[GAME] Dimensional Sentai Omniranger (RPG)


Toushi's head felt as if it had been split open. The young man tried to remember what had happened, but every moment of consciousness he had felt as though someone jovially stomping on his head... While wearing soccer shoes. Eventually, the memories of the vaulter monster attacking couples flooded back into his mind. "I can't stay here... That creature is still out there..." The silver haired man thought as he tried to open his eyes. Finally, after after much struggling, Toushi was able force his eyes open and immediately he knew something was terribly wrong.

The sunny park in which the young man had tried to face off the monster was nowhere in sight. Instead he found himself laying face down next to a strange fountain at night. Looking around, the young man could see four more people also on the ground that were just coming to.

"Stand up..." A voice suddenly echoed through the surroundings surprising the silver haired man. Looking up, he saw a man wearing a red suit and with his face hidden behind an identically red helmet. "My name is AkaRed..." He presented himself with a deep and confident voice. "And I have gather you five here from different worlds in order to address the crisis at hand." The man announced.

"Crisis?" Toushi repeated in confusion.

AkaRed nodded. "You all must have notice the disappearance of the heroes that protected all of your worlds..." It was Toushi's turn to nod. "Duo to some mysterious and dark force, the Kamen Riders that fought against the evil that plagued in and everyone of your worlds disappeared at the same time, leaving all the parallel dimensions defenseless." The man continued. "I sensed happen all the way from my world and have come to help... However, the powers I posses are foreign to your worlds, so I can only relay on you to protect the innocent until we can find out the source of this tragedy." The dimensional traveled finally explained.

Bewildered eyes looked at AkaRed. "But... But... Why us...?!" Toushi asked.

"Because... You have been deemed worthy." AkaRed answered simply.

As if on cue, a light started to shine right before Toushi and the other four individuals. Not knowing what to do, the young man simply reached up to the glowing light in front of him. Immediately, the light receded, revealing a strange cellphone-like object that fell into Toushi's hand.


(OOC: The RPG is up. The first world will be W's and we'll be using Boukenger's powers.)


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"Argh, My head..." Takumi said as he woke up and listened to Akared's explaination. "So, this is why Unidentified life form #4 was gone, then again, Kamen rider sounds much better. Count me in." Takumi Reached into the light and took out a phone similar to the one the other individual pulled out of the light.

"And since we're working together, Might as well introduce ourselves, the name is Takumi Minamoto. I look forward to fighting with you guys." Takumi said as he turned to the other members of the group.
Valerie burned from head to toe. It felt as if she had been struck by a magical bolt of lightning that seared her body. Oh. Oh wait. That's right... Valerie woke up remarkably quickly. However, it took a colossal effort for her body to begin to actually think "its time to stand up." Valerie was sure that the bolt of lightning knocked her down onto the pavement. She clenched her fist for a second, feeling gravel under her hand. That explained the feeling of stone underneath her. And that uneven feeling on her forehead.

Wait. Gravel? She wasn't on a gravel road. Last thing she remembered was walking back from a cinema with a bunch of people through a busy street in Tokyo. Okay, I have to actually get up. Groaning at the thought she forced as much strength as she could muster in to her right hand and slowly flipped around onto her back. As the brunette flipped over she saw a brief glimpses of a fountain. Valerie forced herself to stand up and look around. Glancing around she noticed four other people around. One woman, three men. The other woman hadn't gotten up but another of the guys had.

A man in a red mask was staring at the five people. After explainning the situation, Valerie reached her hand in the air and suddenly a silver phone appeared in her hand. Suddenly she no longer felt like she'd been through a walk cycle.

"Alright, if the world needs saving then lets do it. I'm Valerie Redgrave."
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His head was splitting and his body was numb, like he suffered from sleep paralysis. His vision blurred briefly then set itself, causing a strange surrounding to bleed into view. Almost immediately he vomited his lunch and quickly rushed to the fountain nearby to cleanse his tongue.

"Ugh, what the hell happened...I fought that monster headed freak and then I blacked out...feels more like I got knocked out. That douche must've had friends."

