does anyone ever had a Toku Song stuck in there heads


Just 'Neg' will suffice.
Most played Toku related track for me is........the sound effect track for King Form :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Wow, the things iTunes can tell you about yourself~

Most played song is Elements.


Open Your Amazons!
Sexual Lady (Yellow Four and Pink Five's theme)
Stop The Battle (Goggle Five ED)
Kaizoku Gattai! Gokai-Oh

...for now. if I list all of the songs I was addicted to, it might take days to recall what the song title and which series was it from.


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Ultraman Mebius theme song. It's just so catchy!

I use several as alarm tunes in the morning such as 'Eternity Blood'...


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Man, have I been here before....

Basically all Super Sentai openings
Yuuki no Phoenix (Kai's song)
Super Goseiger


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Toku songs get stuck in my head all the time. Probably doesn't help I'll listen to toku music on the way to work so I've caught myself humming a theme while working on a project or straightening shelves.


Recently it is Super Sentai Hero Getter for me..

Gekiren Jyuken shugyouchuu
Enjin aibou Go-Onger
Shinken Samurai chanbara da
Tenshi ga card da Goseiger
Densetsu o tsukuru ze
Warera Super Sentai!