General Discussion Does anyone mess around with 3D art creation?

Dec 2, 2016
Has anyone played around with free 3D sculpting software like Blender? How about programs like Poser or Daz Studio which help you help you modify already created characters and also create scenes and animation? Note, old versions of Poser can usually be bought for under 100 dollars on Amazon. Anyhow, some 3D software is incredibly expensive like zBrush. However, one can always look for a free trial. Finally, some other software brands include Maya and Vue.

If you're looking to play around then some websites to check out are Renderosity and ShareCG which both offer free stuff while the first one offers a lot of premium material also.

All in all, I think 3D art is a very fun hobby for any age. It's very addictive. Nonetheless, I don't really have the time to devote to the hobby as I also enjoy playing music which I find more important. Therefore, Poser is something I am familiar with, but not Blender and haven't even looked into the other software which all require a huge learning curve.