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The Pre-Order drive was a success, and now I have the card blanks ready to rock and roll. That means the cards will be drawn and mailed out as soon as I can after recieving payment. No wait for you guys.

I'm up for drawing just about any character you can throw at me, be it; Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Mecha, Metal Hero, Kaiju... Whatever you'd like!


There are ten slots open; one slot per person, but you can order as many cards per slot as you'd like.

Each card will be $20 each, and that includes shipping and handling. If ordering multiple cards, each additional card will be $15.

The cards will be hand drawn, one of a kind art - featuring one character of your choosing. Any character is welcome, as long as you can provide me with reference. Nudity is acceptable, but nothing pornographic.

Buy 2 cards or more get one free! Buy 5 Cards or more, get 2 free!

That's a bonus of $15-$30 for no extra charge!

Offer limited while supplies last, only available to the first ten customers who order. When those slots are filled the sale is over!

Don't miss out on the best way to get original art of your favorite character!

Open Slots!
01- Filled!
02- Filled!

For Samples of my Past Sketch Cards -
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