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Plotting out a sentai fanfic idea right now, they'll all be pilots when doing their Sentai team-work but otherwise: Red's a racer, White's with her school council and, Pink's a swimmer.

I just need to decide what Blue and Black will do then I should be okay to go.

The team sounds interesting so far, could make Black a mechanic and Blue a teacher maybe? If they are pilots it could be interesting to have one work on the actual mecha and the other can be a flight instructor. *shrugs*

Who are they fighting?

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Episode 4 of Kenkage may hold a teaser trailer for a Sentai fanfiction I have in mind to run along with it.

What I will say about it now is that it is more of a light hearted fanfiction, compared to the two current ones I'm writing; Kamen Rider: KENKAGE (HJU only) and Star Trek: P I O N E E R (trekbbs only). Both of which have more of a serious tone, but this new Sentai idea is gonna take a slightly more comedic tone.

Anyone interested in knowing anymore about it?


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Hello there everyone, I'm relatively new here and I was wondering if maybe a few of you could possibly check out my Kamen Rider Xtreme story and give me a little bit of feedback maybe. I've put a lot of work into it but I'm not exactly sure if it's any good or not.

The story follows Alex Darwin, an orphan who's mother died when he was a child and his father disappeared years later. Druing a run in with a Dopant (the same kind of Dopant from W) he obtains the X driver (Based on the W Driver) and becomes Kamen Rider Xtreme. He then sets out to take down Dopants wherever they emerge, and uncover the source of the beasts.


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The team sounds interesting so far, could make Black a mechanic and Blue a teacher maybe? If they are pilots it could be interesting to have one work on the actual mecha and the other can be a flight instructor. *shrugs*

Who are they fighting?

Wow, sorry I hadn't seen your reply until now. :sweat:
Anyways, I do like your suggestions and am totally liable in stealing them for my own now.

As for the enemies, I honestly haven't decided yet. Like, I have ideas for plans later on that they'd commit but at the moment, I got nothing regarding a centered goal. I will have one, though; I'd quit this thing before I make another Vyram, lol.

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Wow, sorry I hadn't seen your reply until now. :sweat:
Anyways, I do like your suggestions and am totally liable in stealing them for my own now.

As for the enemies, I honestly haven't decided yet. Like, I have ideas for plans later on that they'd commit but at the moment, I got nothing regarding a centered goal. I will have one, though; I'd quit this thing before I make another Vyram, lol.

Well I was offering some help, so that's fine if you use those suggestions. :3

Well about the villains being close to copying Vyram... You can always use them as a template and just twist and change and flip them around, so-to-speak. Just alter them enough to make them different enough for your story so that they fit. :3

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Got a few ideas for other stories I'm contemplating writing next to Kenkage. (Yes, I am still writing Kamen Rider Kenkage, it's just a slow process on ep 7 atm. :p ) Anyways, the concepts I have in mind are:

1. Sentai idea about a Stunt Team given powers from a talking Cat (not humanoid), from another planet. Who fight against intergalactic, evil Movie Producers out to turn the planet into rubble, so they can build their sets over top of it, and allow their Overlord to film its movie, though it's not as nice as it sounds. As worlds have gone a miss once this Overlord has captured his footage.

2. A Garo inspired fanfiction. Though this would be with another Makai Knight, and even take place in an alternate reality, which he actually goes to. So he does come from the original Garo Universe, but is sent to another realm that's not much different from his. Sent by the Watchdog to investigate and stop a massive Horror threat that threatens to seep into his world, the Makai Knight finds himself nearly alone in his struggle. Except for a small band of the remaining Madou Priests and a Female Makai Knight. Will they be able to get over the shock of one another existing and find out who's orchestrating this Horror threat?

So... which one would you like to read along with Kenkage? :coolshades:

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
Legend Sentai Guardianranger

-40th Sentai Idea (Yes I know, we are still on the 38th, but I made this way back during Gokaiger)
-Main core team doesn't have a Red. (Reasoning behind will be revealed in the plot)
-Main gimmick is cards (To fit with the theme)
-Each member represents a past Sentai anniversary.

The Legend:
3,000 years ago, a war between light and darkness raged on in another Realm. This Realm was called the Guardian Realm, where humans were born with magic. Among them were the strongest magical beings called the Guardians. They follow an oath of honor and pledge to defend the Realm with every means necessary. However, one Guardian renegade against his comrades and unleashed the Fallen Army, the Hadics. They lust for the darkness of the human hearts and have the goal to create more of their kind. The humans in the Guardian Realm fought for many years until the Guardians decided to use all of their magic and sealed the Fallen Army once more. Fear that the army will rise up once again, the Guardians placed the army into another Realm, hoping that the army will no longer be stirred. However, once it was discovered that the Realm had no magical aura to protect the seal, it was decided to send some of the Realm's people into the new Realm to protect the seal and defend the people of the new Realm. Although no actions could destroy the seal, it was foretold that the army will rise once more. By then, ten of the Realm's Guardians will rise up and defend the world they protect.

The Plot:
In the island city of MahouUmi (Mystic Ocean), 500 miles off the shores of Japan, five young men and women are the last of the powerful race called Guardians. The eldest of the five plans on training the other four to prepare them for the battle against the Hadics and protect the city they loved. However, the eldest also plans on avenging their fallen ones by defeating the force who broke the seal: the Super Sentai.

