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I think smartphones are the coolest technology that exist in this world, but we cannot avoid the fact that we still have to charge them in order to use. How often do you charge your phone?
It depends on how much time do I spend on my smartphone. I usually charge it between 1 to 2 days for a normal use, which I often use it to check my e-mails, Web browsing, and more. I still have to charge my smartphone quite often although it has a large battery capacity.


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I have to charge mine like several times a day if I am actually using it from time to time. If I am not using it at all the whole day, I still need to charge it once a day at the bare minimum. I don't know what is sucking so much battery out of it, but it is constantly updating apps in the background. I think I need to disable all the auto updates or something, since I really don't have that many apps on my phone as a whole. I also have stuff like GPS turned off and a battery saving app running.


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I charge my phone only once a week. It's an old Nokia device and it doesn't need much charging. It's battery can last for a pretty long time.


I thought that I charged mine once every three days, but there's a similar topic that got me wondering and paying attention, and it turns out that my phone can last for a whopping eight days...if I don't use it for anything. Maybe once every three days was back when the life connected to my phone (social, business) was more active. I can believe having to charge a phone more than once a day, too! New models have so many features and a screen full of colors and movements, that's got to sap a lot of energy.

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I charge mine everyday, though I could probably get away with charging it every two days. It really depends on how much I've been using it, and what I was doing on it. I also have a car charger for it, so I can run my GPS and not have to worry about my phone dying.


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I use my smartphone occasionally during the day, I only have to charge it every night and it charges up very fast, my phone only needs to be connected for one and a half our and it's charged, ready to last another day!


Once a day for me. :) My rule of thumb is when I recharge (sleep), my smartphone recharges. :p

Even if my phone's battery is 70-80% full, I'll recharge it to prevent any nasty surprises during the day! (especially if I unexpectedly had to use my phone intensely that day)


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When at all possible, I actually keep my smartphone plugged in. If I had to say, I actually charge my smartphone approximately every two days or so. The key is that I want to avoid unnecessary charge and discharge cycles as it tends to make your battery last longer between replacements. When I do have my phone off of the charger, I disable as many background services and programs as possible to get the maximum time possible off of a charge.


I think smartphones are the coolest technology that exist in this world, but we cannot avoid the fact that we still have to charge them in order to use. How often do you charge your phone?
I think I over charge my phone, also my kids are always on it either playing games or watching show box. The charge does not last long. Speaking of which I need to charge my phone right now.


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I'm one of those people that can't stand to have a battery below 60%, so I charge it probably way more often than I should. Due to the fact that I charge it religiously, the battery has lost its ability to hold a charge longer than maybe an hour. That's if I don't have any apps open. If I'm using any app, it reduces my battery by probably 12% at a time. Don't even talk to me about the maps app. It can go from 90% to 62% in a second.. then from 62% to 12%... it's super sad. Moral of the story: I need a new damn phone... :/


I charge my phone everyday. Most of the time, it's plugged into my computer, and when I see 100% battery, I unplug it. Once it reaches 80% (which doesn't take long at all), I plug it in to my computer again. Not necessarily sure if this deteriorates the battery life, but I've dealt with short battery life ever since I got the Galaxy S4.


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I have both a cell phone and an iPod touch, since I can't afford a data plan. Even though my cell phone is a flip phone, it actually holds a charge pretty well - I can go for two or three days without having to charge it. For my iPod touch, I've gotten into the habit of charging it every night. I often listen to music to fall asleep, and I always plug it in to an outlet beside my bed, so my battery isn't drained come morning.


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My phone has been dead for nearly 5 months, so I guess not often. :p However, I charge my iPad daily.


Every night, sometimes I have to pop it on a charger in the late evening if it's had a busy day. When I go out and put it in the car dock it charges too (but I usually don't need that extra charge time on a normal use day).


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yea somethings been up with my cell phone. It seems to be charged then it just goes dead if someone calls or texts me. I so need a new phone. I am going to wait till the holidays I am sure there will be some sort of specials then. Whats weird is when I plug the phone in it says it is charged right away. I don't know. I have had it awhile and have dropped it a few times.


I really just like having a phone that does what I need it to do. I not really one of those people that needs the newest, hottest phone on the market or an iPhone. I currently have a Galaxy but there a lot better ones out than the one that I have. I' recently made a year with it.


I haven't gotten a smartphone yet but would really love one. Nevertheless, I think that regardless of what type of cell/mobile phone you own, you have to remember to charge it or you won't be able to use it. That's why I tend to plug mine in every night, even if it only needs a short charge. I feel it's better to be safe than sorry and the fact that you're not going to use it at night anyways... What better time to get this "chore" out of the way?


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I don't have a Smartphone yet, hopefully I will after Christmas, but right now I am having to charge mine everyday . If you make even one call the battery starts to die and it is pretty annoying to tell you the truth.


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Well, since the battery of my phone is not really good and I use my phone for a long time every day,
so i would charge my phone every night.:):)
However, I heard someone said that don't charge your phone overnight, because it will hurt the battery.
Is it true??

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