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Abandoned is a psychological horror film starring Emma Roberts. One thing Real Estate agents struggle to sell are houses with a dark history. If a Murder or suicide happens in a place, no one wants to buy it because people are afraid of ghosts. However, some brave souls are willing to purchase properties with haunted reputations. They either don’t believe in ghosts, or they are ready to take risks to save money. The movie is directed and written by Spencer Squire. He made movies like A Journal for Jordan and Heart of Champions.
Abandoned First Trailer

Sarah (Emma Roberts) and her husband Alex...

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If horror protagonists are smart, we wont have a movie. LOL she didn't mind a little haunting, She obviously regrets the decision.

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If I have a baby, A haunted house is the last place I want to raise it. The realtor already gave them red flags but they don't care.


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There is a possibility that there is no ghost and she is just suffering from Postpartum depression. Women can even become murderous during postpartum depression. Its a condition people should take seriously.

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