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Black Mirror has been a long-time staple of Netflix. People love their dystopian Science Fiction Anthology, but sadly the last time we had a Season was in June 2019. Netflix did not cancel the show, but it was on a hiatus. Charlie Brooker decided not to make a Season 6 in 2020 because the year is already dystopian. That year is like an episode of Black Mirror, but it’s in real life. We didn’t get anything in 2021, and there is still no Good News in 2022 because Brooker got busy with other projects.
Black Mirror helped launch the careers of actors like Daniel Kaluuya, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Letitia Wright.
On a Roll by Ashley O


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I want to hear the song "Everyone who knows what loves is will understand" to be on TV again. Every Season of Black mirror uses that song.


I do Miss Black Mirror, but I Understand why Charlie gave it a hiatus. 2020 and 2021 are dark years, and people need more positive stories. Maybe they could do more happy endings for now. There are some happy ending episodes in this series anyway.


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So Covid is the reason why we don't have Season 6 yet? I hate Covid even more! It is understandable that they did this because 2020 is indeed a real life Black Mirror episode.


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The 2001 movie S1mone, felt like an Episode of Black Mirror. It is about a director who always gets abandoned by the stars he launched, So he use a CGI actress and she became a hit. Everyone are obsessed with her. Not knowing she doesn't exist.


I know many people hates on Season 5 because they are less dark but do every episode have to be dark? San Junipero is a proof that we have diverse endings. I think if we have more episodes, we have get more balance. Season 5 have less episodes because they spend so much energy on the special Episode Bandersnatch, which is interactive and have lots of episodes.


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People Hates on the Episode Rachel,Jack and Ashley O because it felt like a Disney Channel movie.


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Party City felt like a comedic version of Black Mirror. Dust felt like low Budget Black Mirror episodes. Love Death and Robots is not limited to Science fiction.


There is no Season that I didn't like, What I didn't like is the Hiatus we fans are going through. Three years of having no new Black Mirror Episode has been torture for me.


So the Pandemic is the reason why we have no Season for a long time? At least the show is not canceled but thanks to the similar shows you suggested OP.


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We might get a Season 6 in 2023. I know that is a lot of waiting but I hope Season 6 will have more episodes than 5.


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I wish Weird City got a Second Season but YouTube Gave up on making original content because it is not profitable on their part.

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