May 30, 2008
Let me explain what King and CPS are trying to get at.

Why???? :nono:

Here's my question: Why having Breast milk ice cream back in the store goes on sale?

I'm too embarrassed to say this ever since my family from England, since I'm Half-English, so I couldn't agree more with Punk. Laughingstock, indeed. Thus I refused to eat Breast milk ice cream, it's gross!

Fucking unreal. They should just banned it, it's that simple. No excuse!

Yes, I want to know what it is..I don't know what it is!

1. Just because your "half-english" doesnt mean you understand what it means to be an englishman. Nor should you be ashamed of something that doesnt affect you in anyway.

2. "Laughing stock" for trying something that is unconventional in our country. What makes them a laughing stock? To be honest our country is more of a laughing stock for having states try to get rid of interracial marriage, or the constant fight of same sex marriage, and thats just the tip of the iceburg.

3. I understand not wanting to try something, thats fine but to sound like a 5 year old and say "...its gross" without any justification to it makes you sound ignorant.
Fighting evil makes me thirsty
Feb 23, 2011
You know what? I'd try it. Then at least I could say, "Hey. I've had breast milk ice cream."