When I get the chance I also love to watch my favourite TV shows.

Take care :)


Shaken Not Stirred!!
Hey Guys. Loving the forum. Hoping to make some new friends here and get to learn more from the amazing community you have.
My hobbies include playing video games, reading and watching movies.


Shaken Not Stirred!!
Hey Nikki, I am from the UK also, from Manchester.. Where abouts do you live?
Should've guessed you were from UK with you being a five fan:)


I was trying to find this lol as usually this is a section and people post threads. Anyway MrSackfist. Big Wrestling fan, infact looking to start a newsletter and currently run an e-fed and fantasy wrestling league which gives real cash prizes. Enjoy playing Basketball, but above all, love animation, tv shows, movies and video games


Hey guys, my name is Cameron and I am a seventeen year old teenager living in the United States. I am a huge American sports fan. In fact, the two hobbies that take up just about all my time are sports and then forums. I am on a ton of different forums. I registered on this forum yesterday, and I was a little surprised that there isn't an introductions board, but it looks like you have a topic instead. Anyways, I think this forum looks awesome, and I am a big fan of XenForo. I look forward to getting to know all of you guys around the forum. :)

Thank you.


Jeff Harris

My name is Jeff Harris. A strangely common name, I'm surprised to say. I'm a writer, illustrator, graphic designer, opinionist, and futurist. My brain is always on go. I'm a fan of animation and comics from all points of a globe. I've been doing commentary professionally online for over 15 years. I'm still creating.


Hey Jeff, it is nice to meet you! You certainly have a lot of different talents. You should share your work on here.


Hi, i'm Ruby, i'm 19 and currently a student.

I enjoy photography, music, live music, music technology, graphic design, walking, American Sitcoms...

Nice to meet you all!


Hi, I'm Jay and I might be considered way to old to be on this forum, but it has everything I love! TV, books, games and great people - what more could anyone wish for? I'm glad to be here:).


New Member
Hello all! I just registered a while ago. Finding lots of interesting stuff here. I'm Sharee, age 24 and from the Philippines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE TV series, movies, games and books most of all. Recently, I've been hooked to comic books and everything Marvel as well.


Hello All!

My name is Fitzy and just found this forum today! Some great insights and discussions here. I am a freelance writer, husband and father of 3. Looking forward to add to the site where I can and meet some like minded as well as not so like minded folks. So far, I feel like I have found the right place!


New Member
HEY ALL! I am bananawolf. I don't know why I chose that name. I guess its because I like bananas, and wolfs are pretty cool. I have been looking for a forum to start posting on and this one looks pretty neat.

I like reading and pop culture and news and stories and sports and gaming and television and movies and pretty much everything else, so lets get a discussion going!
Hey. I'm a college student from Canada who's into pretty much everything that gets discussed around here; games, films, music, etc. This forum seems pretty cool, I like some of the threads I've seen already. See y'all later


New Member
Hey! I'm a college student from North Carolina. I just love talking about anything really. :] Looking forward to some good conversations!


Essex Village
Hi Jesslane, I am new too, Hey I am SlothPaw, I am also a student from the UK! Glad to join a community on it's earliest time so I can watch this place grow.

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