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Back in May Crunchyroll announced they would be bringing the anticipated anime Chainsaw Man to the US. We’ve now got some more information on what to expect — a new trailer, a full cast list and more.
The name “Chainsaw Man” implies a certain kind of shameless hyper-violence, and that’s what you get. It takes place in a dark world where creatures known as Devils are spawned from the collective fears and negative thoughts of humanity. Someone’s gotta hunt them, and that guy was fearless teenager Denji — until he died. Oh, no, wait, he’s back again, thanks to merging with his pet Devil Pochita to transform into the powerful Chainsaw Man. The anime will be adapting the manga’s first arc, “Public Safety” (nothing below looks very safe).

Chainsaw man is a big enough release that Crunchyroll plans to Simuldub it — make both the sub and the dub available on the same day. Here’s the full list of who’s involved…

Kikunosuke Toya as Denji

Tomori Kusunoki (Natsume in Deca-Dence) as Makima...

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I had to revisit this, because man, Chainsaw Man is back and he's fantastic as ever. Can they at least tell us when this will be released? I don't think I've ever been this excited for an anime version of the best manga I've read. The show's soul seemed to be well captured by the music. With some of the scenarios they display, it appears that they make progress.


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When it came to the blood in this anime, MAPPA didn't hold back at all.
I think they'll do a great job with the OST and make a classic anime with catchy music, even if the visuals aren't that great.
Mappa is in the running to be the best anime of the year for the third year in a row.


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Everything appears fantastic. Every every voiceover, piece of music, sound effect, and chef kiss! I look forward to it the most in anime in 2022. I adore the manga, thus I have a great feeling about this adaptation. I'm grateful, Mappa. I'm grateful.

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I can hardly wait for this. While I wait for the next installment of Stone Ocean, I truly need an anime to immerse myself in. If the manga readers' claims are accurate, this will undoubtedly have an unbelievable good story—so it's difficult to find one as amazing as that one. I'm eager to go through it. Can I say something about the people who made the animation? It looks beautiful, but the people who make these works of art aren't getting paid enough.


I also wish the trailer included more footage. In terms of novelty and anticipation, Trailer 1 is still significantly superior to this.


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It looks fantastic! We know it will be a fantastic journey now that we've read the manga! This anime has me incredibly excited. Only Denji's voice actor seems a little weird, but we'll have to wait and see. The other voice actors are all excellent.


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I had to read this brilliance after repeatedly watching the first trailer earlier this year, and now that I've finished the manga, I can confidently predict that it will turn things upside down. I'm over the moon happy!Really can't wait for it to be made into an anime. The story and plot of this manga aren't anything special, and there's not a lot of fan service either. There's no romance, and there aren't any annoying characters, which makes it more good and realistic given their situations. I've never seen a manga series that was so unique, really good, and yet sad. But it's still really good, and it's now one of my favorite manga.


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Alright, I'll acknowledge it. If this anime keeps this style for the whole series and stays as close as possible to the plot of the book, it will be one of my top three shows without a doubt. I don't think I've ever been this happy about a show before.


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In all truthfulness, this looks even bloodier than the manga, because when the manga has color spreads, it uses crazy colors like greens, pinks, and blues to make its style stand out. Having it look like blood just makes it clear that it is blood and makes it even scarier. I love how this trailer gives us just a hint about each character, but doesn't show us what they're really like yet, just to throw us off even more.