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Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Number two is-
Power Rangers D-Gen (Kyoryuger)

I did publish a series premiere for this one, but never did any more of it. Either way, it's gone now- both from the internet & my home computer. I hadn't completely thought it out, but here it goes:

Basically, an alien empire is trying to take over the universe. Several old Rangers from previous series' from space would try to fight them off. However, one group splits away to go after Earth, thinking it'd be an easy target to harvest food for their bacteria-based foot soldiers. They try to send a warning, which is only partially intercepted by Ethan James (former Dino Thunder Blue), who recruits several PR alumni to train a new team of Rangers. Weirdly, they end up discovering an unused Ranger program in the Morphing grid, free to use at their disposal, & activate it. Also, only one of the characters they chose actually become Rangers- Gwen, Ethan's daughter (who appears, oddly, far too old for what she should be, but that gets explained later), becomes Ranger Pink. Kenneth & Tyee, two civilians, become Rangers' Red & Blue. Former Rangers Tommy & Ethan become Green & Black (although, I was thinking of changing that a little later & giving their powers to the people who were actually supposed to have been Red & Blue.) Also, in their first battle, the main villain creates some sort of inter-dimensional portal. Gwen has all the D-Cells & most of them end up (presumably) scattered across time & space.

Early on, the city is emptied of civilians & becomes a war zone between D-Gen & the villains. Justin (the former Blue Turbo Ranger, also in the series) seems to track down another D-Cell in Angel Grove. He & Tommy go to to investigate & discover the Ankylo D-Cell inside a 100 year old tree. When they return, a monster has defeated the Rangers &, seemingly, killed Gwen. Justin tries to used her morpher with the Ankylo Cell to save them, turning him into the Zirconium Ranger, but there is a glitch which bond him to the Morphing grid & turns him into a Ghost (of sorts). It does, in fact, appear Gwen is dead, but within the same episode, she turns up perfectly fine with no memory of what happened. They later discover that she is a clone, one of a series (similar to Alice from Resident Evil). Everyone finds out & she must figure out how to deal with this information. However, the villains quickly discover the location of their base & destroy it, killing all the remaining clones with it & forcing the Rangers to move on. Also, because I hated that weird, Pink monster- whatever he name is- I kill her off. But, the villains manage to recover one of the Pink Ranger clones & brings her back as one of those for the rest of the series.

Among the refugees outside the city, a young man rises up & take care of the brunt of the survival work. The Rangers discover him & he helps them out, but seems to be working for the villains. In the end, he plays everyone off each other & ends up with his own, personal morpher (the blue one for Kyoryu Silver) & becomes a character called the Fossil Reaper (Deathryuger). He uses the power, mostly for personal gain, but also to help the refugees & turns most of them against the other Rangers for his own protection. He remains a side villain, fighting both Rangers & villains, to the end of the series.

The Meteor Ranger (Kyoryu Gold) turns out to be an alien (Torin) whose species apparently originated the D-Gen powers. He comes to help, crash landing on Earth & joins the team. However, I later killed him off, so Fury's character could take over the ptera zord & we could do that whole thing. The second Meteor Ranger ends up being a childhood friend of Kenneth (Red), named Allen.

I don't quite remember much of what else I was going to do with the series, though, & I don't think I ever really figured out a finale. I know I was thinking of, maybe, using Kimberly or Kathren from Mighty Morphin' as the Purple Ranger & allowing Kira to be the Zirconium Ranger after Justin, but that's really all I had. Oh, and I'd also planned to do the whole "Red Ranger thinks he's a dinosaur" thing. That was hilarious.

Other things I'd been thinking about: Tying in Emperor Grumm in a larger plan to tie in SPD & RPM with the Gokaiger series. Having the Fury character have a twin brother (In fighting between the two might have been what causes him to lose the Pterazord). Eventually having Fossil Reaper have a change of heart, lose his powers & eventually become my equivalent of Kyoryu Silver for the finale. Maybe someone else would get to be Deathryuger or Kyoryu Navy in the finale as well. I don't know who, but someone.
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Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Since I hadn't really come up with much more than basic concepts for these two, I'll do Ninninjaa (Star Guard) & Zyuouger (Alpha Maul) together.

Power Rangers Star Guard (Ninninjaa)

This series (As well as the one before it, Zephyr Line) would take place in a kind of recovery period in between RPM & SPD in the timeline. Basically, Venjix would be, more or less, gone. There would be a handful of larger cities & some Frontier Towns as the wasteland was slowly becoming livable again.

Long ago, some sort of evil spirit force rose up. A Ranger (The powered-up Lion mode guy from Ninninjaa), defeated them & trapped them behind five mirrors arrayed in a circle underground. These mirrors were sealed by dividing his power into five swords, which he placed before the mirrors in shrines. In the present, our new Red Ranger, Shaun, is part of a large scale farming operation to transform an area of the wasteland to make it arable. He falls into what appears to be a sinkhole & discovers one of the mirrors. Unwittingly removing the saber, he unleashes a monster from the mirror & goes on the run, hoping to find someone who can help him understand what is happening. When the monster attacks, four others rise up to fight him. One way or the other, they would convince Shaun to battle the monster himself. Using the sword causes him to transform into the Red Ranger. Unfortunately, using the power in this way, summons the other four swords straight into the hands of the four heroes, completely unsealing the villains & transforming the whole group into the Power Rangers Star Guard.

Eventually, they would find a computer hacker (deliberately being one of those stereotypical weird, dirty, basement-dwellers from 90s movie lore), who is able to figure out that they can use the morphing grid power from the swords to pretty much turn anything into a weapon (Hence the Hamburger Phone) This would lead them to creating the Highnoon Ranger (Yeah, I know), who ends up being an actual Frontier, mining town sheriff.