[HIDE]Kyusei Maki: Age 22, leader of the Guardians. He is titled the Young Genius among the people in the city thanks to his powerful intellect at the age of ten years old. Although he appears and acts young for his age, he is actually tough and very strict. He has no tolerance for who fail his orders and is very straight when stating his thought. Despite all that, he is also very kind and caring and acts like the father of the group. He also has tendency to give nicknames to things that don't really need nicknames. His magical element is of the Dragons but prefers to call it the Savior element because it fits his philosophy.

Mizuru Maki: Age 18, the defender of the team and the younger sister of Kyusei. She hates the fact that because her brother was successful she has rise to the expectations of others. She is tomboyish in the way that dislikes what most girls like, but she partakes in gossip and fashion discussion once in a while. She strives to be independent from her brother but always comes to him for comfort. She tries to keep her emotions hidden to appear strong, but, deep inside, she is big crybaby. She is also very protective of Kyusei since he is the last of her family. Her magical element is of Water which fits her perfectly since she loves to swim.

Leo Dangan: Age 17, the sniper of the team. He's act like a jokester, trying out new jokes every time but always fails to make anyone laugh. More importantly, he tries to charm Mizuru with his jokes, hoping that she would fall in love with him. He's an expert in FPS games and very quick on his feet. When he's not cracking jokes or playing video games, he's out on the street dancing with his dance team, The Roarin' Beasts. While he appears to have no cares in the world, he actually is worried about failing his mission as a Guardian. Thus, he trains privately in his spare time to hone his skills and prove he can be useful. His magical element is of the Land which he uses to his advantage with his dance moves.

Hikari Karui: Age 17, the healer of the team and cousin of Leo. She's very kind and doesn't really like to act angry. She dreams to become the world's greatest fashion designer and creates her own clothes in her spare time. She's part of the cheerleader team in MahouUmi High School and considered part of the 'popular' group. Hikari also loves to read romance novels and such and dreams to find her own perfect romance one day. She is also very caring and tries to cheer everybody up when they are feeling down. Despite her petite and weak appearance, she's actually quite brutal but with finesse. Although, she tends to hide behind others when the fight gets too tough for her. Her magical element is of the Light which she is relived to have since she doesn't like having bad things.

Yusuke Yamada: Age 18, the scout of the team and cousin of Mizuru and Kyusei. He's very quiet and doesn't really like to socialize. He's part of MahouUmi High School's Kendo Club and one of the star members. He takes things very seriously and hates it when he makes a mistake. He has a secret life as a lead guitarist for an underground band called the Black Crows which is the only thing that makes feel 'alive'. Yusuke takes notices of things that others wouldn't right away which makes Hadic hunting easier. He also is very protective of Hikari and threatens anyone who dares upsets her. Yusuke fights with quick movements to end a battle fast and early. His magical element is of Darkness which he uses to spy on others for information.
Team Titles and Rolecall:
Soul of the Savior: Guardian Savior (Navy) (Representation of Gokaiger)
Wrath of the Mermaid: Guardian Mermaid (Cyan) (Representation of Boukenger)
Skill of the Manticore: Guardian Manticore (Yellow) (Representation of Gaoranger)
Heart of the Unicorn: Guardian Unicorn (White) (Representation of Carranger)
Speed of the Gryphon: Guardian Gryphon (Representation of Jetman)
With these elements, we will protect this realm from the darkness. With these elements, we will pass judgement on the guilty. With these elements, we will begin a brand new legend!
Legend Sentai, Guardianranger!

Questions and criticism are welcome.


Got a few ideas for other stories I'm contemplating writing next to Kenkage. (Yes, I am still writing Kamen Rider Kenkage, it's just a slow process on ep 7 atm. :p ) Anyways, the concepts I have in mind are:

1. Sentai idea about a Stunt Team given powers from a talking Cat (not humanoid), from another planet. Who fight against intergalactic, evil Movie Producers out to turn the planet into rubble, so they can build their sets over top of it, and allow their Overlord to film its movie, though it's not as nice as it sounds. As worlds have gone a miss once this Overlord has captured his footage.

2. A Garo inspired fanfiction. Though this would be with another Makai Knight, and even take place in an alternate reality, which he actually goes to. So he does come from the original Garo Universe, but is sent to another realm that's not much different from his. Sent by the Watchdog to investigate and stop a massive Horror threat that threatens to seep into his world, the Makai Knight finds himself nearly alone in his struggle. Except for a small band of the remaining Madou Priests and a Female Makai Knight. Will they be able to get over the shock of one another existing and find out who's orchestrating this Horror threat?

So... which one would you like to read along with Kenkage? :coolshades:

I say the more Garo the better.


American Tokusatsu!!!
American Tokusatsu!

[Don't know if this thread's supposed to include original ideas as well, but I don't see anywhere else it should go!]

American Tokusatsu original production previews...

AdventDestiny: The premier series, the one that began it all, also the centralized storyline within my general "American Tokusatsu" universe. A tale of modern gods and how the world and it's populous react to the emergence of superhumanly powerful beings beyond the scope of our limited knowledge and understanding. The story follows the adventures of two unlikely allies; a resurrected saint, forced to adapt to a world very different from the one she was born into, and a noble demon, forced to put aside his pride and distrust of others. Together they fight to protect the world and those they care about from the rising threat of an otherworldly menace, bent on the completely eradication of everything in the universe!

