Be Suspicious of This New Proposed Mini-Console

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My first thought was that it was the gizmundo all over again, but it actually looks worse! I think I'll stick with getting my NES out of the loft and wait for the Switch. Now that looks like a nice piece of kit.


Haha, gotta love when you say that "What they do have is a mini-NES that is restricted to 30 old games and has a terribly short cord. AND EVERYBODY WANTS IT!". If it's offering 30 old games and has a short cord, why would people possibly want it? Thanks for the feedback, it's a good eye opener!


Just by the look of it one can tell that it will not be a good idea to own one of these mini consoles. Thank you for giving us a heads up on how terrible this device could be. I bet some people will still buy them by curiousity and to make sure it's not a good buy.

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