*I was planning on keeping the Hamburger Phone as a weapon to use as a joke. The actual morpher would be a wrist brace that he could latch his gold ninja star onto. He'd then hit a button to power it up & swing his arm, causing the star to whip out on a self-retracting line. Then there'd be a whole lasso, round-em-up themed morphing sequence.

Anyway, that's all I have for that one.

Power Rangers Alpha Maul (Zyuouger)

This one is a little more muddled than the others. I've pretty much stopped thinking about PR fanfics these days.

I wanted it to be surrounding some sort of old, nearly forgotten Native American legend about three chiefs who were taken off to see the entire world, came back with spirit guardians who'd bathed them Red & went on to become great warriors & protectors to their people (I made all this up, but it's kind of a tribute to Wild Force, in that regard.) which would basically place an old Spiritual Shrine that holds evil spirits at bay to be buried somewhere under a modern day zoo in California. Some rich idiot would find a similar shrine in India & try to extract the spirits into a computer program as a power source, inadvertently releasing the evil spirits (they would not attack, but instead work on freeing their remaining brothers) & would, instead of a power source, create Red, Green & White Rangers. (The Red would be the Gorilla Form instead of Eagle. Not to mention, this computer program thing is supposed to explain the pixelated zords.) Back in California, a zoo keeper would save an activist & her friend, who had figured out the rich guy's next goal, from an animal cage they'd broken into. They would accidentally release the other shrine's hold, turning them into Red Eagle, Blue & Yellow Rangers. The six would meet & start out as rivals, until the rising spirits became obvious. Red Eagle would defeat Red Gorilla & take his powers & soon the remaining five would join forces to figure out what was really happening & to fight off the attacking spirits.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Power Rangers Zephyr Line (To-Q-ger)

This is probably the last one I'd really figured out.

Before Venjix, a brilliant man at the head of a technological firm tried to create a super-powered train system. At the unveiling, he tried to demonstrate how the motor works, not knowing his young daughters had messed with it, & opens up a portal to a shadow world. He is kidnapped by monsters & never seem again. People really tried to find him, but Venjix happened. The daughters grew up & took over their fathers' business (with the aid of his old friend & steward to the company) but, trapped as they were inside Corinth, their business ultimately went downhill. Even worse, their father became the center of many urban legends- including one stating he'd hidden all his best work in a secret base somewhere out in the wasteland. The youngest of the two girls completely believed it.

The story starts with an auction. The business, if it's to move forward, must sell off some things to rebuild it's funds. The youngest daughter, however, is loathe to sell off her father's things. Her & her friend manage to rescue two of five small boxes which were deemed unopenable & accidentally manage to get them open. Inside are the Pink & Blue morphers. Thinking it may be a clue as to the whereabouts of the supposed "Secret base" they head off into the wasteland to find out. Two treasure hunters have the same idea & buy the Red & Yellow morphers at auction, while the Green one is stolen by a thief.

Out in the wastes, people they meet would account to them strange attacks that had been going on. They would assume the obvious, Venjix. However, they're quickly attacked by these shadow monsters, whose attacks cause all five Rangers to meet under varying circumstances & force them to join forces. They soon discover a railway line covered in sand & follow it back to a huge door. The monster who kidnapped Pink's father is waiting for them & corners them there, demanding the keys (The five morphers) the Rangers figure it out, get the door open themselves & enter to find safety. Inside, is Pink's father's robotic assistant (I named her Dagny, after the female railroad company CEO from the book "Atlas Shrugged"). Dagny tells them everything she knows- the shadow monsters love sun & warmth & travel from dimension to dimension, mindlessly conquering them to get to such places, but their very presence soon sucks all the light from the world & makes it just like the ones they'd left behind. The original portal was only temporary, but they kidnapped Pink's father to force him to build them a transportation system that would allow them to move to our world & conquer it. She has been guarding her father's train system, the Zephyr Line, ever since, trying to modify it from a simple transportation system into a weapon capable of fighting back against the shadows. Now, they must use that tech to save the world as Power Rangers.

I was later planning on incorporating all the other Ranger colors from To-Q-ger into the show- Black, White, Orange & Purple. Orange (Solar Ranger) & Purple (Luna Ranger) would be brothers, come from a future where the Rangers have failed. It turns out, the longer the shadows have a presence in our world, the more powerful they become. Eventually, they overpowered & destroyed the original Rangers. Dagny built stronger weapons, but they were practically useless in the future, so the Solar & Luna Rangers brought them back to the past, where they might be of an aid to destroy the shadows for good. However, Black, the evil Starlit Ranger, follows them & becomes an enemy. It soon turns out that Solar & Luna Rangers are the children of Red & Yellow. Also, unbeknownst even to Solar & Luna, the Starlit Ranger is actually Red from the future. After a long, drawn-out fight, future Red would eventually be freed, becoming a white version of the Starlit Ranger.

I wanted to point out that I made the thin, gentlemanly shadow monster & his wife the main villains over the Nazi General looking one. However, the weird, squat-looking, female monster would be a mutant living out in the wasteland who would try to join the shadow monsters for personal gain. At some point, she would turn into the Dutchess (the monster with the green beehive haircut), who would be the most powerful shadow monster thus far & temporarily take over. The final villain would still be the Emperor, although I was still working out how I'd bring him in. I'd also worked in that animal power-up thing through a temporary side effect that comes when Dagny meets & tried to corroborate with Dr. K on new zords.

The finale would have something to do with a master plan to bomb the shadow monsters' Terminus on the other side, but I never really thought it out much.