This series is heavily inspired by the popular Tokusatsu franchise Kamen Rider.

Demon Binder Solomon: A supernatural detective, who wields the ancient seal of King Solomon, investigates crimes committed by mystical creatures called Daemons, aided by several loyal Daemons bound to the ring he possesses. As crimes begin to escalate, he must begin digging into his hidden past to discover the mastermind behind a supernatural criminal organization with plans to usurp humanity as the rulers of this world.

This series is inspired by the Tokusatsu franchise GARO, as well as the two Kamen Rider series Den-O and W.

Synthetic Warrior Kimaera: A group of strangers are abducted by an insidious corporation, experimented upon and transformed into living weapons. The survivors escape, some seeking to bring their captors to justice, others simply trying to return to normal lives, all the while pursued by the other twisted monstrosities sent by the corporation to recover their prize specimens.

This series is inspired by the Bio-Booster Armor Guyver franchise [both the original manga/anime and the two American movies.]

HyperKnight, Defender of Humanity X Jira, Queen of the Beasts [AKA HyperKnight X Jira]: This story focuses on the lives of a small community that resides near a top-secret government facility, the purpose of which is to contain numerous monsters and other entities of an anomalous nature. A mysterious meteor shower awakens a mysterious giant monster from beneath the earth, it's emergence inadvertently freeing many of the monstrous prisoners of the facility, who run amok through the town. A young man proves to be the only hope for the inhabitants, having discovered a piece of alien technology from the meteors that allows him to transform into the armored hero HyperKnight, aided and abetted by the beautiful but destructive being known as Jira, Queen of the Beasts!

This series is inspired by both the Ultraman and Godzilla franchises, and is also heavily inspired by American "B-Movie" monster lore.

Hunter-Killer Team Alpha [AKA HK-Alpha]: In the wake of several vicious attacks committed by the cybernetic minions of a international terrorist organization [not to mention the other threats mentioned in the previous storylines ;)], the world governments establishes a team of cybernetically enhanced commandos, equipped with the latest in military technology, and track down and eliminate the terrorists and their creations.

This series is inspired by the Tokusatsu franchise Metal Heroes [known in the west as both VR Troopers and Big Bad BeetleBorgs]

Vanguard Cross Chronicles: For over the decade, the Solar System had secretly been protected by a fleet of advanced space vessels, created from reverse engineered alien technology by Earth. One of the oldest and most distinguished of these ships is the Vanguard Cross, a support carrier transporting a team of advanced robotic war machines known as StrikeMechs. But recently, a new alien menace has emerged in our corner of the galaxy, destroying a number of the space vessels, the few not able to return to Earth forced to play a game of cat and mouse with the alien armada, scavenging whatever resources and equipment they can from long abandoned facilities in the solar system. Their greatest hope lies in the recently discovered "Biomech", now a part of the Vanguard Cross's compliment of vehicles, which contains a hidden power that could allow the crew to not just return to Earth, but also stop the alien armada before it can lay waste to their home.

This series is inspired by the Tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai [known here as Power Rangers], as well as by the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam and Macross [AKA RoboTech].


Daughters of Pandora: A side production project, more of an "adult" story about a group of friends who become trapped on an island inhabited by monstrous, humanoid women, and must learn to understand and accept their new circumstances in order to survive...

The reason this storyline is considered separate from my other American Tokusatsu projects is because the nature of the subject material is well... a bit more "graphic", if you catch my drift. Long story short, when I decided that I was going to try and get into independent film making, and when trying to think of ways to get into the business quickly [and with the money needed to fund my ideas], I thought of going into adult film making, since I heard it provides both experience and money for independent film... I felt I could only accept doing this if I came up with some sort of storyline idea that had a moralistic message buried in it, so that ironically I came up with a story that has a stronger message and theme than anything else I'd spent years developing!!! LOL!

Anyway, I've been going back and forth on the idea, of whether or not I'd rather try and create this thing to its "full potential", or edit it down for a more mainstream release, like with the other American Tokusatsu [although considering the subject material I can't imagine this thing getting anything less than an R-rating, or whatever equivalent exists for an independent film of it's nature.] Personally, I think it ultimately will depend on how much control I have over the project, if it were to make it into actual production, and whether or not I could maintain creative control of my unique characters... I've got some pretty cool ideas for some genuinely unique female monsters, who would be a perfect blending of sexual appeal and monstrous terror! And I would love to be able to bring some of the most creative and original creations into the mainstream American Tokusatsu storylines [minus any inappropriate content!], so for this I honestly have no idea what'll it end up being, though I ultimately think that the moralistic message I've created for this rather exploitive-appearing project is worth trying to tell, regardless of what format is ultimately used to bring this idea to life!


American Tokusatsu Fan-Fiction Projects previews:

Daikaiju Academy: ReEmergence: As some of you may already know, I'm a member of the deviantArt group Daikaiju Academy, a fan-fic setting where all of the classic giant monsters are reimagined as anthromorphic high-school girls, properly known as Kaiju Girls [not sure how people around here feel about them, I know that several other kaiju communities aren't very fond of them]. The group is pretty much all that's left of what was once a very popular spin-off of the Twisted Kaiju Theater webcomic, which ultimately was shut down do to creative disputes. Since that time, the fan-fic franchise has never been the same, and honestly I think it's on its last legs, interest wise...

