How often do you buy video games?

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I usually buy video games when there's a good deal around the web. Either Steam, GamersGate, GMG, or various other sites, I tend to look for them instead of buying games at full price. I feel I can wait long enough since there will eventually be a deal for a game I like, and I'm in no rush to play it right here and right now. Therefore, I usually buy one game every one or two months; it just depends on what kind of month it is, and if it's a month on deals. There are certain seasons that have many deals such as Winter, or Summer on Steam and other sites so those are the months where I may buy 3-4 games a month.


Only when the big hits are coming, I'm used to buy only popular game series most of the time, can't really spend 50$ or more on a new game without having 0 gameplay time there, can't even remember when was the last time I bought a game without having played its previous ancestors, but this year is gonna be hard on me, I usually buy one/two each 2/3 months, this final quarter is gonna be a mess, watch dogs (one of the few I'm defenitely gonna buy without having past titles), gta V, batman, fifa 14, oh the money :(, not leaving the ps4, gosh I'm gonna be poor.


When I was in high school, I used to purchase one or two games every month. Then went I working, my spending for video games highly decreased. I now just purchase one game every other month. I've got other priorities now. Not just gaming.


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I used to buy video games very often, nowadays it'd be really lucky if I buy two videos games a month. Right now my priorities are very different (trying so hard to save some cash for something special). Once things get better I might start buying even more games again, because right now I've so little time to play :( I work and work most of the time, so I no longer have time for video games :eek:


I don't buy video-games, all the games I play are online. The last time I bought a video-game for me they still came in an audio cassette and I had to load it in my Timex 2048 with a tape recorder. :)


I buy a video game as soon as it's launched. If it's my favorate, I will buy it day 1. So if my favorite video games are released in quick succession, I will buy the game in that pattern.


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Not often. I usually buy one or two a year for Wii. I like playing them though. I too, have other priorities.