[GAME] Changeling the Lost: A Faerie Tale in New York


(before we begin, a couple notes
1. the reason we had such a long hiatus is because my laptop that had ALL my notes and scenarios on it crashed so it took a long time to re-write and recover it all.

2. a quick note on damage: There are three levels of damage, bashing, lethal, and agrivated. Your health boxes fill up as you take damage and when you fill up with one level then any further damage upgrades to the next level.

Bashing: this is blunt damage (at DM discression) if your boxes fill up with bashing damage i will start imposing penalties for your rolls but you char will still be walking out of the situation

Lethal: this is cutting, piercing etc. if your boxes fill up with lethal damage your character will fall unconscious until you get medical attention

Agrivated: This is things like acid, explosions, special weaknesses. if your boxes fill up with agrivated your dead without divine intervention on the part of the DM, you can make a new char if this happens but your previous char will die.

With those notes out of the way lets get on with the post!)

The pool of water on the other hand was nice and clear

It was, so clear in fact he could see the bottom of the pool was a basin of quartz crystal carved in the surface was a swirling pattern that seemed to draw him in. He saw faces, heard people talking but it all came in a hazy blur that made his head ache but as he pulls back he has the oddest feeling he’s gained something.

(max takes one point of bashing damage, but gains a secret ability to be revealed in private chat)

Reasoning that knowing whether the pathway was safe or not could be useful he walked over and checked it as he balanced carefully.

Not carefully enough though. The sandy gravel that made up the ground of the path gave away under him after only a few steps, sending him falling to the bottom 15 feet down. As he lay there dazed on the ground he found himself staring into the face of a doll. a rag doll with really long red hair crowned with silvery silk moonflowers, wearing in a dress of layers of pastel and off-white gossamer fabrics. Its iridescent aqua eyes were made of beads carve like leaves and though Andrew knew it was just a doll he couldn’t shake the feeling it was watching him.

(Andrew takes 5 points of bashing damage from the fall)

Alex immediately was drawn to the blood. Shifting his glance to Bruce, Alex motioned to the blood with a clawed hand.

Bruce went over to where Alex had called him. “What’ve you got?”

What they had was a pool of blood with a strange plant in it. The blood had the same scent that made Alex want to hiss out loud and this time it wasn’t fading, his every instinct screamed for action to either fight or flee. This continued until he noticed a shadow of something at the bottom of the pool, it took a bit of tugging to pull it lose but soon in his hand Alex was holding a metal dagger. he recognized it as being nearly identical to a blade carried by Sela's mate. Roughly made about 4 inches long with a now broken wrist strap on one end.

Bruce was inspecting as well and when the dagger was pulled out his expirience in the freehold identified it as a cold iron blade, stories stated the touch of this raw ore had an acid like touch to the gentry and battle veterans from all courts had stories of spying one of the others going out of their way to even be away from its very presence. The weapons made from cold iron were very rare, pure ore was hard to find and difficult to work with. Bruce had heard the Summer King had a talent for making them but even he was only able to make two or three pieces a year. The darkling theorized it would only be a life or death situation for someone to abandon this tiny bit of security this far away from any known trod.
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Bruce raised both eyebrows at the sight of the dagger in Alex’s reptilian hand. Thumbing the brim of his hat up, he bent down closer for a better look. “Oof. Nasty,†he murmured. “Cold iron. You might want to keep ’old of that, mate.â€

His train of thought was suddenly derailed by the sound of the ground giving way and a body crashing below. Bruce whipped his head around just in time to see Andrew disappear into the earth. He went quickly over towards the hole that had been left behind and peered into the darkness. “’Ere! What ’appened? You all rightâ€
“Just you stay where you are, mate, we’ll see if we can get to you!†Bruce called down. He gestured with his hand for the others to come over. “Alex! Maxie! Come give us an ’and over ’ere!†He looked around the vicinity of the hole for anything resembling a vine or a sturdy point to grip onto in order to reach the fallen Andrew.

