Garo: Flower of Makai, Ep #25 - "Divine Will", and full series talkup

Mar 15, 2010
Overall I enjoyed Makai no Hana but the lack of a real villain definitely hurt it. Also Eiris didn't really feel like a threat compared to the final Horrors from the other entries in the series. She kind of felt like a mini Karma from Red Requiem but with some potentially overpowered time travelling powers that we didn't even get to see. They should've let her revive some mid-tier horrors from past seasons while building up to the revival of Messiah or some other legendary horror to create some more tension in the finale.
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Jun 15, 2008
I spent this week watching this show for the first time. I agree with those who called it superior to Season 3, but it was still a bit lackluster compared to Seasons 1 and 2. What I really didn't like was how, of the nine slab Horrors, five are taken care of in the first five episodes. They should've been more spaced out. Plus there didn't seem anything special about them; they acted and were treated just like regular Horrors. Sentais have done a better job in that respect, and that's a series aimed at kids.

I like how we can see aspects from Kouga and Kaoru in Raiga, right down to his looks. He seems to take more after his mother, and we can see that with the way he's more overtly inviting and warm to people than Kouga. Crow (Why don't we ever find out his name? Other Shadowfolk have birth names revealed) didn't seem to get much focus; I wonder if that was the intent since he's one of the Shadowfolk, but there are episodes where he just hangs back and lets Raiga do the in-suit fighting. I'm glad there was no romance or hint there of between Raiga and Mayuri; everyone sees her as just a person who needs a friend.

I didn't think Kouga and Kaoru's "black hole abduction" would actually be explained, and would just be some random event. But since it was revealed to be Eiris, why were they the only two people sucked up? There were people all over the world who saw the portals. Wasn't Eiris just sucking up Horrors anyway? Where did they go, if not inside of Eiris? Where could they have gone but there? I was half expecting time to be turned back after Raiga defeated her and he would grow up with his parents after all.

Speaking of villains, for once I would like to see a Garo installment where the big bad is not someone related to the Makai Order. I think Beast of the White Night and The Dragon's Lamentation are the only exceptions (Akaza in Red Requiem aids Karma for a while). Eiji's motivations aren't even that dissimilar to Akaza's. I'll credit the show that he repents in the end instead of joining with the Horror or something, but if they really did want to go that route, I'd have preferred his reasons be more "selfless compassion" than "I want my lover to come back."

And to Dr. Kain, that episode with the Spirit Beast "Tribble" offspring was great. It's one of my favorites in this show. Not everything has to be stuffed with pointless action.