[GAME] Changeling the Lost: A Faerie Tale in New York

“Oh, dry up, ya great fat Jessie,†Bruce scoffed, and propped Max up against the statue in the centre of the room. “You’re stable, you just need to get your ’ead straight.â€

Although he had patched up the worst of Max’s injuries, he thought the Levinquick might still be bleeding a little bit. In fact, he could have sworn he saw two or three drops of blood splash against the statue and the floor, but when he blinked there was no evidence of either. Even stranger, if Max were bleeding, surely there should have been some traces between there and the door, but Bruce saw none. He wondered if it was just the adrenaline of the encounter or some weird effect of the place causing him to hallucinate.

There was something else too. From behind the doors at the far end, opposite the way they had come in, he could very faintly hear ballroom music. “’Ere, you lot gettin’ that?â€

Arieoelle asked me to make the Wits + Investigation roll during a Skype call. I got two successes and have included the results of that roll as she dictated them to me.
Andrew looked toward the statue with a grim expression and shook his head. Any doubts he had in his mind about the relevancy of his vision were gone. He looked back toward Max, they didn’t seem to be in shape to run off and search the whole building and splitting up would probably just get them killed. Andrew turned and face the rest of the motley and pointed to the statue with his free hand.

“That statue looks like the Fae from my vision, I probably don’t need to say it but from I’ve seen she’s incredibly dangerous. I think we need to focus on helping out Max before we try to move forward.â€


“That statue looks like the Fae from my vision, I probably don’t need to say it but from I’ve seen she’s incredibly dangerous. I think we need to focus on helping out Max before we try to move forward.â€

Alex, who'd been circling the group since they entered the room, wearily returned to the group. Alex hadn't known why friend Andrew was so desperate to leave the hole before. Now all his senses were focused on the statue in a beast's version of tunnel vision.
“You do that, Andy,” said Bruce. “Oi, Alex.” He approached the Beast and put a hand on his shoulder. He jabbed the thumb of his free hand in the direction of the others. “You ’elp Andy fix our telly. I want to check somethin’ out. Good lad.” He adjusted the brim of his hat, went across the chamber in the direction of the ballroom music, and tried the door handle.


The ceiling of this room was made of midnight blue glass fixed with glittering lights, the glass walls glowed with a soft golden glow and a stained glass mosaic formed the floor with a blood red glass dias at the far end. Bruce however was less interested in the room and the occupants. Gentry, multiple. The Nightsinger counted at 7 of them. There was a sluglike mass of eyes talking to a birdheaded creature wearing a coat of live rats next to the buffet tables, the latter crushed a goblet of rich Burgundy wine in his taloned hand as he watched a handsome human-like Fae made all of bright primary and rich gemtone colors from his golden hair to his blue eyes, red silk shirt, and black leather trousers.

This Fae royal was leading a stunning naga-like partner out onto the dance floor she was rich shades of green and brown, dotted and swirled with metallic patterns which broke up her form and made her shine in the glow of the ballroom.

The beauty of this creature earned her partner admiring approval from three other Fae in the room, the male of another pair on the dance floor who seemed to appear as a stereotypical 1950‘s American stepford married couple, another princely Gentry with a wolf’s head who was debauching himself a Fairest slave whose cries of pleasure were just a little to enthusiastic to be real, and a magnificent Kingly figure in crystal armor, who seemed to be trying to woo another Fae... the woman from the statue out front in living, well flash was the wrong word since she seemed to be made as much of glass, porcelain, and light as her suroundings.

The owner of the caste sat in her silver throne and stared at the empty throne next to her, she sighed loudly whenever the King spoke but otherwise seemed to ignore him, melancholy etched all across her face.

((Bruce can either try to sneak in and spy or go back to the others and pick another door. To sneak in would be a Dex+Stealth roll))
Bruce immediately reacted by pushing the door shut and pressing his back against it. Were any of the others to look at him at that exact moment, they would see his eyes widen behind his sunglasses. Seven True Fae, all in one place, did not sound like a good time to him. One, sure. Two, why not? Seven, though? That was the difference between fighting the Batman and fighting the I.R.S. Not so much a challenge as outright suicide.