I've tried to create a couple of fan-fic stories and expansions set in the story, hoping to spark back popularity, but ultimately first projects proved too hard for me to do by myself. Finally, I've decided that there's only one option left to keep the thing alive... which is to start anew! So I decided to begin a whole reboot for the Daikaiju Academy story, in the same vein as the Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie, the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies, and the Marvel's Avengers film series; I love the way that all these reimaginings created something that both tributes the original source, keeps true to the original spirit of the material, but updated it for modern audiences.

So that's what I want to do for Daikaiju Academy, essentially give it a new, cinematic revamp, and though I can't really create something on the same scale as my various original American Tokusatsu productions, I can certainly try and make something that'll hopefully revive Daikaiju Academy's popularity again [and I haven't put aside thoughts of trying to do something like a Daikaiju Academy fan-film... if I'm going to try and make something like Daughters of Pandora, then there's no reason to not try and do the same thing for Daikaiju Academy... of course it'd have to be a non-profit production!].

Godzilla X Gamera X Ultraman X Evangelion X Pacific Rim: Ultimate Cross-Universe Battle!!! [AKA G.G.U.E.P.]: Probably what I consider to be the most ambitious kaiju fan-fiction idea, this is a story so grand, so out there, that I honestly have no idea where to begin! It would be from a visual stand point inspired by the Legendary Pictures techniques used in Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014, with the other three franchises updated to match this. It'd probably have to involved alternant storylines, since I can't figure out a way that the storylines would be able to properly "cross-over" with each other if I sticked to the canonical storylines.

This is probably any kaiju/giant robot fan's dream project, so epic that it'd probably need a film production level of collaboration in order to pull it off properly! Certainly something I plan to do in the future... and of course you can bet that I'll want to try and make a fan-film using this idea too [if I do a Daikaiju Academy fan-film than this will be a must do, simply because it wouldn't be fair to the fans if the only fan-fiction I bring to life on film is a sex comedy about anthro Kaiju Girls!]

That's all for now folks, the six original American Tokusatsu projects [seven if we're counting Daughters of Pandora] will be the only official projects I'll be doing, though I'm leaving room for other possible fan-fic productions I may come up with in the future. Very excited to have a clear set of objectives for the foreseeable future! Wish me luck, and feel free to voice your opinions on the direction I'm going!

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Gundam Fanfic alongside Kamen Rider Kenkage!

-Teaser Trailer 1-
Orbital Era 214...

Two-hundred and fourteen years after the end of the Colonial Conquest War of Earth... Which turned into much worse. It became the annihilation of the planet's population!

We see Earth ships ablaze, falling through the atmosphere, being blasted by Colonial vessels. Hit with missiles and railguns, explosions envelop the ships till they fall towards the blue planet before. Followed by the Earth's main space-station, and as they crash onto the earth, massive explosion blanket across far and wide, wiping everything away into a desert wasteland remains in its stead.

Now, the Colonial Legion has become corrupted, a tyrannical dictatorship. Its citizens living in fear, ever silent to protest against the Legion's High Chancellor.

But a few stand as the Resistance against this tyranny.

Mobile Suits of the same model, just in different colors, one white and the other mainly black, both with red search-eyes, battling it out in the depths of space. Wielding Coil Rifles and Coil Sub-machine guns, firing bolts of reddish-orange, tungsten at one another. A few of them have shoulder mounted weapons as well. Suddenly one-by-one, we witness their destruction as the battle intensifies.

There hope for turning the tide lies with Earth... and the First Mobile Weapon ever created!

An image of a woman in a large, grey, metal-tube with a glass window near the top. Several others looking in on her, with one being an older gentleman with charcoal colored hair, receeding at the sides, with a matching goatee. Clad in a large, brown, coat with pockets, a grey-turtleneck and beige pants.

Cut to a scene of him holding a grip on the side of the wall, as he's drug along through the air in zero-g. Lighting a cigarette as he goes.


Cut to a dirty-blonde haired, man in his late twenties, wearing a white, space suit. A scar over his left eye. Even for his young age he looks as if he's seen a lot of battles in his short time in the universe, like the older gentleman.


Cut to a pilot in a Mobile Suit, yelling at the top of his lungs as we moves the Mobile Suit around, as if firing wildly!


Cut to another pilot, in a darker, magenta pilot suit, sitting upside down in her cockpit. Her eyes closed tight. She awakes and cracks the kinks out of her neck.

Engines on a dark, magenta, Mobile Weapon flare up with blue, plasma flames.


The dark magenta Mobile Weapon is glimpse at from another angle, with a rather feminine appearance, but large then a Mobile Suit, and with no legs. Wielding two large weapons, one a heavy rifle and the other a Bazooka, it fires and orange-colored beam from one!


Small, shuttle-like, green, transport ships are struck by missiles and orange beams, exploding into a bright display, with debris flying everywhere.


On the bridge of one of the transport vessels, we see everyone in space suits, holding onto whatever they can for dear life.


Suddenly something enters the atmosphere and starts burning brightly towards the barren, remains of Earth below.


Cut to a dark, interior of a hanger, then to a CLOSE UP of the Japanese, Shogun-esque, Mobile Suit standing in the darkness. With a large, V-fin just over the eyes as they light up green suddenly.




