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Hex Studios has announced they will be distributing Here Comes Hell, a new dark horror-comedy film, starting next month.
Here Comes Hell was filmed in black and white and was crafted as a homage to vintage horror classics. In the 1930’s, a group of stuffy socialites are attending a dinner party in a creaky old mansion. That’s sign #1 that trouble is ahead, but they just HAVE to push it by conducting a seance just for fun. They wind up opening a portal to hell and now have to deal with what comes out. Why, I never!
“Five minutes into the film we knew that ‘Here Comes Hell’ was a perfect fit for our DVD label,” says Hex founder Lawrie Brewster. “Bold, original, charming, and made with an obvious passion for storytelling and practical effects, it’s simply an utterly entertaining watch, and we’re so proud and excited to be doing a physical release for this future cult classic.”
Here Comes Hell was directed by Jack McHenry, and has been touring the horror festival circuit all over the...
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