Black Mirror :What alternatives you can enjoy while Season 6 takes forever


Black Mirror has been a long-time staple of Netflix. People love their dystopian Science Fiction Anthology, but sadly the last time we had a Season was in June 2019. Netflix did not cancel the show, but it was on a hiatus. Charlie Brooker decided not to make a Season 6 in 2020 because the year is already dystopian. That year is like an episode of Black Mirror, but it’s in real life. We didn’t get anything in 2021, and there is still no Good News in 2022 because Brooker got busy with other projects.

Black Mirror helped launch the careers of actors like Daniel Kaluuya, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Letitia Wright.

On a Roll by Ashley O

There was a recent report that there will be a new season of Black Mirror, and it will have more episodes than Season 5, but we will be waiting for a long time.

Here are some Sci-Fi Anthology you can watch while waiting for Black Mirror Season 6.


Dust is a YouTube Channel, So watching it is for free. They Make Stand Alone Dystopian Science fiction around 5 to 30 minutes long. The Channel keeps on pumping new Content every week, so You will not run out of dark stories involving technology.

Weird City

Weird City is a Limited Series Anthology set in the distant future. Each episode is a stand-alone story like Black Mirror, but they are set in the same place, hence the title. The show has a more colorful and bright aesthetic, but it still has some darkness many BM fans will enjoy.

Love, Death and Robots

Love, Death and Robots is an Anthology from the makers of Heavy Metal. This Genre defying anthology will give  you stories like no other.

The Twilight Zone

This Dark Anthology has been on television since 1959, and it has experienced multiple revivals for generations. The Current Version is hosted by Jordan Peele, who has already proven his talent in horror. It has thousands of episodes. It can satisfy your withdrawal from dark stand-alone stories. You can watch the Twilight Zone a Paramount Plus.