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The number of decent CW originals is dwindling, but we at least have Stargirl for one more year. Miss Blonde-Curls will be flying back in just before fall for another season on the network.
And it’s a good thing we have it. Season 2 ended with a pretty amazing hook: Joel McHale as the original Starman, alive in Blue Valley, ALL THE TIME! If the new trailer below is any indication, Jeff Winger will be a great addition to the cast. When Stargirl’s dad suggests finding him a “great job” in town, Starman responds with trademark McHale snark: “Hey. That sounds….terrible.”
Starman will make Stargirl even more powerful by teaching her how to awaken a power level she never knew she had. Her eyes are glowing with it now! But it’s not all candy and sunshine. Starman is actually livid because Courteney’s new neighbors….are the former supervillain Sportsmaster and his deadly ninja wife.
The Crocks claim to have reformed (and honestly, I hope they have, because they would be great additions to...

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Since she is not a member of Arrowverse anyway, I hope she joins DCEU. MCU TV and Movies are now in a shared Universe. I think she can work with the Shazam family!


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I still find it touching that Courtney Whitmore, AKA stargirl is based from the writer's dead sister. He made her a superhero to honor her.
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I really hope that the Holy Trinity of DC shows—Stargirl, Doom Patrol, and Peacemaker—remains intact. I'm glad they didn't kill this show. I just hope the upcoming season isn't as dark and intense as the one before it. I understand the need to increase the tension throughout the program, but when it Commences with a murder stone that has the power to mind control anyone into killing others in a season named after summer school, I begin to wonder.


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It's time. I hope to see more of Jade and that Todd, a.k.a. Obsidian, her twin, will finally appear. Obsidian is thought to possess similar umbrakinetic abilities to Shade, but he or she cannot teleport. Instead, he transforms into his own shadow and flies, becoming invisible. Todd also possesses Darkside View, which is the capacity to compel others to face the evil that resides inside of their minds, hearts, and souls. Shade ought to be present as well because he's a trip. Cameron is likely to join the JSA and realize his father wasn't quite who he thought. Does this suggest that both of them could conjure things from nothing here in television but not yet in comics since the staff was claimed to possess the power of creation?


I agree with the idea of making her a part of DCEU. MCU and MCU disney+ shares the same Universe now.


This is the only DC TV show that is never attacked by those Antiwoke Bloggers and it also liked by the woke crowd. They are doing something right about this show.