Tech How often do you get a new phone?



I really need to get a new phone. I still have an old flip phone that I can't do any text messaging on. I don't even know how old it is but it's definitely not modern enough for what I need to be able to do. I want to get an Android phone but am trying to save up the money to do so. Unfortunately, I had to buy a new laptop recently or I probably would have had that phone by now.


I'm a "contract" upgrade type. I can't really afford to pay the extra cost associated with a new phone every 6 months. I typically wait the 2 years until I get the "new user" type discount. Granted I won't get the newest phone, but I can typically get a great phone for a good price (I typically don't go over $50).


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I change it when my old one dies, or I flush it down the toilet (yep, I did do that). I am in absolute need of a new one now and being a complete cheapskate about it. I don't want anything but calls and texts on it and the ability to play music. I have enough other gadgets that all I need from that phone is to just be a phone.


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I replace mine whenever it dies or I switch to a new provider that doesn't allow me to bring my own phone... (Bah, I'm saving more every 3 months than the phone cost me anyways). My first phone lasted me two and a half years, second was two years, and this phone's is a few months old.

I don't really like having to figure out the new device and it's tiny things that are done differently. Like remembering the power button is in a different place.

I want to get an Android phone but am trying to save up the money to do so.
I'd suggest taking a look at the LG Fuels if your provider supports them. They're not the biggest or the absolute best, but you can get them for about $20. Don't let the price fool you, they're actually little beasts. I have a few for various reasons, and they run better than my HTC Droid incredible ($100 phone with similar stats) does. They run about the same as my Galaxy s3 does, just slightly slower, but they're much stronger. I drop those things every other day and there's not a scratch on them.


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I only ever get a new phone when the old one is damaged in some way that makes it unusable / far too annoying to use.

I stopped using my iPhone 3GS not after the lock button stopped working (got around that with Activator) but after the jack port completely gave up on me :p


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I bought my phone 2 years ago. I do agree that the mobile phone industry is fast and to stay updated with the latest technology, I personally believe that one needs to change his/her phone every 6 months, which might get pretty expensive for some. My phone is fine and running now, but I'd want an upgrade for a device with better specifications and internal storage.


I usually get a new phone if I think my current one will die soon, or if I really just find something that I really like. My phones would usually be with me for at least a year or two though, never less. I currently have gone through most of the Samsung Galaxy series, and so far I'm still pleased.


I only get a new phone when my current model looks like it will give up soon. Phones have everything on them now and the only real technological advances for a few years have been 4G and screen size. Everything else is just downloadable apps really. So I don't feel like I am missing out by not having the latest model immediately.


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Not often, I would go for a new phone if I have problem with currently owned one. Four months ago I had a software issues with my phone, which I am yet to flash, in the time being I got another phone, a Lenovo product.


From what I remember, I only had 2 phones. First is a Motorola and second is a Nokia that is not a smart phone yet. Don’t laugh but I still have that Nokia until now and I’m using it for communications. I have a Samsung that is a smart phone which I inherited from my wife and I am using that for internet purposes only. So practically I have 2 phones now.


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When I was younger I always wanted to try and keep up with technology, and almost every time a new device came out I would buy it, but now I'm a lot more sensible! It doesn't help that a few years ago phones used to get updated maybe once a year but these days it seems that every few months they are improving them and it simply becomes too expensive to keep upgrading every time a new phone comes out.

If the device we are using at the moment does everything we need it to do, is there really any NEED anyway to keep upgrading? Is it not better to save the money and only upgrade as and when we see a device that offers more than what we are currently using, instead of just upgrading because a new colour as been released!