Favorite Trek series and why?

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So what's everyone's favorite Trek? Mine has always been TNG. I grew up watching it, always loved the characters and always thought Picard was the best captain. Been watching a lot since the pandemic.


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In 1966 I was 9 years old when the original Star Trek television series aired. Of course I was an immediate fan of this new kind of sci-fi show but a strange thing has happened. I grew up and the original series stayed the same.

Time has rearranged my preferences and my patience. When I watch the original series now it has lost its luster, some episodes more than others.

Today I have to give two thumbs up to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This flavor of Trek seems to get better with age in my opinion. The complexity of the storylines, the depth of the characters - there are episodes of DS9 that actually do not "feel" like sci-fi, and that's good.

As a newbie around here, let me try a video clip as evidence:



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I loved DS9 too. Once I had an attachment to the characters, the continuity really drew me in. Do you have favorite episodes of DS9?


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One episode in particular affected me deeply. From season 4, "Hippocratic Oath", totally engaged me with Dr. Bashir trying to help the Jem'Hadar break their addiction to ketracel white.

This was waay more interesting to me because it hinted that the Jem'Hadar are fully capacitive beings, if freed from drug addiction. Dr. Bashir recognized this opportunity to "free the slaves" and start the kind of revolution The Federation could support!

The contrast between Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien was totally telling. O'Brien was a complete "Fred Flintstone" in this episode, blind to an opportunity to change the course of history. Dr. Bashir was prepared to give his life for "the Good of the Many".

After this episode my dislike for Miles O'Brien was at a much deeper level than I had ever experienced for a fictional character. That's more than great acting - that's excellent writing and direction as well!


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I love the episode "By Inferno's Light"... Where Garak has to face his fear of claustrophobia to help them escape. I love it because Worf and General Martok gain some respect for Garak for doing that.


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Absolutely! Garak was a cool character with the extra benefit of being "insertable". And by that I mean each episode had two possible storylines, with Garak or without. I'll betcha many writer's sessions went back and worth - "Garak yes vs. Garak no"!

It's no secret that DS9 has suffered a lot of criticism for not being "Trek-like". Personally by the time DS9 premiered I was glad to get away from spaceship and get deep into character development enhanced by a specific location. Like an orbiting hotel, DS9 was well suited to showcase different visitors in harmony with it's old school episodic production standards.

That's what made old school television so much fun, seeing favorite guest stars make an appearance - exclusively on one episode.

Take William Windom as Commodore Decker on "The Doomsday Machine" from the Original Series. William Windom was a very familiar television presence throughout the last half of the 20th century. From Bonanza to the Mod Squad - from Columbo to The Waltons; William Windom could do it all.

But as Commodore Decker, Mr. Windom gave a performance that brought the house down!


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