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Thought I'd just put my update in here, instead of my thread, just to not get anyone's hopes up just yet... well this post might. lol But Gundam of the Rebellion ep 1 is almost finished, only 6 pages left really. Though I may go through it and fix it up a bit... still my first Gundam story and well... certainly trial and error as I wing it. lol

Also started on Episode 08 of Kamen Rider Kenkage as well, and will be working on that afterwards... shouldn't take as long as Gundam. Hopefully. Had the idea of what happens in that episode in my head for a while and not winging it as much as Gundam. lol So don't worry... haven't forgotten or stopped on either. Just taking a while, so hang in there readers. :3

Kaji Motomiya

Coming soon to the Pretty Cure Fanseries community...

ShiningHearts Pretty Cure has been put on hiatus a bit (you can read it on, but this will be taking it's place. I hope you enjoy it.


Many years ago, before you and I were born, the world was created by gods.

And the gods that created the world created two rather important gods. You may know them as Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Kami. They became the gods of creation, and in the process made Japan, gave birth to other gods, and eventually creating us humans.

However, Izanami gave birth to the deity known as Kagu-Tsuchi, the incarnation of fire. But that child had burned her deeply upon birth, and she eventually succumbed to her wounds and died.

Distraught, Izanagi killed and beheaded Kagu-Tsuchi, and in the process gave birth to many gods in the process.

But he could not live without his beloved Izanami by his side. And so he traveled to the land of the Yomi, Yomitsu Hirasaka, where all of the dead resided. He believed he would find his beloved Izanami there.

And he had. But the shadows of Yomotsu Hirasaka had hidden her from him, for he could not see her form. He implored her to return with him to the land of the living, but Izanami replied, “My beloved, I cannot return with you. For I have become one with the land of the dead and am forever bound by its soil.â€

Izanagi could not accept this, but Izanami appeased his impatience. “Wait for me, for I will ask permission from those of this realm to grant my leave.â€

And so Izanagi waited. And waited, and waited. He could wait no longer and followed after Izanami. Once more, he caught up with her, and lit a torch to see her again.

What he had seen instilled much fear within him. What was once the beautiful Izanami became a horrid grotesque corpse, decaying and rotten. In fear, he fled. Ashamed, Izanami gave chase after him. She sent after him her minions, the Yomotsu-Shikome and Yomotsu-Ikusa, as well as her own offspring Fuujin and Raijin, to bring him back into Yomotsu Hirasaka to be one with her forever.

Fighting off his pursuers, Izanagi escaped the Yomotsu Hirasaka and sealed it with a barrier that was to be unbreakable. Izanami saw him and what he had done, now separated from him for all eternity. Betrayed by him, she cursed him. “You foul wretch! If you leave me now, you will regret this for all eternity! For I curse you, Izanagi! I curse you, that one thousand of your living will die every day!â€

Knowing that this was the end, Izanagi countered, “And for every thousand you kill, I, Izanagi, will give life to fifteen hundred more.â€

The barrier separated them, and Izanami, no matter how much she pressed against it, could not reach Izanagi. She cried out to him as he left, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

That was the end of the legends of Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Kami.


In the light of the full moon, a girl with long flowing silver hair looked down at the streets of Seitenka-machi. She was garbed in what seemed to be a navy blue kimono that was cut short at the thighs, tied by a silver obi-sash into a ribbon in the back. Its long tails flowed in the wind. Her sleeves were cut from the shoulders, held by straps of cloth as they dangled over the upper arms and to her wrists. Twin silver gauntlets wrapped around them at the wrists. The golden crescent moon, bent upwards, hung over her chest. In its center was a green magatama jewel. She bore an ornament over her head shaped like a crescent, met together by two clouds whose tails jutted outwards. Her eyes were silver like the moon, staring intently at the lit streets.

“Are you sure you know where it went?†said a voice by her side. It was a black crow, big-headed with a miniature body. Its defining feature was its third leg and third eye. “It seems to be rather crafty.â€

“In the end, all Yomi are the same,†said the girl as she flicked her long hair. “They crave nothing but the despair of the living by feeding off a host body. In turn, they inflict despair themselves with their newfound physical form. They are nothing but wild, savage beasts. And savage beasts should be hunted.â€

“Even if they are still alive in the inside?†said the crow.

“A human who is possessed by the Yomi no longer have the right to live,†she retorted rather coldly. “It is not my concern what happens to them. After all, all humans will die eventually.â€

“That’s cold. I don’t believe he will condone your actions, you know.â€

The girl scoffed. “He understood the deal we made. Nothing will change it. I will continue my mission. That is all I have left, anyway.â€

“Whatever you say, kiddo. Oh, there it is. The Yomotsu-Ikusa must’ve sensed your bloodlust.â€

“Confirmed. Let’s go, Yata.â€

“Of course, Cure Tsukuyomi.â€

And so the girl leapt from her high perch. In the exposed light of the streets stood a grotesque gangling figure. It wore a large cone-like straw mask and bore a samurai’s shoulder armor. It wielded a polearm with its blade fanning outward slightly. It gurgled and growled at the sight of Cure Tsukuyomi as it pointed its spear at her. In return, he raised her fists and took a fighting stance.

Then they launched at each other.


