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    Motorcycles VS. Cars

    Which do you prefer? I like cars but I like motorcycles more. My ride is a Honda CBR150R.
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    Your Worst Injuries

    When I was 11 I got a new bike, it was raining and I went downhill too fast, fell and broke my right wrist. Did a breakdance move wrong and dislocated my shoulder. My friend at first thought I was joking.:redface2: I popped it back in myself while in the ambulance. Once landed a backflip wrong...
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    James Bond vs Jason Bourne

    Who do you think will win?
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    Fave Rider tick/signature

    For me it's Faiz' wrist flick. It looked awesome when he did it in Accel form.
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    My Cover Of Agito's Stranger In The Dark

    Stranger In The Dark
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    My Lord Of The Speed Cover Done by ear so it's not perfect.
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    Which Rider did you want to have his own series?

    I wish they made a series about ZO. I loved the movie, it was a good setup for a series.
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    New Gen Rider Bikes

    If you didn't know it yet here are most of the bikes they used: And I'm unhappy about the lack of bike scenes used today. Why call them Riders if they barely use it.
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    Jizz in my pants In case some of you haven't seen it yet. I keep repeating this song 'cuz it's so funny.:laugh: PS. Youtube in hd looks amazing.
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    Walmart employee trampeled to death This is why I don't have faith in humanity.:nono:
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    What's your age?

    Wondering what the average age is. 20
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    Should the words 'Kamen Rider' return in the op song?

    I know for commercial reasons they leave it out but what would you like?
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    So I Had My Wisdom Tooth Taken Out Today

    I've had teeth removed before but I was still nervous. Luckily the only pain I felt was from the shots they gave me. It went pretty fast. The left side of my face is still a little numb and I'm drooling blood all over the place. I can feel the pain starting to kick in. Fun.:redface2:
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    Some Heisei Actors Today

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    Better remake movie

    So which remake/revival movie did you think was better. Kamen Rider The First or Ultraman The Next? I thought The First had nice action scenes but overall I liked The Next better. It had better music and a better story.