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  • Hey, the OST is up on Youtube. You can also go to Nyaatorrents and just type in "gaim" and it should come up.
    Hey Shino! Long time no talk! :D

    Haven't had the chance to get it watched, still finishing Wizard (still on EP43 hahaha) but we'll get onto it as soon as possible! ;)
    Very yes. After I pay off everything I need to pay off, I'm gonna aim for these posters. And sell off the extras.
    haha.. didn't know how that worked

    so which Lock Seeds are you interested in? I need to know so I can get more shipped so it can end up cheaper.
    Hello i am very interested in your HK subs yugioh dvds do you still have them???????
    The film apparently had quite a few cameos from that cast (Shouichi worked at a restaurant, Mana worked at an amusement park, Ryou got beat up by Asakura :)laugh:), Ozawa\Hikawa\Hojo ate at Ok..ono..mi.. the place Shinji and Miho ate at; Omuro worked there too).
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