Different things I thought of adding to the show:

* I didn't like the main power-up from To-Q-ger. I'd changed it to something like the vests from SPD's SWAT Mode that had a hologram of each Rangers number free-floating inside of a lantern-shaped pod on their chest. There would also be a little bit of a trenchcoat-like skirt built into it, but the skirt part could unlatch from the belt & be used as a shield or swung in a figure-8 to knock energy attacks back at the villains.

* The Battlizer would be based on one of those hand-pump traincars that you see in old western mines. It would be summoned by, essentially, placing a gold plate looking thing into the morpher. Although, I hadn't really worked out for myself how exactly it'd be different from the basic power-up. However, it would've come with a smokestack-like weapon to blind monsters & a train whistle that could be used as a baton or sounded to temporarily disrupt the foot soldiers' existence in our world.

* I also wanted each Ranger to have a personal bike. They would start out moreso as personal roller-coaster-like pods, but on firmer ground they could transform into street bikes.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I... never finished this, even, did I?

Well, Power Rangers Eternal Sect (Shinkenger)

Basically, a similar idea. When I started up on this idea, I was still a terrible writer by comparison, so keep that in mind. I had definitely put together a full plan for this season, but there had always been room for improvement-- a lot of it was reworking ideas as I'd been going along. Plus, I don't feel like I was able to ever really make any of my extended cast shine, but who knows. This was also the only series that I actually attempted to finish, and I held myself to a show-writer's schedule, just to see if I could pull it off. Arguably, I could not. And I think I only made it to somewhere around 13-14 episodes before I stopped.

Anyway, long ago in ancient times, in a fictionalized, advanced, Bronze Age Japan, a feud between the Emperor and a warlord causes a civil war that collapses their society. The warlord is cursed and becomes a demon-like entity (and keep in mind that I envisioned this idea years before Ninninjaa came out) and trapped by the Emperor's five samurai, who are sent to guard a magical power called the Haburi. They instead choose to take the power onto themselves and use it to destroy the enemy, Akuryuu. While exact information is scarce to begin with, it's believed that they, at some point, came to know that he would one day returned and formed a secret society, the Eternal Sect, in order to prepare for that coming battle.

In the present, one of the leaders who now lives in California with his son is trying to prepare him for his future responsibilities and they visit the shrine holding Akyryuu and his army captive. Two monsters, a demon in woman form and my version of Juzo (who is currently in permanent monster form) come, destroy the seal, and force them to fight for their lives to escape. Rhett Shirasoto, the son, becomes the new Red. He and his father split up to track down the other masters and mentors, hounded by these two monsters, and merge the team-- A happy-go-lucky girl who loves everyone (Yellow), a stoic farmhand who enjoys working with his hands (Blue), a stuck up rich girl with a hard exterior (Pink) and a teen living with his grandmother who lost both parents and is completely oblivious to his heritage or responsibility (Green). They all come to live in Shirasoto Manor in California, with at least one member of their entire family. Pink's little brother also comes in, who is just kind of there (More or less, on purpose. It plays into the plot that he really has no point to be there.)

Now, going into the series, none of the Ranger's were meant to really get along at first. Rhett is kind of alone and his father's finding him lacking as a ranger gets to him, giving him a bit of a loner complex. Yellow and Green form a tight relationship, while Blue and Pink form a sort of friendship similar to that of Gimli & Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I also tried to infuse a bit more of an idea of old Japan versus new, putting in story analogues where there's not always just one way to do things, even if completely ignoring history and the past isn't helpful either. Later, the Rangers and their mentors learn how to manipulate the ranger technology and make new zords and weapons all on their own. I also wanted to make a point of putting in what would end up being the battlizer as a special item that would be in the series the entire time, which Rhett couldn't master, and which he would have to earn by the finale. We also learn of the Isles of the Immortals, a supernatural place east of Japan where the Haburi originated, still populated by a people for whom time has not passed and who still hold the original warriors in high regard. We also start getting hints that Green's mother might still be alive, although we would know nothing for a while longer.

The first major plot point is two fold. First off, the only villains in the series to begin with is Akuryuu (Xandred) who is alive, but still hasn't taken a physical form. The two beings who broke the seal are his only generals, however it's implied that there are others. First off, we find out that an ancestor to the Blue Ranger, who can also control water, had long ago betrayed the others and joined Akuryuu, bringing doubt on that. Blue takes it personally and this begins to be what brings about a similar character arc as to what Shinken Blue went through with Red. After that, we end up finding out that a faction of Akuryuu's warriors escaped with another of his generals and a spell was cast that sent them into the Sanzu River dimension. These are led by a little person, pirate guy (Shitari) with a violent temper. He is freed and becomes a new villain, but doesn't quite trust what is happening, since it took so long to free him and he's gotten on with his new existence. The second thing is the discovery of the resting place of the Emperor the original Eternal Sect were sworn to, which is how we end up finding the Imperial Dagger (Sakanamaru). It is not known to have anything to do with a gold ranger within the context of the show, but I planned to play around with the idea of who might end up being the Gold Ranger, just to mess with people. In the end, Pink's little brother would manage to tap into it's power and his imagination and willingness to aid the others transforms him into the Imperial Samurai (Shinken Gold). He would later go on a quest to a secret temple on the Isles of the Immortals, where he would find and awaken his own two zords and we would learn that there is still another (The bull). Also, the final General, based on Dayuu, would awaken as a bitter old hag hiding a past with our version of Juzo. This would begin to reawaken Juzo's humanity and he would regain a human form that he can shift back and forth into, but no memory of his past self. Ultimately, I wasn't planning to do the exact same thing as happened with them in Shinkenger, but I was on the fence about how I actually wanted to resolve their relationship. Imperial Samurai would be, at first inexplicably, more powerful, but not a good fighter and not in control of his power. He would form a close mentorship with Rhett which would resolve that issue. His morpher would be the same, but I decided to make it work differently, whereas he would place text a code into his phone, project a symbol in the air, and slam his phone shut. The symbol would come free, spin up, and fall back down as a power disc. He would then place this on the pin on the back of his phone and spin it off his wrist while saying the morph call.

