Comparing the English Show and Japanese Dub

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Kaji Motomiya

Okay, so Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight was apparently popular enough to get dubbed in the origin country of Kamen Rider, Japan. Your role as Kit Taylor was portrayed and voice acted by Tatsuhisa Suzuki. If you had the chance, or if you did have the chance, to listen to how he portrayed the character you brought to life, do or did you think that his voice acting gave the same emotion, the same feeling, the same life you gave Kit Taylor?

Also, while we're in the topic of comparing the different international broadcasts, how do you feel about the opening theme Japan used for their dub, "Dive into the Mirror", compared to the one used in America?

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I haven't had the chance to actually hear any of the dubs, though I would really enjoy it. I'm sure they did a fine job and if they didn't, well I can always take a flight to Japan and kick some ass. Or get my ass kicked...either one.

As for the sounds like it definitely has less of 90's grunge sound to it...
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