Gender Neutral acting award category, How feasible is that?

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Ian Burton

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A Gender  Neutral for acting awards is the something  Non-Binary actor Emma Corrin want to impose for acting award bodies like Bafta and Oscars. Corrin identifies as non-binary and prefers the pronouns They/Them over He/She/Him/Her. So, out of respect for their preference, I will provide them with what pronouns they desire. Non-binary individuals do not identify as men or women. Therefore, they feel assaulted if the incorrect pronouns are used. Due to availability, Emma Currin frequently plays female roles despite their gender identity. Rarely do you see Non-binary characters in film and television. Consequently, I sympathize with their situation, but I disagree with the merger of the best actor and best actress categories.

Is a Gender Neutral Acting Award going to work?

It sounds good on paper, but it will decrease the visibility of women. Let’s only consider the Academy Awards...

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I hate WOKE trash
So many people are struggling and dying and this actor cares about frigging awards. First world problems!

If this person hates being a woman and wants to be genderless, Why keep playing woman roles?

She looks like a woman, dresses like a woman, Plays female roles in movies and dates men. This is a straight woman who just want to be part of the LGBT community so she uses a non binary label because its the cool thing now, Geez Wokeness.


Looks can be deceiving
If a male or female performer chooses not to enter the designated male or female section in accordance with their gender. For anyone who is having trouble deciding which one best describes them, just create a free-form classification. Despite the fact that it would only make up a maximum of 5 percent, that is what they want. It's the same as requesting gender-neutral sports to demand gender-neutral awards. Removing Best actress will screw over the ladies.

Yellow Garter

The Truth will set you free
Wouldn't that reduce the compensation for acting by half? It would now only be possible to win an award for "best actor," making it even more challenging for women to do so. The labels for best actor and best actress are clear and concise. They should keep things as they are. Additionally, each person who wants to use the new pronouns should have their own category. But grouping everyone together for the benefit of a select few is unfair.


New Member
The award for best actress was just given to a transwoman. This demonstrates that actresses of all backgrounds are taken into consideration for the best actress prize.Removing the female category won't be good for women.It will be two or three generations before a woman, transwoman, afab nonbinary, or intersex person wins Best Actor, which would cut the awards in half. Adding a category for the best genderqueer actor would be much more inclusive, in my opinion, and would also give LGBTQIA++ actors more exposure. In contrast, Emma's plan will be detrimental because, as I can assure you, it will result in a halving of the awards.
Only more discrimination against women would result from this. Women's chances of being recognized will be reduced if they are placed in the same category as men. In any case, I don't think that men's and women's media awards are viewed differently by the general public. In no way does the fact that Meryl Streep won the award for best actress diminish Denzel Washington's accomplishment. It is believed that the prizes for best actor and best actress are comparable.


One of their fans just called me a terf. It wasn't the first time someone had called me being a terf for thinking this was a thick concept. Actresses should be recognized as artists in their own right and given due respect. If you remove them, you may find that some years there were no female nominees at all. I strongly disagree with the suggestion that gender-neutral awards be presented separately. If there were a third option for people whose achievements didn't fit into the binary gender categories, they could still be recognized at traditional award ceremonies.


New Member
LOL Doesn't want to be seen as a woman but keeps on playing Female roles and played Princess Diana in the Crown. How can I take this celebrity seriously. When Elliot Paige comes out and decided to identify to become a man he stopped accepting female roles.


Oh the Misery
What a stupid idea! I would be very upset if the best actor/actress categories at award shows were combined. I completely agree that doing so would eventually result in more people losing out. Because there would be fewer categories, I believe there would be fewer nominees, despite the fact that there are many outstanding actors and actresses who should be honored simply by being nominated. With the best actor and actress, more individuals have the opportunity to win. Why should the 99% change for minority within a minority.


New Member
Imagine all the actresses who will lose their opportunities because the categories are merged. So much for fighting patriarchy. The Merger of categories of actor and actress will put actresses in disadvantage.


Staff member
People might reject themselves to identify with a male or a female, however, nature makes every individual either close to female or close to male. The distinction is natural and I don't much like the idea of gender neutrality anywhere including the awards.


It's not a good move and I don't think it will be followed in the world because it will put more discrimination against women and its not good.
Just give the non binaries or NB's their own category or maybe have the actors be titled like this: Best Performance in a male role and Best performance in a female role to give space to non binaries,
Imagine all the actresses who will lose their opportunities because the categories are merged. So much for fighting patriarchy. The Merger of categories of actor and actress will put actresses in disadvantage.
As this could be happen how is a big propability or could not be happened and people like the merge of category then the two propabilities are possible.


New Member
Emma Corrin loves claiming they are Enby and LGBT but keeps playing female roles, keeps dressing up as a female and dates men exclusively. They want gender neutral pronouns but keep doing female things while not wanting to be seen as female. I have a feeling that Emma is just a straight woman trying to claim being nonbinary to get LGBT support.

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