Bruce rolls Wits + Athletics (5 dice)
5 – 8 – 4 – 5 – 10 > 10 > 7 = 3 successes.
Andrew winced as he leaned forward, he wasn’t really expecting such fall. As he began to dust his sleeves off he began to take a closer look at the rag doll. His mind was abuzz with thoughts of the objects purpose, was it part of some unusual trap or was it Changling transformed at the whim of a fae and casually abandoned. As he pondered these questions he heard Bruce call out from above.

“I’m alright, I just need a moment to check something.â€

Looking back to the doll, Andrew decided he’d need to try and learn more about the object, touching it was out of the question however as it may be a trap but he would likely need to do more than simply whisper to it as this rarely worked for him even when he had been dealing with books. A sudden burst of inspiration came to him as he looked again at the doll. He remembered his Mother owned a similar kind of doll back before he had been taken and so Andrew decided to recite a old nursery rhyme she used to sing to him when he still a child.

“One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret
Never to be toldâ€

It was may have been a jump of logic but perhaps the doll itself had encountered the same rhyme before.

[HIDE]Spending one point of glamour to Invoke contract of knowing touch:
Rolling Crafts + wyrd + 2 modifier = 3 dice
9 + 8 + 8 = 3 successes


Alex nodded at Bruce's suggestion. At the sharp sound of the ground giving way, Alex bounded over on all fours. The cold iron dagger was held securely, wrapped in his tail.

"Friend Andrew okay?" Alex called down, peering keenly into the hold. "Will try to help!"

[HIDE]Alex rolls Wits + Athletics (3 dice)
[2 - 3 - 10 - 4 = 1 Success] [/HIDE]


“One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret
Never to be told”

The air around Andrew seemed to ripple with disembodied laughter as he spoke to the doll and it repeated the last line with him and then his vision went blank as he saw things the doll had seen.

The first image was a True Fae who was clearly the inspiration for the doll, She radiated with a soft light that illuminated every inch of her from red hair and moon-flower crown past her aqua eyes down to the hem of her voluminous gossamer skirts. She handed the doll to a young blonde girl of about 9.

Then Andrew saw later images of the girl playing sports, having dinner with her family, doing homework.

The scene then changed to a night time scene. The Fae was back, with these glass mannequin things The Fae held the girl while before her eyes the minions made short work of her family before dragging both girl and doll through a mirror.
In perfect silence Andrew’s whole body tensed as he looked as if he were screaming aloud. The vision had sent him into a flurry of rage and dread, It wasn't only the fact someone so young was taken but the fact she had let her go only to kill her family before her own eyes. He feared for the child, the Fae had crossed a line that Andrew had never even considered. He turned around and stared up reaching out his arm to Bruce and Alex. He couldn't stand looking at the doll any longer.

“Pull me up.”


“Alex! Maxie! Come give us an ’and over ’ere!”

Alex came over as quickly as possible but Max was still slumped on the ground, a high-pitched whine emanated from the elemental while his facial screen showed a 1960‘s test pattern.

Bruce finds a place where he can reach Andrew’s hand, The Musical darkling is quite unnerved by his companion's show of emotions... whatever he saw it apparently disturbed Andrew badly. Andrew wanted to be pulled up right away, it will be a difficult thing to attempt but Bruce just might manage it.
(if you want to try Bruce needs a strength+ athletics and Andrew needs to make a dex+ athletics check as well)

Alex however has noticed another sloping path about 50 yards down toward the castle, In fact it would go straight through into the gardens through a gate in the wall, which was made of glass same as the rest of the castle. Andrew might be able to meet them there.
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The image on Max's screen face changed from the test pattern to a image of his human appearance laying on the ground, with a bunch birds circling around his head while chirping.

"Bargle forbleenoforgendorpef" was the closest thing to words that came out of his mouth for a bit there before shaking his head and regaining his senses. "Anyone see the truck that ran over my head?"