After that, I planned to do something interesting with the power-up, Shidoshi Mode. A wanted a two parter where the final battle of another unknown ranger team (the main five characters of Dairanger and a fictionalized sixth) would be interrupted by our rangers. All twelve decide to join forces, and the villains join as well. Ultimately, though, the Dairanger team would be destroyed and would offer their powers to the Eternal Sect Rangers so they could be avenged, creating the powered up form. Rhett would also unlock the first hints of his battlizer power, Hyper Mode & the sword & zord that accompany it. Plus, the Imperial Samurai would figure out how to create the lantern zord thing. After that, the story would begin to shift into the fact that the prophecy that said Akuryuu would return and be defeated may be invalidated by the fact that he reappeared earlier than expected with no adverse effects, and these rangers are not ready to face him. This turns out to be because he made a deal with a coven of sorcerers and a demon, the female general from the beginning, to win the war. Because the demon failed to deliver, she has been his slave ever since and been stripped of her true form and power. Green's mother also returns, revealing that she was attacked and her husband, Green's father, has been under a spell and in a deep sleep inside a small glass orb for a decade. Pink finally reveals how her parents split up and why she doesn't like or trust others, and the team starts to piece together the fact that they had all been deliberately targeted in order to weaken them for Akuryuu's arrival in some way or another. Green's mother is also able to morph into the Red Ranger when Rhett is injured, despite being connected only to the Green power. She reveals that her husband had experimented with the Haburi and understood it better than anyone else alive. Later, when he is freed, he becomes Shogun Master (Yes, that's why I named myself that. This is the fictional Shinken Silver who'd been rumored at the time) and he tells that the Haburi had originally been one power and force held together by the magics of light and shadow. The original Sect had split the power amongst themselves, leaving behind those two powers-- the powers Imperial Samurai & Shogun Master utilize. But, this also makes them dangerous, as those two each hold the key to reuniting the power, which Akuryuu wants more than anything. The Imperial Samurai had been created by that character's feelings and was initially given form by sapping away strength from the others. Shogun Master has a wrist morpher with twin "brushes" that pop out over the wrist when a power disc is inserted and activated, and he paints his symbol in the air like the main five, but a specific way because of how his morpher works.

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Why is every good TV show Cancelled
The rest...

Also, the four characters of the coven are revealed and become villains as well (I kind of used a mismatch of some better looking monsters from Shinkenger and one movie monster and these characters can change back and forth at will, like Juzo.) Together, they trick the female demon general into stealing some of Akuryuu's medicine that they'd made. Drinking it returns her to her original form (Akumaro), with a human form of a terrifying, dirty, yet oddly distinguished old woman in a green silk dress. She splits off from the others, creates her own super-powered foot soldiers and decides to destroy everyone on both sides, causing a faction split.

The Red Ranger finally unlocks his battlizer. This comes from a rectangular, golden pendant with writing and symbols on both sides called Shiba's Armor. He would remove the disc spawner belt buckle and move it to his right hip, placing the pendant in it's place. Each side facing forward would be a different mode. Mode one would be an advanced version of hyper mode, in which the vest becomes segmented armor plates, and slides down to the shoulders, to evoke those giant shoulder pad things samurai sometimes wore. Armor over the forearms also held retractable lion claws, and the outfit would also have shin pads. The sword powers would split, so he would carry the Shidoshi Mode sword at his hip and the Hyper sword across his back. A golden, lion themed samurai mask would also form over and reshape his helmet. Mode two would also give him the bull launcher gun and a heavier chest plate armor (made to emulate the pentagon design of his zord) with a gold red ranger symbol embossed over the chest. Later, Imperial Samurai would also manage to gain control of Hyper Mode himself in order to be the one to destroy Juzo when he is kidnapped and forced to hand over his powers. Also, I did not like the final ultrazord mode, so I made up my own. Essentially, the Kyoryu Origami, would combine with the bull head & have Kuma & Saru Origami's making up it's legs. The Lantern would sit on it's back. Behind, it would pull a chariot made up of the Bull cart with the Tenkuu buster in front and the lobster split down the middle and forming the sides. The rest of the bull, the dragon, the bear and the lion would combine into a megazord, wearing the lobster zord's shield over it's chest and carrying the lobster's duel swords. Several of the megazord headdresses would merge into a new, unique one.

In the finale, all the Rangers' mentors would be captured in an attempt to force them to hand over their powers. The Rangers launch a rescue operation, which ends with Akuryuu's base being destroyed and both he and Akumaro presumed dead. He would then return in full form, having absorbed Akumaro's power, take Imperial Samurai by surprise and steal his power. It would then go into a multi-parter where the rangers fend him off, loosing their own home in the process, and would try to hold him off guerilla style in the city while their family went off to "rally their retainers" for a final confrontation. In the end, they would sacrifice the zords. In the final hour, Rhett would jump out of the megazord and stab Akuryuu in a vulnerable place with his sword, which would cause a chain reaction that kills him. The story would end with the rangers standing in ceremony before the magic scroll that keeps track of the members & lineage of the Eternal Sect, and ceremonially destroying it with a sword.

I guess all I have left now is Vortex Shield. Maybe later...


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Adding to PRES stuff-- 1) The Blue Ranger was going to get a dragon themed motorcycle that could be powered by power discs and use one-shot elemental attacks & could fly with fold out wings. 2) It occurs to me that if my Juzo character had been the son of the original emperor (maybe a bastard son, or something or other) who switched sides, that might add a new element to the whole Red Ranger/ Juzo rivalry, but that literally just occurred to me this past week. Screw it.

