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After announcing a Mega Drive Mini 2 for Japan, Sega has decided to….KIND OF release a Genesis 2 in America. At the moment you can buy one, but that won’t be the case for long: Sega will only manufacture one-tenth the amount of Mini 2s that they made of Mini 1s. Sega of Japan is handling the whole thing and the miniconsoles have to be shipped from there, adding an extra shipping fee of $20 to the price of $99. In other words, this isn’t for everyone.
But if you’re the type of collector who MUST have a Genesis Mini 2, there are valid reasons to get in line. The unit will include more games than the first Genesis Mini…60 in all. The full list was revealed today and it contains good stuff like Sonic CD, Ecco the Dolphin, Streets Of Rage 3, Ristar, Vectorman 2, Toejam & Earl 2, Phantaasy Star 2 and — believe it or not — the extremely rare and valuable Crusader of Centy.
This release will also include some of the trickier Sega games that are difficult to emulate due to using special...

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Are all the games from the original Genesis Mini included, just out of curiosity? Although "Over 50 Games included" is stated in every article, I can't seem to find any proof of this. There are less games than the first one on the roster.


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Clayrighter was a guilty pleasure to me back then. Sad this game just died down. I like the digitized picture sprites of the 2d era games.


I don't think this is for me because I prefer my games in 3d. I can't fathom to play games that doesn't have CGI in this day and age.