“I’m home!†called out a bright voice from the doorway. The girl who had just returned had medium-length black hair, her uniform that of a white and blue standard sailor uniform. She took her sneakers off at the door way and walked into the hall. “Sorry for being late, mom! I fell asleep at the library…â€

“Ah, mou,†her mother sighed as she untied her apron. “And here, I was wondering what had happened to you, Amane. You rarely stay away from home this late. So, what were you reading?â€

Amane Tatsunagi smiled as she placed her bag on the table. “Oh, just some history. I wanted to read the story of Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Kami again.â€

“Well, don’t stay out to late next time.†Orihime Tatsunagi sighed once more as she poured herself a glass of water. “The office has been pretty busy with the recent beatings as of late. It’s been baffling us as of late, and we can’t ever seem to catch the perpetrator.â€

“I’ll be okay, mom! I promise!â€

Orihime looked at Amane once more. Behind her daughter was a portrait of herself in her younger days, and a man who looked just a year older than her. He looked like a detective, and she was in her police officer uniform in the picture. “Are you sure? Your father said the same thing, you know…â€

“I’ll be okay, mom.†Amane smiled brightly. She then turned to the picture she noticed her mother was looking at. “I promised him, after all. That no matter what, I’ll keep on living. And live every day like my last.â€

With a sigh, Orihime walked to Amane and hugged her from behind. “You’re such a handful, you know,†she teased. “Just be careful. I don’t think I can stand losing you as well.â€

“I know, mom…â€


In the darkness of a small room, filled with strange antiques along the walls and on the shelves, a man sat in the darkness. The only light that illuminated that small room, albeit barely, emanated from a small spherical jewel. It was glowing a bright orange, like that of the sun.

“Soon…†he said as he touched the jewel on the case it rested on.

In its reflection, which was once empty, revealed that of a girl with medium-length black hair, and a smile as bright as the sun.


This is a story where life and death battles against each other in the realm of the living. A story where three girls are chosen from the veil of death that hangs over them and become the warriors of life. A story where ideologies between life and death clash, and allies become enemies, and enemies become allies.

And in light of all this exists a single hope.

That beyond the throes of death is the will to keep on living.

And so these girls must become gods to battle gods.

They are the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure.

They are the Sacred Regalia Pretty Cure.

MOTIF: Space, and the Zodiac

For over a millenium the Star Empire has existed with a single goal: Find a planet which contains enough supplies of Spirit Energy which is a necessary power-source for their army. Then move on to the next planet and do the same thing, rinse and repeat.

But three normal high school students, chosen by fate (and know nothing about each other despite sharing a couple of classes) have to put their egos aside if they're willing to save their home planet from destruction.

Red Tiger

Green Snake

Yellow Horse

They are:


Toku Girl 2009

White Mask
Ideas for GARO crossover Fan Fiction

GARO X Kamen Rider
OOO- Something like this but without Rooster Teeth‘s RWBY characters or characters from Code Geass. OOO gains the Makai Core Metal, you choose the color, its powers, as well as where it goes in the driver. Whether or not, Kamen Rider Birth and Proto Birth as well as CLAWS scorpion are to be included is also your choice.

Gaim- Something like this but with the focus a little more evenly distributed between the two series. Whether or not Kota (Gaim) is an Overlord, or even shows up, is your choice as the author. Please be sure to include usage of Lockseeds.

GhostXGARO: Makai Senki-The Man in the Red Mask decides to team up with the Gamma.Ghost gains the GARO Eyecon, Specter gains in the ZERO Eyecon and this allows him to use the Deep Slasher as a normal Specter, Necrom gains the DAN Eyecon. Ghost is not to have access to infinity soul

GARO X Super Sentai
Mahou Sentai Magiranger-this one is completely up to you

Although I like what another author has done, giving GARO to the main character, I would really like that to be a story where the GARO characters are actually cards something like this. You are free to either create an original character that has a deck the GARO characters in it, like in the story linked above or give the individual cards to per-existing characters. If you choose the second option try to keep the characters decks as close to the ones in the series as you possibly can. It’s up to you to come up with traits for the GARO monster cards, as well as any ‘support’ (spell and trap) cards, please be sensible.

GARO X Reality
A select few young adults in our world/universe have been given an invisible mark called “The Mark of Makaiâ€, The presence of this mark can only be revealed by a Soul Metal weapon or a Madou Brush it can also appear anywhere on that person’s body excluding their private areas, this mark is also a magnet for Horrors, drawing them into our world, which in turn draws the Makai Knights to our world as well. Once a person with the mark has been saved by a Makai Knight, has had their soul cleansed of evil, they are given a small portion of the knights power, thus becoming what is known as a “Light of Makaiâ€. They are given a weaker version of their partner knights’ weapon, for example if the knight is a sword wielder there light gets twin daggers at a certain point the light of any sword wielding knight (other than ZERO) gain the ability to merge their daggers into a weaker version of that knight’s sword as well as the ability to summon a weaker (lighter weight) version of their armor, this is a universal power-up.

any feedback on these ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.​
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Against a black background a silver pin hangs. A gothic style face seemingly staring into the distance. It spoke in a tinny voice..

“Greetings humans. My name is Xypher. Now some of you are aware of the problem with creatures, Demon beast Horrors, in the east. And of the brave protectors, male and female, who fight them. But the horrors are a world wide problem. Fortunately those protectors are world wide as well, defending you in secret from these very beasts.

“Yes it can be scary, especially if you're in the middle of it like I am. You don't know where the Horrors will be coming from. Or if they will look like a complete stranger or some one you know and trust. But the one who created me said there was a saying in our order from ancient times, one that still holds true today.