Jojo quickly took a look around to assess his situation. This was definitely not the alleyways, he knew that much already, but the surroundings, the architecture, even the air felt foreign.

It was then that he heard a deep, echoing voice ringing out behind him, and there he noticed four other people all coming too and a fifth being clad in a red suit, his face concealed behind a crimson mask. Jojo didn't know what to make of the man or where he was but he chose to remain quiet for now.

A brilliant light shone before Jojo and the four individuals. Each of the four reached their hand into the light and Jojo did the same; as he drew back his hand, in it was a black handset, a cell phone.

Somehow, this would be his chance. His chance to really be something. All the stories he had written, all of the training at the Sports Institute, this moment easily topped it.

"So those masked superheroes...the Kamen Riders...they're real? And now we're going to follow in their footsteps to save this world? I'm in. Name's Jonathan Nishidake, but you can call me 'Jojo' for short. Everyone does."

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Mei felt a pain in her head like she’s never felt before. She didn’t know what was going on, she didn’t know where she was, she only remembered that white monster about to finish her off. She opened her eyes slowly, everything was bright around her, ‘Am I dead?’ She thought to herself. She didn’t think she was, she didn’t imagine this is how it’d be.

She looked up and saw a blurred figure with a helmet ‘Faiz?’ She opened her eyes wider and saw it wasn’t him, it was a man dressed in red with a red helmet, same sort of costume formula as Faiz though. She got up slowly to see four others with her. Either everyone was already up when she got up, or she was the last one to get up, either way it made her look bag.

She looked at AkaRed the whole time he explained the situation. His words replayed a few times in her head, she was fully getting used to the situation, though she still couldn’t believe what he said. ‘Faiz is….gone?’ Faiz was Mei’s hero, the reason she worked hard to get stronger, she couldn’t fully deal with the fact that he was gone yet.

Those thoughts left her mind as a bright light shone in front of her. At first she looked away because it was too bright, but then it felt..comforting. She reached out with both hands, then she felt something in them. When she pulled them back and looked at what it was, a cellphone. Mei, along with those other four, were meant to take the place of Faiz and the other kamen riders to protect people? For a moment she couldn’t accept the idea, but then she remembered everything she felt when Faiz saved her. She nodded her head and poke up fo the first time. “I, Mei Shizuka, will help too.â€


AkaRed nodded as the five people in front of him accepted the OmniScanner. "From now on..." The masked individual suddenly said as he extended his closed fist forward. "The five of you shall be known as the Dimensional Sentai, Omniranger!" He announced before opening his palm, revealing another sphere of light inside of it.

Immediately, the light separated into five spheres, all of different colors. The red, blue, black, yellow, and pink spheres each then shot towards one the newly christened Ominranger.

Toushi caught the red one with his free hand just as it came towards him. Looking down as the red light receded, the silver haired man could see a small, completely red figure with a large number '1' engraved on its front and what appeared to be a key on its back.

"These are your RangerKeys, they were the ones that chose you." AkaRed revealed. "They will bestow you with the powers of my world as you travel through the different dimensions."

The last set of words alerted Toushi. "Excuse me... Did you say travel through different dimensions?" He questioned. The masked man nodded before pointing up. A gasp escaped Toushi as he saw several Earths floating in the night sky.

"I will take you to the first world..." AkaRed informed. "Another portal will open as soon as you stabilize the situation there."

Toushi was about to ask the masked man to explain himself, but he lost all of his words the moment one of the Earths started to descent upon them. As it approached, the sphere suddenly dissolved into a large grey wall and continue falling on top of Toushi and the others. The silver haired man brought his arms up to cover his head and closed his yes, bracing for the impact of the wall crashing down on him.

After a couple of minutes without feeling anything, Toushi opened his eyes and what surprised yet again. He, and the other four, were in a completely different place. The sun was up again as Toushi look at his surroundings, not recognizing the windy city he was in. Sensing something in his hand, the young man look down just in time to see the RangerKey glow before changing. The 1 being replaced by a white strip that ran through the middle of the body, and a black visor appeared across its helmet.

