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Every serious console collector needs a Dreamcast. Sega’s last and greatest console only lived for around two years but had an incredibly sweet and short life, publishing many original and innovative game concepts that would influence generations to come. The Dreamcast was first to make online play possible directly from the console (and keep in mind this was the 56k phone-line era, so games had to be designed to function under those speeds — and did). It also came with a device embedded into the game controller called a VMU, or Visual Memory Unit.
Plugged in, the VMU would display game stats or graphics on its small dot matrix display. Removed, it could function as a Tamagotchi of sorts, playing minigames on the go that could factor into the larger console game when you plugged it back in. Not many games used that function but it was still a cool idea.
Used VMUs aren’t hard to get, but none of them have working batteries anymore (unless they’ve been taken apart and had those...

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My dad have a dream cast and the VM2 looks cooler than the ps1 and ps2 memory cards. I remember Claire's face appearing on the mini screen when I play Code Veronica.


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Are there still people out there selling Dreamcast? This gaming console was released well before its time. I'm still holding out hope that Sega will release a new gaming console.


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I remember those things, They are memory cards put inside the controller and you can see the character's face or even status on the mini screen. Imagine if Dreamcast didnt fail, those cards would have look like smartphones by now.