“Alex! Maxie! Come give us an ’and over ’ere!â€

"Huh? Alright.." he said as he wandered over to give a hand, a little out of it still.

Rolls Strength + Athletics (3 + 0)

2 + 1 + 4

No Successes
Bruce furrowed his brow at the sight of Andrew’s distressed state. Better to ask after he had been pulled out of the ground, he reckoned. “Give us your ’and, mate, you’re almost there.”

Bruce rolls Strength + Athletics (4 dice)
10 > 10 > 8 – 2 – 4 – 4 = 3 successes.
Andrew nodded and Pressed his foot on top of a rock lodged into the steep climb. He slowly tried to get proper footing and get out of the pit more easily.

[HIDE]Rolling dex (2) + athelitcs (3)
1 success


Seeing Andrew's distress caused Alex to look closer at the hole he was in. After some silent consideration, trying not to break the concentration between Bruce and Andrew, Alex eyed the sloped path. Without a sound Alex began to run down the path.

The scent of Andrew's fear suddenly washed over Alex as he ventured down the trail. This caused the beastling to panic and flat out run the rest of the way. It was only instinct that stopped Alex from slamming face-first into the glass that suddenly blocked his path.

Alex raised a clawed hand to glass, lightly touching it, to see if it was useful to them.

[HIDE]Alex roll's Wits + Investigation to check glass (4 Dice)
10 - 5 - 5 - 10 > 10 - 9 > 9 = 5 Successes[/HIDE]


"Huh? Alright.." Max said as he wandered over to give a hand, a little out of it still.

Andrew nodded and Pressed his foot on top of a rock lodged into the steep climb. He slowly tried to get proper footing and get out of the pit more easily

Max got to the edge of the hole and began to reach down and help but when you were made out of bits & bobs some tasks were harder than others. Max unfortunately over-balanced and started to pitch forward as some of the edge crumbled beneath him, thankfully he was able to catch himself at the last possible second and scrambled on to firmer ground.

Bruce managed to pull Andrew out of the pit despite the distraction Max caused. The three adventures sat around catching their breath for a moment before they noticed their fourth companion wasn’t with them.

Alex eyed the sloped path. Without a sound Alex began to run down the path. Alex raised a clawed hand to glass, lightly touching it, to see if it was useful to them.

What Alex was touching was a smooth glass wall, it was sand colored and mostly opaque with glittering swirls of gold and crimson lancing through it. As he walked along it he found a gate that led past the barrier. The gate was a delicate web of gilt & gold that emanated out from a single gold lock in the middle, oddly enough despite the presence of such a mechanism the gate wasn’t locked and it swung open invitingly at his barest touch to reveal a garden.

The gardens of the castle was a thing of beauty, beyond the gate seemed like a different world to one peering in. Paths of glittering gold sand flowed around through seas of emerald grass, trees with silver bark and jade leaves grew perfect liquid-filled fruit that glimmered like Christmas baubles while stained glass flowers erupted in cascades of multi colored light. As Alex peered in he caught a glimpse of a white animal with pearline fur that darted among the thick foliage and all the while this idyllic scene created its own soundtrack as the playful breeze played a symphony of chimes with everything the garden offered.

(if anyone want to catch up with Alex no roll is required. if anyone wants to look around inside the garden, procede through the gate and lets have another Wits+ investigation roll)
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"Well that was embarrassing." Max said as he scratched the back of his head, here he was trying to pull a guy up from a cliff and nearly ended up dangling over one himself. Not wanting to waste any more of their time he chose to press on and went in the same direction that their other comrade went in.

When he saw the big shiny gate he didn't even notice Alex, and just sort of walked on past into the garden, figuring it was worth a look. Perhaps that headache, the presence of which still perplexed him considering his head was a television and not a normal head changeling physiology could be very weird, was still making a little loopy, still though it couldnt hurt to look.