Anyway, Power Rangers Vortex Shield (Gobusters)

Now, I do have to point out that I was still tweaking with certain things that were not flowing well, but I enjoyed this idea, probably the most out of all the PR fanfics I tried to do. As with PRES, I was really having difficulty creating stand-alone episode plots that felt unique, moved the characters forward & did interesting things all at the same time. Although lesser so, I think this is really what killed this idea for me-- I do better with extended serialized stories that just continue on where the last one left off infinitely until the end.

But, It starts out with a group of college kids who do a ghost hunting internet show in their spare time. They choose to investigate a supposedly haunted closed down factory on the outskirts of town. The girl of the squad, Ashlyn (Yellow Ranger) is psychic and has prophetic dreams that something bad will happen if they go there, but no one listens and they end up going anyway. We also meet Andrew (Red Ranger), Trace (Blue Ranger), Andrew's weird friend Ryker, who is their computer techie guy, & Ashlyn's roommate, Teryn, who is not involved in the group, but has a disturbing crush on Trace that he does not reciprocate, and practices witchcraft. I'd kind of had the idea of using dialogue in the first episode inspired by your average found-footage movie. Splitting up at the factory, Andrew discovers a computer controlled by an AI hologram calling itself Enter that is surrounded by some sort of chalk circle. Andrew disrupts this and releases the villain, Damarion, a demonic force from a parallel dimension. A group called Vortex Shield shows up, arrests them and takes them to their secret underground base beneath a local garden shop. Ryker, who had been minding the car, freaked out and left them behind when he saw the "police" coming. Apparently, the "factory" had once been a physics research lab who were playing around with contacting the spirit world, among other things. They created a dimensional door that released Damarion, causing the destruction of the facility and many deaths. They managed to contain him, then regrouped to begin figuring out how to stop him by trying to create ranger powers, despite the fact that their current head-scientist is poorly suited to the task. She tries to contact an old boyfriend, a robotics expert, who suffers from issues spawning from the accident and refuses to be involved. Ryker decides to go back for the others at the last minute and is attacked by two ghost-powered robots (Gorisaki & Cheeda). Andrew steals the Red morpher and goes to rescue him, causing Trace & Ashlyn to steal the other two and follow. They defeat the robots, Vortex Shield chasing after the rangers, only to learn that Damarion has possessed Andrew, who attacks the others and runs off, calling himself Enter. Trace & Ashlyn are relieved of their duties, VS takes the wreckage of the two robots, and they decide to hunt down and kill Andrew. Ashlyn takes prerogative and uses Teryn's perceived magical ability to summon the ghost of her long dead sister (whom Ashlyn can see and Teryn can't, making her assume she didn't do anything) to use in a ploy to remove Damarion from Andrew. After that, VS reinstates the Rangers, Ashlyn's sister's ghost vanishes as well, and Damarion runs off, possessing the other robotics' scientist, turning him into Enter. Meanwhile, Gorisaki & Cheeda are still in enough of one peace that they are reactivated and, terrified of Damarion, choose to willingly serve Vortex Shield's purposes.

After that, I tried to skip to 2 years later (not really sure why). Andrew had done something publicly, on campus, while being controlled by Damarion, therefore he has been kicked out of college and works full time at the garden shop. The others, Ryker & Teryn still oblivious, are starting their final year. Enter and his army of robots resurface, working out of a warehouse on the edge of town, and he's gained the ability to summon corrupted souls from Damarion's world one at a time and instill them into advanced robot bodies. Tamara (the head scientist), Cheeda & Gorisaki have been working on zords, but Gorisaki seems to be fairly dumb and Cheeda seems to be trying to hold them back in some way or another. We learn that the mentor, the leader of VS, does not trust either of them and isn't shy about expressing it. Tamara is heartbroken to learn her ex is now Damarion's servant & general. The zords are eventually built, Ryker becomes obsessed with uncovering the Rangers' identities and feels left out from the others & Teryn meets a new man, Gordon Everrett, whom she develops a real relationship with and finally begins leaving Trace alone. Ashlyn's sister is Damarion's prisoner and Enter has put her into her own robot body. She is eventually rescued and becomes the host for Ashlyn's zord. Cheeda made sure that a robotic co-pilot was essential to the design out of fear that he and Gorisaki would be destroyed as soon as they were obsolete. Despite this, Tamara later invents the Swamp Turbo, a remote-controlled zord. Also, Enter relocates to an abandoned floor of a skyscraper and uses the cores of buildings to empower Damarion and create a city-wide teleportation system.