“Now how did that go again? Oh Right.” The pin coughs a bit like it was clearing a throat that wasn't there.

“Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns. But by the blade of Knights...”

A silhouetted figure spins a double bladed staff over his head forming a circle that bathes him in light.

“Mankind was given hope.”

A Mini-Series

Rook: Knight of the Double Blade.

Opening theme – CFO$ - Catch Your Breath

Ending theme – Shaman's Harvest- Broken Dreams
*Peter Cullen's voice*

300 hundred years into the future...

*Inception horn*

A new enemy is threatening to enslave all of Earth.

Will Virgo Zodiarts and his friends be able to put a stop to this madness once and for all?

*Opening theme*

<iframe src="" width="316" height="382" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




- Tons of humour, interesting (but not over-the-top) drama and characterisation.

- Light-novel styled, dialogue-centric writing, for your reading pleasure.

- And last but not least, HARDCORE & EXPLOSIVE RIDER ACTION!!!!!!!!!



Insane Fanatic Passing Through
Kamen Rider Future

Well, I'm still working on my idea, KAMEN RIDER FUTURE(仮面ライダー未来(フューチャー) ), which is about a futuristic Kamen Rider... in a mahou shoujo. Yup.

Takeshi Sonoda is a 20-something school teacher recently called to fill a vacant in the Chihouden Junior High due to a teacher entering in a mysterious coma. The first day of work ends up with him finding out the other professor is in a coma because his soul was taken by an evil swordsman boy, that five of his students are magical girls AND that his little brother had already been acquainted with them. Then he runs away, calls his horse, who is hiding for reasons (and yes, he has a horse, deal with it) and rides from the evil generals... only to run into a dimensional wall (Yes, THOSE walls) into the Wolrd of Rider War. Narutaki tries to stop him from getting closer (no that he'll be a good guy in the story, not at all), but he goes in nonetheless, looking for help. He ends up facing Decade in a duel, that somehow he manages to not lose, even with the Kamen Riders of Kabuto, Blade and even Wizard, until both guys are in a struggle of Dimension Kicks (Yeah, for some reason Takeshi can do Decade's Rider Kick, but he had only did twice, being that fight with Decade the second one), which then Takeshi turns into a neon colored laser-like kick and both kicks explode, with Takeshi getting unconscious. Takeshi wakes up in the backyard of the school with his steed and sees he has a belt and a Rider Card with no labels and only his face on, believing the white-clad man or the warrior gave him the power (it was the latter, of course, the former could only stare as Takeshi was sent back to his world with the card and belt Tsukasa put on him, screaming at the top of his lungs "ONORE DIKEIDOOOOOOO!"). When the generals find him again, he fights back and decides that, no matter what, he'll keep on fighting and that he'll become a Kamen Rider if he has to (yeah, Narutaki mentioned what Kamen Riders were before trying to stop him), decreeing by pure ego he was gonna be the Kamen Rider that would protect the dreams that aim to the future, naming himself Kamen Rider Future. And of course the label-less card with Takeshi's face becomes a KamenRide: Future card before it turns into the smartphone-like GEARS Line, which added to the GEARS Belt he had forms the GEARS Driver. After stating "Rider Henshin!" and triggering the transformation, he becomes his world's first Kamen Rider, the Light of Fate, Kamen Rider Future!

I'm working some info in the Tokusatsu Fanon Wiki, still working on it


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Well, I'm bored. A while back, I had done some PR fanfics. I guess they've all been deleted from the servers, now, but I was never going to finish them, anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Anyhow, I thought I'd go over what I'd actually planned to do for them real quick:

This one is for--
Power Rangers: A.E.R.T.S.; Splice Wing (Goseiger)

This was kind of a reworking of a very old idea I'd had. Basically, it's a top secret, Warehouse 13-like government organization that neutralizes military experiments gone wrong before they hurt too many people or embarrass their country of origin. The name stands for Active Experimental Recovery Tact Squad.

It was going to start with a female agent whose been missing for a while suddenly returning & downloading files on tons of experiments from the corporation. She's discovered, however she turns out to be a cyborg working for another unknown individual. Several agents led by the "Hydro Ranger," (the company's highest field honor is turning their field commander into a Blue Ranger. At this point, however, there is only the one) Mick Pancielli, but she escapes with the documents. Shortly thereafter, very similar monsters & robots begin to appear. Mick tries to keep up, but his bosses soon realize that they need more rangers. Therefore, they promote three others from inside the company to a research & development branch, known by the code name "Splice Wing." Here, Benson, Ryleigh & Alexis become Rangers' Black, Yellow & Pink respectively. For Red, however, the leader of the wing, Commander Roth, asks Alexis to track down & recruit the previous Blue Ranger her older brother, Heath- who retired unexpectedly & has been in hiding ever since. Mick is a terrible leader & almost ruins the Rangers' chances of getting the first monster because of his harsh unwillingness to work with others. Heath almost refuses to rejoin, but the cyborg attacks them. Seeing his sister trying to fight her alone & realizing he can't run from this, he morphs, helps her, then returns to help the others defeat the monster & take over the team. Mick is offended, but also confused as to how to react as he knows & looks up to his predecessor. Also, unlike the others, he's been around long enough to know why Heath left. It also turns out that Commander Roth & the new Red Ranger went through basic training together & are close friends as well.

