1. Toku Prime

    "Remastered" Garo Being Released on Youtube

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original Garo series it is being officially released worldwide via youtube with English subs. This is the brand new "remastered version" (i.e. it's in HD). Find it here if you haven't checked it out yet. The first two episodes are already available. In...
  2. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] GARO: Versus Road

    'GARO: Versus Road' is the 9th live-action Garo series, being released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Two mysterious people wish to fill the Garo armour with negative karma. As such (and because the producers have noticed that Isekai are really popular) they create a...
  3. Toku Prime

    Kami no Kiba: Jinga (TV Series) - Talk Back

    The Kami no Kiba (God's Fang) project continues! In the news section I'd argued that it seemed like this was a prequel...and I have to eat my words because episode 0 begins with an introductory voice over that establishes that this does indeed take place after the movie (which in turn takes...
  4. Toku Prime

    GARO: Kami no Kiba (the movie)

    So, OverTime snuck a sub of this film out last week, just in time for the new TV series which begins this Thursday. It's a movie of many things; A warm-up for Jinga's solo TV show, a sequel to Gold Storm, a culmination of all Ryuga's adventures so far, the first time Ryuga himself has...
  5. Toku Prime

    [Anime] Garo: Vanishing Line

    Yes, Garo is back for it's third animated entry, and this time it's ditched all the historical pretext in favour of a modern day (American?) setting. Our new Golden Knight is Sword, a big musclehead who loves two things: comically ginormous boobs and comically ginormous steaks (in that order)...
  6. Toku Girl 2009

    [Help] Makai Armour name meanings

    I've been searching for a website that lists all the old Makai meanings for the names of the all Armor for the GARO franchise, for example GARO means hope. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Toku Prime

    [Anime] Garo: Crimson Moon (aka the 2nd anime)

    The Garo franchise continues to march onwards, and hot on the heels of the 5th live action show comes the franchise's second animated entry, 'Guren no Tsuki' or 'Crimson Moon'. This series is not connected to the previous anime series or any of the live action entries, so if you are interested...
  8. Toku Prime

    Garo GoldStorm Shō, episode 7: "Spell"

    Decade Violent Emotion This week, well it's really all one long battle. Jinga transforms, his leggy companion gains another 4 legs, and the daggers transform into swords. Special note: there is no episode next week. The show is being pre-empted and will next air on Friday 5th June.
  9. B

    My handmade Toku Props

    Hi guys! Hope this is the right section for this topic >< Here i'll show you all the toku props made by me, for me and on commission. Feel free to tell me what do you think,opinions and critics are well accepted :thumbs: If you like them support my fb page (...
  10. Toku Prime

    Garo GoldStorm Shō, episode 6: "Frame"

    When you last saw me in Drive, I was interested in paintings. This time, I'm interested in the frames. This week, the guy with the silly peaked cap and the talking brooch decides to start helping, Rian dresses up as a schoolgirl, Ryuga ruins a delivery boy's day, and Horror designs are (maybe)...
  11. Toku Prime

    Garo GoldStorm Shō, episode 5: "Sin"

    This week, the girl Ryuuga saved in episode one asks him to find her missing sister. So of course Ryuuga ends up killing the delinquent gang leader from Fourze.
  12. Toku Prime

    Garo GoldStorm Shō, episode 4: "Axe"

    "A Makai Knight's blade is his life. Your sword is what protects you, And your life is what protects others." Daigo Akizuki a.k.a. Beast Form Knight Giga makes his debut, the generic Horror suits appear for the first time in this series, Decade burns his fingers, Rian decides to drop a building...
  13. Toku Prime

    Garo GoldStorm Shō, episode 3: "Butterfly"

    He's back! Well, two of Gaim's Energy Riders were played by Garo alumni, so it makes a kind of sense that one of the other two actors would end up crossing over the other way. Shifty ex-lockseed dealers aside, this is a Rian episode. As we all know, Rian is a woman. And according to the kind of...
  14. Toku Prime

    Garo Gold Storm Shō, episode 2: "Flame"

    ...and the moral is 'never fall asleep while Master Sha-Fu is around'. Tricky cat... This week, Eiris from 'Flower of Makai' wears a cowboy hat, we get to see what I'm guessing will be the heroes' home base for this series, and Ryuuga goes all Sentai on us and starts throwing shuriken around.
  15. Toku Prime

    Garo GOLDSTORM Shō, episode 1: "Sword"

    OK, it's the fifth live action Garo series, the sequel the Yami o Terasu Mono / The One Who Shines in The Darkness. And as I'm ever the optimist I thought I'd make a thread again. Shall we get the headlines out of the way first? Yes, there is a physical Garo suit in this series and yes, Ryuga...
  16. Shynilyte

    Garo: Shine and Flower

    Since I finished Makai Senki and had a lot of fun with the Dragon movie, I started watching the two non-Kouga seasons side-by-side. I'm at episode 4 of both so far. The One Who Shines in the Darkness is really weird coming after Kouga's seasons and movies. The whole subplot with SG1 feels...
  17. Shynilyte

    Garo: Makai Senki question regarding the villain

    I recently finished Makai Senki. In the last episode Kouga says that killing Sigma by himself is something he promised to do, and the latter stares at Kouga's trinket thing as he dies (he tilts his head up as the thing floats out of view, as if following it). Kouga specifically saying that...
  18. Toku Prime

    Garo: Flower of Makai, Ep #25 - "Divine Will", and full series talkup

    In which Biku plays the badass Mary Poppins, Eiris does the title drop, the sound of a bell brings clarity, and Raiga destroys the Madou Tool. Thanks to all who've participated in these episode threads. See you over in the series thread for the upcoming anime.
  19. Toku Prime

    Garo: Flower of Makai, Ep #24 - "Strange Visitor"

    This week on Garo: Crow realises that Mayuri is *gasp* a woman(!), the Badan Empire commissions H. R. Giger to re-design the Space Break System, the 'Tears of Messiah' shares her master's taste in clothes, cameos tug at your heart strings, and Raiga digivolves tooo <spins around> Leomon!
  20. Toku Prime

    Garo: Flower of Makai, Ep #23 - "Chase"

    The golden knight battles a bronze knight, Mayuri finally shows an emotion as Crow has to be told what a barrier is, Eiris learns to fly, and Gouten runs like the wind through the emptiest city in the world.