Jun 17, 2010
Val was glad once they finally found the weak point for the Jewel Dopant. The second Toushi stabbed his javelin into Makoto's belt buckle she readied her Bucket Scoopers. She knew that she could probably take out Makoto's Gaia Memory with a good hit so she prepared her weapons. But the second the Javelin got taken out a stray blast managed to hit her weapons, dashing that theory. Another one managed to hit the Scope Shot on her belt, meaning she couldn't preform Climax Shoot either.

"Well, so much for that" Valerie sneered as she looked at the pile of diamonds in front of her. I can't kill him, but I can screw him up really really badly. She took out her Surviblade and acted as if she was going to drive the sword into the belt buckle. Makoto dodgde accordingly but didn't expect her to turn it back into a gun and fire off a volley of bullets before getting knocked out of the way and having her weapon also turned to diamonds.

Val turned her eyes to Toushi. "Have anything flashy we can use to finish it all off?"