The next important plot point would be the discovery of "The Guardian," a spirit-esque figure who relentlessly pursues Damarion's forces with no remorse for collateral damage-- including possession of random individuals, which confuses the Rangers & VS for a time. We also learn that Damarion & the Guardian being in the same world puts a drain on Damarion's energy, no matter what he does. Enter also starts becoming a little more rebellious in the process, but agrees that destroying the Guardian is the best course of action. Around this time, Ryker, Teryn & Gordon all learn the Rangers' identities. Ryker freaks out, deciding it's too much, and leaves town. Enter also reaches out to VS, trying to position the Guardian as a common enemy that both must destroy, however this doesn't pan out when Damarion also tries to take the opportunity to destroy the VS HQ. The Guardian later figures out how to tap into the Morphing Grid, causing it to gain the ability to morph into the Pyrite Ranger (Beet Buster) while it's possessing someone. Even more terrifying to the Rangers, every time this happens, they automatically lose their powers. Tamara tells them that, to save time, she had only developed one ranger, the disused prototype Pyrite Ranger, and had linked Red, Blue and Yellow through it's power. This is also why their powers are so limited (In this series, the Rangers only have a limited amount of power and when it runs low, they lose a lot of strength and abilities, so they always have to fight in a conservative manner). She manages to fix this issue, giving each Ranger full strength for the first time, but the Guardian intentionally possesses Gordon in order to avoid conflict with them, and this time it does not let him go. They end up creating the Galena Ranger (Stag Buster. In case you've never heard of it, it turns out Galena is a metal commonly referred to as "Fool's Silver, like Pyrite is Fool's Gold.), which Teryn embodies in order to save her boyfriend (she also knows martial arts). Somehow, the Guardian fuses both powers together and forms a super powered form (Beet J Stag) which the Rangers then have to overcome.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
This is the general area of the series where I was still facing some bugs in the plot. Essentially, I wanted to have Cheeda, who is almost acting like another Ranger up to this point & calls himself the Cheetah Racer, to be facing some conflict from meeting Damarion goons that he knew in life. Then I wanted to do a backstory where he and Gorisaki were almost like a Mice & Men pair back in the 20s who fell into a Damarion worshipping cult in New York. He would eventually defect, although Gorisaki would stay, be destroyed and brought back as another monster of the week & be destroyed again. This would throw a wrench into things, because they now lose the main megazord. I was really facing a conflict trying to figure out when to place this development so it made sense, but I just decided that Ashlyn and her sister would switch over to the Red Ranger's zord temporarily and they would only use the Swamp Turbo formation for a while. I also wanted to do a backstory for the Rangers' mentor figure, who had been a security guard at the original facility and feels guilt for allowing friends to die. In that episode, one of those friends would be brought back as a MOTW. Then, the Guardian issue would be resolved when Enter finds a way to draw him into a robot body that he built which carried a virus (this would be the gold form of Messiah that appeared towards the end of the Gobusters series). We would also have two demon hunters show up, the Midnight Hunter (Gavan) & his little sister (Pink Cat). They would fill in Damarion's backstory-- he was banished to his own world to keep humanity safe and the Leonis jewel, which gives Midnight Hunter his powers, split him into two opposing personalities, the other being the Guardian, who would always be equal in power no matter what and would fight each other for eternity, stopping him from even having the opportunity to return. If the Guardian is ever destroyed, Damarion would reach his full power and become nigh unstoppable. Of course, the Rangers are forced to destroy the Guardian, creating this dilemma, although Gordon & Teryn officially join the team as the Pyrite & Galena Rangers. He also abducts Pink Cat and turns her into Escape, and destroys Midnight Hunter's powers. Despite this, Tamara is able to rebuild them as the Hunter Ranger (Black Puma) & the Leonis zord (LT-06). I also added a special scoped gun weapon that shot lightning, and the scope could detach and become a stake/ baton type weapon (I'd been originally hoping for a female purple ranger that I could do a Buffy thing with, but that evolved into this instead). Finally, the last part in the confusing region of the series, I wanted Andrew to be killed off by the Red Ranger copy robot in a two parter where Ryker would return and try to apologize & reconcile with the others. I remember really wanting to kill off a main team member and asking why this never really happens in PR-- then, of course, I re-hashed the same thing fifty more times in the planned series' that came after. ugh. In the long haul, Ryker would become the new Red Ranger & Andrew would become the new Cheetah Racer. Andrew's soul would become tied to his morpher and, unable to communicate, wouldn't allow anyone but Ryker to use it & Ryker would have to get over his own issues and cowardice in order to honor his friend's dying wish.

I never really did too much work other than a rough outline after this. I really prefer to work in a pretty linear fashion. Anyway, we'd get the power-up and the battlizer, although I never figured out how. The battlizer would be a armor-switching thing between Red Ranger & Cheetah Racer, but I hadn't fully fleshed that out either, other than I wanted to go for a ninja design with twin swords, new spy/ assault gear and an assault rifle & Cheetah Racer would look like a completely new, original ranger underneath when he changed. Damarion would cease to trust Enter & Escape, forcing them to make him his own body (Dark Buster), then seemingly killing them off and making completely loyal, super-powered robotic copies. I really wanted to give them some sort of good ending, but I never figured that out either. They would eventually destroy Dark Buster Damarion, though, and he would try to find a way to assume his true form. The finale was going to involve the base being destroyed and what was left of the computers being invaded by Damarion. The hero characters would all be split up throughout the base and have to work their way back to each other in order to regroup, horror-movie style. Up top, Damarion's true form (The monster from that Gobuster movie where God gave Cheeda a wish) would be destroying the city and bringing all under his thrall. I also wanted to resolve some sort of running theme with the meaning of death or something, but I never got there either. And I don't have an ending beyond the fact that I don't think killing the whole team and doing a reversal would've made sense to me. I kind of felt at the time that a lot of the better PR seasons had some sort of theme behind them-- Lightspeed Rescue had "Think before you act," Time Force was anti-discrimination & Wild Force tackled environmentalism, but I never figured one out for any other series beyond PRES.

Well, that's everything. And, honestly, feel free to do whatever you want. I don't care if you use some of my ideas-- for all I care take the whole thing and try to write it yourself. Just hope this much was entertaining on some level.

Kamen Rider Oni

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Two Semi-Showa Era Styled fanfics I'm working on:

仮面ライダー VX / Kamen Rider VX (Masked Rider V-Cross).

Minor Details: VX is a Cyborg Mutant with a Scarab Beetle Motif, and is able to fight on Land, Sea, and Air. His motorcycle will be modeled on a Suzuki, like in the Showa Era (just current circa). Final detail: VX battles against the Terrorist Group called "Dread Legion".


動的戦隊一番 V / Douteki Sentai Ichiban V (Dynamic Squadron Best Five).