Toushi looked at his new companions. "I guess we're a team now..." He commented. "My name is Toushi... Oumono Toushi."


(OOC: This is set after episode 40 of W, after the ClaydollXtreme debut. Check the discussion thread to see at which point the other worlds will take place.)
Valerie snatched up her own yellow key from the air and toyed around with it. However, she dropped the key entirely upon the mention that their mission would involve moving through dimensions. Other dimensions? No, no thats not possible. There is only one dimension, of course there is. How can there be other alien planets Valerie though as she knelt down to pick up her key. But then again there should be no Kamen Riders should there? And no alien insects who can shapeshift. Yeah, I guess I need to accept it.

Valerie stared, widened eyed at the many shining earths in the sky above her. Valerie examined her key for a moment, noting the large 4 engraved in it. I did want to be a hero. I wanted to help people and save lives. This is just the way I do it. Omni 4. Alright then, I am Omni 4. As the earth crashed down around her, metaphorically and literally, she closed her eyes and clasped her key firmly in her hand, as if needing to guard it with her life.

Valerie could feel a strong wind blowing through the air and could hear the sounds of civilization in the distance. Valerie opened her eyes and saw that she was in a small town with her new comrades. Wind towers stood up around her, their blades picking up the cool midday breeze. Her Omni 4 key glowed momentarily before gaining white stripes, silver cuffs, and a visor. She flipped the legs up through a secret button and revealed the teeth of the key, as well as a symbol that resembled an accelerometer. Valerie closed the key and pocketed it. Valerie turned towards Toushi and looked at him in confused compliance. "So what now?"


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Takumi stood in Awe as he saw a ton of other Earths floating around in space and as Akared took the group to another world.

"Oh my god, that was almost as awesome as winning against a tough guy in a street-fight." Takumi said enthusiastically, then instantly thought that the other people in the group would get the wrong idea and think he was a petty crook that frequently used his street fighting skills for his own personal gain, he had to recover from that little mistake. "Yes you heard me right i am a street fighter, BUT, i fight to help the innocent, not for my own gain. I may be a street fighter but i can be a nice guy."

the ranger key in Takumi's hand started to change into a blue figure with a white stripe and a black visor.
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He examined the item for a long while. This was the key, quite literally and metaphorically, to his destiny. The figurine that comprised the top of the key resembled somewhat of an off-shoot of what he heard a Kamen Rider looked like.
It was black with silver stripes as well as its visor, white gloves, and a numeral "3" that disappeared into a silver line that streaked down its middle.

"Omniranger..." He overheard Aka-Red speaking to the silver-headed guy...Toushi, was it? It seemed like Aka-Red was designating him as the leader. Jojo began to approach him to shake hands when he saw Toushi rear into a defensive curl, prompting him to look upwards. A large sphere dissolved into a huge grey wall that moved to crush him and his companions. Reflexively, Jojo curled into a ball as well.

What happened next was completely unprecedented. Not only was there no impact, pain, or death, but they switched locations again. "I guess this is what he meant by traveling through Dimensions. I'd wish he'd give us a warning before we go Quantum Tunneling." Jojo remarked under his breath.

The windy city they now stood in was still and quiet. Jojo didn't like the deathly silence so he went to confer with the others.

"...guess we're a team now...My name is Toushi... Oumono Toushi."

"Jojo Nishidake. Or Omniranger 3, Black."

"Oh my god, that was almost as awesome as winning against a tough guy in a street-fight." This comment caused Jojo to turn his head inquisitively. ""Yes, you heard me right; I am a street fighter." Takumi stated. To further elucidate his point he continued: "BUT, I fight to help the innocent; I don't fight for personal gain. I may look like I'm rough and ready, but i can be a nice guy."

Jojo shook Takumi's hand. "Jojo Nishidake. I'm an old-boy myself!"