Roll Wits + Investigation ( 3 Dice )

3 -10 -1





4 successes



Broken flashes of his time with Gaia clouded Alex's vision and mind as the beastling stared beyond the gate into the garden.

"Not here.... not here... not here... not here... She's not here!" Alex screamed his head but it came out a whimper. "Not here.... not here... not here... not here... She's not here!"

As Max walked by him, seemingly entranced by the garden, Alex's worry for his friend helped to calm him down enough to grip the iron cold dagger in his right hand and walk through into the garden proper.

[HIDE]Alex roll's Wits + Investigation to examine garden (4 Dice)
1 + 10 + 10 + 9 > 10 + 8 > 9 = 5 Successes[/HIDE]
Bruce got to his feet and dusted some dirt off his clothes. The Darkling adjusted his hat, then offered a hand to Andrew to help him up. “Find anything good down there, then?†he asked. “Come on, let’s catch up with the others. We can walk an’ talk, yeah.â€
Andre took his hand and got up, as he nodded to Bruce he seemed more detached after the event.

“I have a way with objects I can get them to tell me things, how they work, secrets associated with them and sometimes I can see visions from their past. I found a Doll down there and I saw a Fae kidnap a young girl and kill her family in front of her. I think it’s likely the Fae may live in that castle, all her minions were made of similar glass.â€

As they walked down the path and approached the gate Andrew quietly added.

“If it’s possible I’d like to try and help the child.â€

He wasn’t sure of Fae abilities if she could hear him, but he worried about what she might do if she did.
Bruce smiled at Andrew. He patted the Wizened on the shoulder.

“You’re a good lad,” he said. “Let’s go make you some kid’s hero.”

He stopped at the edge of the garden, pausing to take everything in. Bruce disliked it. He could appreciate a nice scene, he really could. He had an artist’s eyes. This was Fae country, however, where nothing was as it seemed. Nothing exemplified the adage about every rose having thorns more than this world.

“Good a lead as any, I reckon,” he said, trying to remain nonchalant. “Let’s ’ave a shufty about. Just keep your eyes peeled.”

Bruce rolls Wits + Investigation (5 dice)
8 – 5 – 9 – 5 – 2 = 2 successes.


[hidE]Max 4 successes[/hidE]

Max wandered through the garden the liquid filled fruits beckoned him to pick one and drink its juice. The path he was following ended in a circular clearing with a silver podium in the center,upon which was engraved the phrase

‘What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if one day our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us’.

On top of the podium stood an angel statue, it was made of clear glass that flashed with little flecks of color like an opal. Max almost wished he could see her face but the statue had been carved as if it were crying and therefore its face was obscured by its hands.

[hidE]Alex 5 Successes[/hidE]

"Not here.... not here... not here... not here... She's not here!"

No she wasn’t. As Alex continued to explore the garden he realized this place didn’t belong to his old mistress it wasn’t wild enough, his old keeper loved natural beauty and this was a facsimile of someone elses perfect idea of a garden... he was safe for now.

As he looked around the garden he found the creature he had seen earlier. She was hidden in a thicket of tall Calocephalus, the stunning white foliage dotted with brilliant button like flowers in colors ranging from deep crimson, to pale lavender, to neon pink. From the waist down she had the back legs of a unicorn with shimmering pearline fur, but from the waist up the creature was a beautiful woman with snow white skin, platinum hair, and a star shaped birthmark on her forehead. Amethyst eyes blinked serenely and a faint blush dusted her cheek as she looked at the beast, she was wraped in a toga that was only barely wrapped around her. in one hand she held a silver mask with a unicorn’s horn, around her neck was a choker attached to several silver keys. She smiled at him sweetly and offered him a hand.

“I haven’t seen you in this part of the garden†she murmured coyly

[hidE]Bruce 2 successes[/hidE]

Bruce kept his eyes peeled but they kept being drawn to the castle which caused him to wince in discomfort, from inside he could hear lively music and could see several vague figures swirling about as a ball was apparently going on inside.

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