Minor Details: Five Person Team, but NO 6th member, hence why the classic feel & title. The team team will compose of three males and two female Warriors, also a Female Commander/ Mentor (ala Jetman's Sky Force Cmdr. Aya Odagiri) named Ishii Yuki. (Like in Japanese Culture: Surname then Given name). Final Detail: They will be battling an other-dimensional underground enemy named the "Underworld Empire: Maze".

I will add a brief synopsis for each later if there is sufficient interest in reading further on both stories. :) Hope you like what I have so far.

Kamen Rider Oni

Professionally Insane

*Open on a maze, several paths and oddly shaped sculptures sticking out of the brush, and some larger ones out in the open. Even a golden one of a women reaching up towards the sky.

Fade To a man about 21 with short, brown hair that spiked on the sides, and front bangs curved a down as they hang down. His expression reveals fear and confusion.*

Announcer: "Uncertain and Chosen!"

*A purple, and magenta accented Dragon kaijin attacks a family within their home, then we cut to the monster chasing a young girl through the park.*

~Who are the Unsolved!? What are they!?~

Announcer: "The Unsolved have began their attack! But why!?"

*A woman with mid-length, dark curly hair, clad in a black and green long coat, flowing in the wind. She watches looks out over the city from the top of a building, holding a small, round device with an sectional ring, and engraved design on the front that may look like a grasshopper all folded up.

Cut to a Close Up of the device.*

~What is an E-Puzzle!?~

Male Voice 1: "You dreamed about me!?"

*We now see a man with in a grey and black accented windbreaker, and long, black hair tied back. He is walking forward, holding open a scroll horizontally in both hands, reading aloud but we don't hear him.*

Male Voice 2: "Let's see if you can solve this!"

*The brown haired man lays upon the ground, clad in his red coat and blue scarf, holding tightly upon the Grasshopper E-Puzzle, and bleeding from the corner of his mouth.*

Male Voice 1: "I will solve it! I won't die here!"

A dark haired girl, wearing all white, except for her yellow rain coat watches not too far away. Her expression is of concern, and hopefulness.

Random cuts to puzzle-like green armor plates: Shin, thigh, forearm and hand, shoulder, chest, and then flash to the gold, silver and black accented, blue Puzzle Driver with the now opened Hopper Puzzle in the center, revealing the semi-3D front of the Grasshopper. Then flash to the green armored, black and silver accented helmet with the large, triangular curved, compound eyes that. Everything has the Puzzle piece like pattern to it.

Flash to him fighting the Dragon Monster, then cut to another foe that's silver nad black, and Spider-like with a violet, armored right arm, and Dragon-Head fang weapon striking forth, and scraping across the chest of the Spider Foe.

The we cut to the Rider on his enduro motorcycle chasing a Pale Yellow Armored Scorpion it's own motorcycle. Explosions then erupt around the Grasshopper Rider as he leaps the dirtbike through them in the air.*

"My Resolve is Top Notch!"

*The Rider Poses with his right hand doing the OK symbol as the camera ZOOMS IN for a Close Up. The Flash to the Title Screen.*

Announcer: ~Shinbangumi!~

Kamen Rider Oni

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Nova Century 119

A white, samurai-like, pointed-eared mobile suit with a Golden Yellow V-shaped glasses, wearing red armor and a blue mid-section rushes forward with two, pink beam sabers out to either side.

Another mobile suit, this one dark green, almost black, with fins, and rounded armor parts along with a dome head and a red mono-eye flies rapidly backwards through the cloud filled, blue sky. Firing a Gauss Rifle at it's side, which resembles that of a Storm Trooper's Blaster Rifle, but with a triangular magazine on the bottom, middle point facing downward. Suddenly several missiles come up behind it...

A young boy, about 17 with messy red hair and yellow eyes drives with a focuses expression through a sandstorm.

Cut to an older man about 33 with short white hair, glaring through a pair of binoculars through the back window of a vehicle he is riding in.

"... Gundam... "

The unique, white mobile suit's head vulcans fire. Cut to several military trucks and hum-v's exploding. Cut to the White MS flying through the air, wings from the red backpack and armor out, shield and rifle in hand. It aims behind it as bullets come flying in, and fires a green beam or light in their direction.

A black screen as the title fades in through a smoke field.

GUNDAM: Ad Ashtra Per Aspera
"To The Stars Through Difficulties"​

Cut to a day in the desert. A horizon. Then the camera quickly pans upward towards a night sky filled with stars and a massive O'Neil cylinder.


Kamen Rider Oni

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Yellow armor or razor sharp clawed feet run up the side of a dune towards us at breakneck speed. Then leap and the camera quickly tries to keep up as it pans upward, only to be blocked by the sun, then suddenly the Gundam appears with red armor and flight pack and flying towards us.

"He's the pilot of our new weapon against the MRG."

We see a beautiful woman with flowing, purple hair in her early 40's, clad in robes, turning back in the front passenger's seat towards us, the sun blaring in through the window.

The messy red head kid is struck in the face by the butt of a rifle, spit and blood spray through the air. Then we find him tied to a chair, in a darkened room of blue-grey walls.

"Especially a Genius like him."

Dark Green almost back, dome-headed Mobile Suits fly in formation through the bright, blue sky, firing their Gauss rifles in all directions. Then cut to a reverse angle on the Gundam flying in firing his beam rifle, and cut back to a enemy being struck down in an explosive heap.

"The wars of the past are over, and we wish to keep it that way."


"War is inevitable. It is a basic human need for change."

A man in a crimson flight suit with curly blond hair, and a red, white lens mask looks back towards us.

A young man with short, styled brown hair, wearing yellow, v-like glasses steps out of a Mobile Suit cockpit.