*The morpher would've been more of a black, brass-knuckle looking device with a black bar across the top, (similar to the handle of a pistol) a silver Goseiger insignia & a card slider. However, after morphing, the device would be replaced by the "AERTS Knuckle," the actual morpher from Goesiger, which would then be used as a card-powered energy weapon & summoning device from then on.

Soon after, the main villains would reveal themselves- a disgruntled former AERTS employee who both Roth & Heath seem to know & his two "Experimental" generals (The comet monster & the Buredoran (who is now a female robot) from Goseiger), with the cyborg character acting as a third general. Also, an actual military general would constantly be petitioning to take over AERTS from "Incompetent Leaders." It would be through his meddling that creates the sixth ranger (Gosei Knight) to show that his men can do with the Rangers cannot. The Commando Ranger (Gosei Knight) would be arrogant, until the cyborg steals his morpher & he is fired. Roth, however, offers him a second chance, turning him into AERTS Green. Together, the six Rangers steal back the Commando morpher & destroy the cyborg, freeing her from the villains' control, however he refuses the offer of his old position & continues to carry on as the Green Ranger to the end of the series. The General & Splice Wing then compete to create a powered up Ranger program. The main five Rangers, from this, gain Max-Def Mode. The General's "Super Red" & "Super Green" Rangers' morphers, however, are seriously damaged. They end up mutating into the blob & Bigfoot monsters & start a campaign of revenge. Also (trying to come up with a cool idea for AERTS Green & the movie special Megazord) A special Max-Def mode is later created for Green which finally gives him his own zord, the AERTS Vulture (Gosei Eagle), & an armored mode with special weapons & powers.

*Green's Max-Def Mode would be the same basic idea, but the vest would be the same blue-grey & silver coloring of his zord. Around the outer edge would be the silver, blade-like design on the zord's wings & tail. Built into the back of the vest would be a bladed fan weapon, designed to look like the zord's tail. When he wanted it, the blade-looking edge on the back of the chestplate would swing open on a hinge on each side (in the end, it would look like the edging continues up, off the shoulders, to each side) & the weapon would launch off the back for him to grab out of the air.

Around this time, the main villain tries an experiment to mutate himself into a super monster. He succeeds, but the Rangers stop & capture him. It's around this time that a new villain, Nonak (Buredoran Chupacabra) appears. We then learn that Roth, Heath & the villain all went through basic training together. the main villain had attempted to create Nonak & keep him a secret, but he got out. In a kind of Frankenstein moment, Nonak accidentally killed the General's daughter (hence the General being such an asshole). The monster was assumed dead, the main villain had been unceremoniously fired & Roth & Heath got promotions, however Heath quit AERTS shortly thereafter. Now, Nonak is back for revenge.

From here, everyone- the two remaining Generals of the original main villain included- band together to stop Nonak, who takes over from where the original main villain left off. The original main villain is actually still interested in revenge against AERTS however & tries to send his Generals off on missions. Comet guy is caught, thrown under the bus & destroyed. Blue, begins to note similarities between herself & Nonak & begins to have "Daddy issues" with the main villain. She eventually defects to Nonak's side. Out of the feigned cooperation, though, Roth's scientists & the original villain manage to create the Battlizer for the series, Sovereign Armor mode.

*Sovereign Armor mode summons the Red Rangers' four base Headers- Dragon, Eagle, Crow & Pteradactyl- which form the armor. A chestplate (similar to Mighty Morphin' Green, but Crimson colored & with a Dragon design) is summoned with the Dragon Header at it's center. It has matching armor for the forearms & shins. The Eagle Header folds out into a new belt which the other two Headers clip onto. He can remove & hold them (think Wild Force Red's Lion Fang) as melee weapons. They can also fire lightning-ish attacks. Plus, he gets a redesign of his primary sword weapon. In the second mode, the Dragon & Eagle Headers switch & the Chestplate opens up to make wings. The inside are Red & White & Eagle wing patterned & the Eagle Header attaches to a lighter, crimson colored vest

*As a second note, Commando Ranger would've eventually made a comeback. However, instead of being an actual Ranger, he would've been a remote controlled hologram-like weapon. Red or Green would carry the morpher with them, then activate & throw it to summon him.

I don't quite remember exactly what happens from there, or how I incorporated the remaining villains into the show (or how I killed most of them off, for that matter) but the finale would've involved Nonak creating Robotic replicants of all his different forms from Goseiger & leading them into battle against the Rangers. Meanwhile, the original villain would manage to turn himself into an even more powerful monster than before (Mons). AERTS would capture him, but while the Rangers were fighting Nonak, he would break out & kidnap Roth for his revenge. The Rangers see & hear the explosions in the distance as AERTS HQ is laid to waste. When they returned, the General has taken over & formally relieves all the Rangers of their duties, taking away their morphers. That would lead into the series finale.

I never published a single piece of this one. For whatever reason, there was never a single episode even made, but I had it in my mind the longest. I don't know how much time I have to tell you about some of the others, but I'll get them all up eventually. I'd made ones for Shinkenger (Power Rangers Eternal Sect), Goseiger, Gobusters (Power Rangers Vortex Shield), Kyoryuger (Power Rangers D-Gen), Gokaiger (It's out of order on purpose & if I ever came up with a name for it I liked, I seriously don't remember), To-Q-ger (Power Rangers Zephyr Line), Ninninjaa (Power Rangers Star Guard) & Zyuouger (Power Rangers Alpha Maul).
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