He took a moment to steel himself, then moved along to check the next room in the western part of the chamber.


The next door Bruce opened revealed a black glass stairway that descended deep into the ground. From the dark abyss that was revealed came smells of damp, fear, and death. A faint sobbing could be heard if one were to listen really closely.


Max froze in place for a moment as images started to flash on his screen in rapid succession, all while his body surged with electricity. He shook sort of like a seizure but didn't seem to be in any kind of pain, if anything it was the opposite as parts of himself seemed to be repairing right before the eyes of anyone watching him. Accompanying this was the tune that played whenever Popeye ate his spinach as he stood back up, apparently good as new though a little sore. How someone made of cable and metal could feel sore was anyone's guess but still he was sore, or so convinced that he was that he more or less was.

"Wizened guy with a violin, we gotta find that guy...I think so that is uhhh wait where did that come from?" he pondered, while no one could have made sense of the images that had came and gone so quick he remembered bits and pieces. More importantly he wondered why some parts felt more important than others. Somehow he had in his head seen everything that Bruce had and then some, though not all of it sunk in quite right. Suddenly though one part from the vision stood out to him. "Crap! They're here! Not good, not fucking good! I'm not doing any more I Love Lucy reruns oh hell no!"
Andrew looked at Max worried, after applying pressure to his wound with a makeshift bandage torn from his suit coat he was out of ideas. He wondered for a moment if Max would be ok if he left, he was certain if he found some kind of first aid kit or doctor’s equipment he’d be able to do so much more. He turned to look and the doors and then Alex unsure what to do.

Suddenly Max’s electricity started to surge, forcing Andrew back. Fearing the worst Andrew was about to call out to Bruce when a familiar theme song sounded out from Max’s speakers much to Andrew’s disbelief. Relived the wizened offered his hand to help the Elemental up. He naturally had questions on his mind, how had he recovered so suddenly? What was he talking about? Still he didn’t want to burden Max so soon with them.

“Is everything ok? You gave us a bit of a scare there.€
Bruce started at Max’s sudden verbal diarrhoea. He turned away from the open door he had found and glared at the others. “Someone shut ’im up, for God’s sakes!†he hissed. “Before we’re ’eard!€


Silence reigned for a few minutes as all sound in the castle ground to a halt. Then a sound began to echo, a soft high pitched clicking like crystal knocking together, it was coming from multiple directions and moving closer. Just before the locations of where whatever was making the sound could be pinpointed the music from the ballroom started up again making it impossible to hear.

then suddenly from out of the open door behind Bruce a amethyst glass knife came arcing over his shoulder and stabbing at his heart.


Thankfully Darkling was quick on his feet and nimbly stepped out of the way. from out of almost every door in the room figures emerged. They looked like life-sized manikins used by artists but these creatures were made of shards of broken glass, animated by twisted Faemagic.


The party quickly finds themselves surrounded by ten of these adversaries, the face of the lady flashing across each of their visages for a brief moment.

((alright guys, our 2nd combat please roll for Initiative and also post your defense scores))


5 - 7 - 10 - 8 - 10

10 - 10

8 - 10



9 successes

Looking around them at the creepy ...things there was only one thing Max could think to do. His TV-face switched to an image of Eric Cartman and said " God dammit!" in his best Cartman voice.
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Sorry about the recent absence. Back in the game. Hope this inspires our two other players to get their heads in as well.

Bruce rolls for initiative (1d10) = 7 + Initiative Modifier: 5 = 12.

Bruce’s Defence Score: 2.

Bruce went straight into a combat-ready pose, tensing his fists in front of him like a boxer and putting one foot in front of the other. The stunt with the glass knife had been a closer shave than he was comfortable with, but he grinned through it, exposing two rows of sharp teeth. He looked from one monster to the next, trying to decide which one to start with. He knew a protracted fight would not go in their favour, not to mention they were at risk of alerting the Gentry in the ballroom to their presence, but if they kept stepping back they would never accomplish their goal. There was still a life at stake other than their own.

“All right, lads, get your war faces on,†he told the rest of the motley. “These things are just glass, they can’t be all that tough.â€

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