The title of "Old boy" was well known among the street fighting circuit; it meant that Jojo was considered a veteran fighter. This caused Takumi to gasp in surprise.

"Yep, that's right. And I'd like to spar with you someday...if you don't mind."

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Staring in awe at the little figurines, Mei slowly reached her hand out, grabbing the pink colored one. She looked at it which appeared to be a small figure that looked like a 'Kamen rider' as they called it with the number 5. This must've been her designated number on this team. Mei looked up in the sky to see the several 'Earths' revolve. Traveling through dimensions, this was beyond what Mei ever even learned, or cared to imagine for that matter. She worried about returning to her own world now. Would she be able to get back? She was leaving Lei behind all by herself.

Those worries washed away as it seemed the Earth was about to crash down on them. Out of fear she ducked down and covered her head with both hands. She anticipated to feel a crushing weight destroy them, but instead came a cool breeze on her skin. A puzzled look drew on her face as she slowly opened her eyes, staring at pavement. She got up slowly and looked around, they were brought to a city, one that didn't look like her own. She looked at her hands, she still had the phone and the figure, but the figure had changed to one with a white stripe between pink and some sort of compass-looking insignia on it.

She looked up at her team mates, it seems they were just as confused about everything as she was, but they took it better than she did. The one that had omni 1, their apparent leader, introduced himself as Oumono Toushi. The other did as well as as a Jojo Nishidake but she was sure he heard him before, she didn't hear Toushi. It seemed Jojo and Takumi were street fighters. Even though they fought for 'justice', violence was violence and she felt uneasy being around them. The other two seemed outgoing as well, Mei seemed like the only quiet one. The only person she was around for too long was Lei, how was she going to work for them.

The breeze made her cold, she hadn't dressed appropriately for the world she didn't even know existed. She pocketed the key and fastened the cell phone on her pants waist. She crossed her arms and rubbed her shoulders with the opposite hands. She walked to Toushi as he was appointed leader and spoke, "Umm, shouldn't we have some sort of base, or any type of shelter around?" Since they were supposed to stay here and protect this place, she thought they'd ought to have living arrangements.


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"Challenge accepted" Takumi said as he gave a thumbs up and is excited to meet another street fighter who doesn't want to kill him. Takumi's attention was turned to a newspaper flying around like tumbleweed and picked it up. it was today's news paper that might give the group some leads on this world. the front page is what caught Takumi "Kamen rider missing. Gaia Memory dealings still at large." Takumi read outloud. "Hey guys, think i found us a lead on what to do."


Toushi contemplated what Mei said for a couple of seconds. "But it would be hard to find a place like that if we're not from this world." He said. "Unless..." He looked around the group. "Does anyone find this place familiar?" He inquired, hoping that one of his teammates originated from this particular world.

At Takumi's words, Toushi turned his attention towards the younger guy and walked up to him to take a closer look at the newspaper he had found. "Huh... So the Kamen Rider is a public figure in this world..." The silver haired man commented. "In mine he was just above an urban legend... Unless you actually saw him, you didn't really believe he existed." He added before continuing reading alone the article "This says: without the Kamen Riders police as struggling with the many reports of a monster turning people into diamonds." He read. "Could this suppose monster be what AkaRed wanted us to deal with?" Toushi asked his teammates. "Maybe we should start by going to the Police Department and find out what's going on." He suggested.

The silver haired man was about to lead the way to the police, but he immediately stopped on his tracks as it dawned on him. "Uhm... Does anyone have any idea where the Police Department is in this world?" He asked, looking over his teammates once more.


Elsewhere, inside a pocket dimension filled with bookcases within the world that the Ominrangers had arrived on, a an attractive young woman let out a "tch" in frustration as she look through book after book. "How can it all have just disappeared?!" She angrily asked.

Not long after Sonozaki Wakana gained access to the Gaia Library, all the information about Phillip, his partner, and the red Kamen Rider suddenly disappeared from the world's database. At first she thought it was a trick from her brother, but then the newspapers started announcing the disappearance of the Riders. Immediately, she went into the Gaia Library and started searching for answers.