"Destruction before Creation."

Several people stand upon a large, blue-grey bridge upon a warship, looking shocked, and wearing white and black uniform jackets with blue striping and accents. Explosions flash and are heard.

The 33 year old man with short, white hair, the woman with flowing purple hair, and the young, blond girl sit around an open flame, using their desert military jackets for warmth as well.

A tall, slender red mobile suit charges forward, sword pointed straight ahead with one each facing upwards, and the other facing down, held like a Samurai. The Camera pans a little to the right to reveal the Gundam clad in the red armor, holding a Longsword of a kind, different from the one held by the pure red MS.

Cut to a Close Up of the Masked Man clenching his fist inside a cockpit, helmet off.

"Show me what you got...,"


The Gundam stands in heavier green armor, spinning a long launcher weapon with a spiked ball at one end, and four pronged bladed barrel at the other above it's head rapidly. Then moving it to it's left hip, and holding it with both hands - FIRES a massive yellow beam that whites out everything around it, except the MS's shadow.

GUNDAM: Ad Ashtra Per Aspera
"To The Stars Through Difficulties"​



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I have had this idea for a while but...I think it could work out. A cross over between Gridman and Power Rangers. As I stated in my intro for myself...a few of the Ranger teams have technology as part of the theme (namely RPM and Beast Morphers). This is partially inspired by Shattered Grid (which is absolutely amazing IMO).'s my summary for The Battle of Two Grids (Power Rangers x Gridman Crossover):

[An evil supernatural entity that corrupts the technical grid now seeks to expand its territory. It now has its sights on a new target and it has caught the attention of some famous evildoers. Now the Hyper Agent Gridman must seek out a new champion and other allies in a battle of two grids. What awaits the Rangers when an unknown emissary warns them of a terrible union that threatens both their technology and the access to the Morphing Grid? The most vulnerable and critical team that connects the realms, Time Force monitors as many threats as they can. But what happens when there's one they can't see coming that affects not only their technology but could possibly lead to something far worse?

What happens when that connection gets cut off entirely?]


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Hermonie Granger has been started but is based on Harry Potter and Magician Ranger / Mystic Force.

My 2nd is Pretty Soldier Sailor Ranger is based on the Shattered Grid series by Boom and Power Rangers Super Mega Force to play off the Shattered Grid story and continue it.


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5 of 7 parts active on Hermonie Granger. As I complete one I will start the next. 2 threads remain for the 7 part story.


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Is it possible she could get Ant and Dec promo for the final episode when its aired from Disneyland Florida? Im probably really being optimistic here but pls Bobby get Gaga that deal It would be the best promo she could get


Science Experiment Gone wrong
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Main cast:

The Shadow (Current) - Kent Mitchell / “Jason Allard” Age 28

The Shadow (previous) - Frank Ricks Age 63

Margaret Lawler Age 25 The person in the chair

Other cast:

Jason Mitchell Age 30 Police detective

Back story:

Things begin a decade and a hal earlier, Jason and Kent’s older cousin Sharron was attacked and raped. Her attacker was caught, arrested and put on trail. And acquitted of all charges. Them the harassment began, with police not doing anything to stop it, Sharron committed susicde. Then her attacker came to her funeral, ;practically laughing at the fact that the family had to keep Kent from attacking him. This event caused the two brothers to take two completely different paths. Jason, wanting to help those like his cousin, became an officer of the law, eventually becoming a detective.

Kent started down a more self-destructive path, having been arrested by his brother on a couple of occasions. Then he started a friendship with a member of the Silvestri crime family. Starting out on the lower levels of the organization as a runner. Money, messages, drugs, anything he was asked. Rarely being noticed thinks to a unreal ability of not being noticed (Thanks to a house guest from years earlier he learned how to “disappear”, he’s also the only one in his family that remembers this gooyseguear. Eventually his success as a runner earns him a favor from Silvesrti, and he wanted his cousin’s attacker's head. One night Kent is brought to a warehouse where the attacker is bound and helpless. Kent wavered for a moment, then the attacker started begging for mercy. Kent has to be pulled off the attacker, As he his guided out of the warehouse the attacker is killed. He thought he would be happy that the man was dead, but he realizes that the attacker is dead, and the he was the reason why.

Kent continues to “run” for Silvestri, eventually he’s given a unique assignment. Silvestri Ggves him the address of a individual with an envelope containing two silver dollars and a note saying “For the toll” as in the boatman’s toll for the dead. Kent not only keeps running but delivering the toll, still not being seen, earning him the nick name “Reaper” on the street. Eventually Frank Rick, operating as the Shadow learns who the Reaper is and follows him unnoticed, looking for any sign that he’s the one killing these targets. He’s not he’s just the messenger telling the target that death is coming. One night during his search Frank witnesses Kent risk his life to save a child during one of these hits. Seeing that bit of heroics makes Frank believe he could take over as the Shadow, since his original choice for a replacement died after being careless, and his heart problems getting worse. With his partner behind the scene Maragret hr locates Kent’s home and rescues him after friends of a previous Reaper target finds out who he is and dsets his place to explode. Everybody he knows believing he’s dead Kent reluctantly takes on the mantle of the Shadow with Maragret helping him locate crimes that need a certain brand of justice applied to it, and under Frank’s mentorship.

Meanwhile Jason learns of the Shadow’s existence, but not knowing who he really is. Not seeing a hero, a myth or an urban legend, but a criminal that needs to be brought to Justice. Kent must now watch from attack on both sides. Meanwhile Jason is unaware of how much help the Shadow has, with a network of informants including an Assistant district attorney, Kent will soon learn while the Shadow has a long legacy he soon discovers that legacy has a list of enemies as well.

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