1. MagusKaizer

    [BUYING] ganbaride card singles

    I'm looking to buy a mess of ganbaride cards normally I would ask my friend in japan about it but I kinda wanna take a little load off his shoulders since he finds me a lot of other things. any chance anyone could help a guy out, since I don't really know how much ganbaride cards really go for I...
  2. Hikari0307

    Kamen Rider Blade Rouse Cards Archives

    If anybody has this set for sale or know any place selling it, can you guys please help me out, looked all over the place for them >_< Oh and I'm located in Australia.
  3. LaZerwolfX

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Blade Rouze/Rouse Cards

    Soooooo i've been watching Kamen Rider Blade and i'm wondering if theres anyone out there who is planning on buying the new Blade card set who might be willing to sell their old set. I'm not really looking for all of the fancy special cards (the gold spade cards, the sparkly spade cards, any...
  4. Kamen Rider Cartoonist

    PSC Summer Sale - Free Bonus Cards!

    The Pre-Order drive was a success, and now I have the card blanks ready to rock and roll. That means the cards will be drawn and mailed out as soon as I can after recieving payment. No wait for you guys. I'm up for drawing just about any character you can throw at me, be it; Sentai, Kamen...
  5. musashi03

    DX Kamen Rider Chalice Rouzer Belt Missing Cards

    Good day! I just bought a DX Kamen Rider Chalice Rouzer yesterday from a local toy store since it was on sale, I typically skip secondary Riders since my main focus was to collect all primary Riders, but since it was on sale for about $15, I know I had to get it. :laugh: The box and manual...