Suddenly, the young woman felt the entire library started to shake. The tremors was over with before she could react to it, but she her attention was now directed elsewhere. A whole new book had apparently been added to the Earth's library. Hesitation just for a second, Wakane reached for the book titled: Dimensional Sentai Omniranger.
Valerie reached for her cellphone, trying to see if she could look up where the police were on her phone. Predictably though, the phone had vanished from her back pocket. Of course. Valerie scanned the area, looking for locals.

"Maybe we're not supposed to find the police. I mean sure maybe Kamen Rider worked with them but they wouldn't know anymore about what we're supposed too than we do." Valerie stopped for a moment. "Wait what was that about a monster that turned people into diamonds?!"

She snatched the paper from Toushi for a moment. She reread the words over and over and over again. Apparently according to sightings the creature appeared to be made of diamond. "Maybe we're supposed to follow up on this" Valerie suggested. "We need to actually test our powers anyway."


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"Good call. We need to find out what these keys can do. Although we might need to keep a low-profile when we use these because the monsters we fight might track us down in the worst of all possible places." Takumi suggested.

"A monster that turns people to diamonds huh? Sounds like a pretty weird monster." Takumi said as he looked at the newspaper also.

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"I agree with Takumi," Jojo stated, raising his hand. "We need to find out how to activate our powers. God forbid we get ambushed and we're completely defenseless. So we need to find a place to have a training session; gauge each other's skills and abilities. This way, we can use this to our advantage in battle and form strategies on the fly."
"Sounds good to me" Valerie concurred, holding up her key. So had no ideas what her powers would be when she transformed. She just hoped to God that she had a sword or access to one when she transformed. Valerie had only trained herself with a blade before and a rod once or twice but never hand to hand. Valerie really began to hope she had some kind of weapon. Valerie shook these thoughts out of her head. If she had powers she could likely compensate. "What do you think Toushi?"


At his teammates' words, Toushi looked down at the RangerKey and the OmniScanner, pondering for several seconds. "I don't know..." He finally said. "I know that if someone comes out we have to be able use this powers, but it feels sort of cheap to just try them out like this..." The young man commented. "But I guess..." Toushi started to say but stop as something else captured his attention.

"I can't believe the police is being so moronic...! And with Shoutaro and the others missing there is no one to stop the Dopant that's turning people into Diamonds!" A young girl loudly complained as she walked by the Omniranger team. She was so engrossed in her rant that she completely ignored Toushi and the others. "No one ever told me how to handle this on my own!" She shouted as she stomped on the ground.

"Ah... Excuse me..." Toushi said as he walked towards the girl. "You said something about a... Dopant, was it? Turning people into diamonds, what was it?" He asked.

The girl turned to look at the silver haired man and gasp when she realized what she let slip. "Ah... Uhm... No.. What I was saying was..." She tripped over her own words trying to find an excuse. "Uhm... I don't know any of this!" She exclaimed before suddenly turning around and running away.

"Wait! Hold on!" Toushi called out after her. The young man was about to follow the girl when he was suddenly cut off by a large group of men wearing suits.

"You must be the people Wakana-sama sent us to retrieve." One of them men said. "Your coming with us!" He stated.


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"How the hell could anyone possibly know about us?" Takumi said surprised about people knowing about the omnirangers not even 5 minutes after they landed in this world. "And who is Wakana?" Takumi asked as he walked up to one of the goons that decided to cut Toushi off.

"you're joking, right?" One of the goons said. "Well, whether you have an idiot in your group or not, we have strict orders to bring you people to Wakana. Now we could do this the easy way or the hard way."
Valerie began to weigh her options about what to do. Who was this Wakana woman? Who are these goons? Is she to be trusted? Will she help them or attempt to simply kill them all. In Valerie's mind there were way too many questions to be asked to follow their orders. "Guys, any ideas?" she spoke quietly to her teammates to keep the suited men from hearing. Her fingers were locked defensively around the Omni Scanner. Whatever happened, she was ready to fight her way out.