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  • Hey Ziggy where have ya been? I miss being able to do rpg's with ya. Hope all is ok. Will send this message in pm just in case it doesnt register here on ur email account or anything like that.
    Yo bro. The Kamen Rider Knights game is up and running again. Don't know if you had the time or if you're still on hiatus but we could really use your help livening up the game like old times lol. Holler back if you're interested. Peace.
    Just letting you know, the fic has been updating since the short hiatus at the end of 2012. 15 is up, and 16 is done but not published.
    It's all good homie. We'll be waiting for you down at the RPG forum. Do what you gotta. You know where to find us. ^_~
    Make a thread in the Tech SUpport.
    Uh....fight first, keep the bot as loot, then loot everything else now that people have gone "wow, that guy's super tough" and let you have first pick?

    And where did this come from?
    I'm at work...no facebook. As a matter of fact Hju, half the Wikis, and a few obscure sites are all I got. But wait! You aren't at work! You can go to the place and do the thing!
    You could just go to HJU's Facebook page and post on their wall............if you need a real cry for help
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